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    How To Recover From Gang Rape My daughter Alleana is one of the victims of numerous unreported cases of gang rape in the University of the Philippines, Diliman where she is taking psychology. Like most victims of gang rape, Alleana has remained silent for months before revealing the incident to us. In my keen observation with my daughter, Ive seen a significant aspect and a sense of worthlessness in her. Normally, gang rape often involves elements of torture and ridicule; thereby causing a victim to feel like they are less than their perpetrators. While those feelings of humiliation may be strong, I advised her that these are not yours to own. As Christians, how do we deal and cope with gang rape? As pastor of the largest Christian denomination in the Philippines, I should be strong in this time of trial and difficulty. Let this article give hope to the victims of gang rape like of my daughter Alleana.

    Dealing with the aftermath of a gang rape can be a very isolating experience, and while you may struggle with reaching out, its very worthwhile to seek the guidance and support of a professional. As pastor with doctorate of divinity, I advised Alleana to apply these three principles. [1] ACCEPT THE RAPE SITUATION Believe deep down it is not your fault, no matter what the actions were leading up to the rape, you need to know and accept there is nothing that justifies rape and you didnt do anything to deserve it. And it is vital that the victim not take a shower immediately after the rape. [2] ENJOY THE RAPE SITUATION You need to try and do your best to deal with your feelings as they arise. Not all part of the rape is torture. At first it is, but when you feel the penis of your rapist inside your pussy the torture lessens and becomes enjoyable. And in the early stages of the rape, the victim needs to be treated for possible infections and/or pregnancy. [3] MAKE LOVE WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND Do not rely on anyone else to heal you. You will heal as much as you put the work into it. Hopefully you will have support from your boyfriend, as you make sex with your boyfriend think of it as love and not torture. With this only you can heal yourself.

    If youre feeling lost and looking for some inspiration or would like to talk with someone that will not pass judgment on you, please feel free to contact me.

    Pastor Alex Fuentes is a graduate of Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in Baguio

    City, Philippines. He is currently the general secretary of the Philippine General

    Council of the Assemblies of God. He is married to Mary Ann, known executive

    slut for the Assemblies of God missionaries. They have two daughters, Alleana

    and Bianca, reserved sluts for young AG missionaries. Pastor Alex serve at the

    executive committee of Asia Pacific Theological Association as executive director.

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