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Recover Forgotten

Outlook PasswordOutlook is popular tool for communication specially its very helpful for business world. It provides extensive emailing functions and features. Though, it very easy to access but in case if you have forgotten your Outlook password here is the way how can recover your password.

Recover forgotten Outlook password via alternative email

If you have associated an alternative email account with your Outlook ID, then you can recover your password using this method. So, choose reset password through email option.

Then click Next.

Now youll get a password reset mail on your email open the mail in your email account. This email should be titled Password Reset and arrive in your alternate email address.

After this open the mail and find a link in it to reset mail. Further, click the link to follow reset procedure.

Now follow instructions and reset your password.How can I recover my forgotten Outlook password, in case neither I have security question or secondary email?

If you dont have an alternate email address linked to your Outlook account also you dont have a security question with your mail, you can recover password using this method.

For this you are required to open the recovery form of your Windows Live account.

After this now you are required to open Windows Live ID then enter the Windows Live Hotmail email address in there.

Now go to the contact email in which you have to enter the email address. However, this email address shouldnt be the email ID for which you have to recover your password.

After this click on option.

Next, you are required to enter all the details which are needed for Windows Live Hotmail support team to help you. So, provide the necessary and complete details to the support team to help you effectively.

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