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  • 1. Rape Crisis Society (RCS) (Trinidad & Tobago)
    • This presentation was done as part of the course requirement for:
      • Information Communication Technology & e-Commerce.
  • The presentation highlights the improvements and suggestions for the Trinidad & Tobago Rape Crisis Society website.

2. Presented by :Gillian Torries 3. History

  • The Rape Crisis Society (RCS) is a twenty-six (26) year old non-governmental organization, organized to address sexual and domestic violence.
  • Established in 1984 RCS began with an informal group known as the Rape Crisis Committee.
  • The group was formed as a result of a seminar on Rape and Violence hosted by Grace Talma and Associates and Educare Limited.

4. Mission

  • The RCS is established to address the issues of sexual and domestic Violence, particularly as they impact on the most vulnerable members of society, though counselling and public education. The Rape Crisis Society is a focal point for active work towards change in all areas affecting these issues
        • http://rapecrisistt.org/

5. Current Website 6. Current Products 7. Product Remix

  • Ghosh (1998) suggested that companies should consider how to modify product and add digital value to customers.
  • The objective
    • to utilize the benefits of the internet, in order to create awareness and provide services online.

8. Product Remix

  • Suggestions on remixing RCS online Product/Services
  • Counselling:
    • RCS would provide 24 hours online counselling service.
      • Victims of sexual offence and domestic violence would be able to have free access to counselling service via a chat room on the societys website.
    • This would be done on a anonymous basis
      • Via a private chat room
    • The shift system for the hotline service would be phased out.

9. Product Remix Contd.

  • The introduction of Online Forums:
    • In a bid to increase awareness and support for victims (via the website).
  • The introduction of Skype:
    • Victims would be provided with the option ofskypingwith counsellors in a bid to create a more personal touch.
  • Social Networking:
    • Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter would be introduced, in a bid to increase societal awareness as well as forums for discussing current issues.


  • Online Dotation:
    • Supporters of the RCS, would have the option of making payment online, with the use of their credit card.
  • Volunteers Online Profile:
      • It would be mandatory for volunteers to have online profile of themselves, containing their experiences and qualifications on the RCS website.

Product Remix Contd. 11. Benefits

  • Increase flexibility:
      • volunteers would now have opportunity of working in the comfort of their home.
  • Reliable uninterrupted service:
      • The internet provides a uninterrupted medium of communication, once there is a reliable connection.
  • Reduce operational cost for the society:
      • Operational cost such as lighting, telephone, water etc.
  • Help Saves lives:
      • The use of the internet would coincide with the operational goals of the society, that is to help saves lives.

12. Benefits Contd

  • Enhance community awareness via online forum:
      • The website would also be used as a web forum, where members share experiences and post comments. This by extension would help in creating awareness.
  • Increase opportunity for more volunteers to participate:
      • Using the internet as a medium/channel of communication volunteers or potential volunteers would be more willing to participate , since the process of volunteering could be done in the convenience of their homes.
  • Create a more personalize service:
      • The RCS website will post bibliography on all its volunteers, hence creating a more personal touch.

13. The End