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1. How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets by Ampey Painting & Renovation Corp Address: 1323 N 35th St Richmond, VA, 23223 Phone: (804) 398-1264 2. TOOLS Screwdriver Paint brush Duct Tape Prime Paint Patience 3. REMOVE OBSTACLES COLOR Familiarizing yourself with the color wheel can help you understand how to best mix and match a cool color with a warm one, for a naturally balanced room and cabinets. Remove the doors, drawers and hardware to make everything easier. 4. 2. CLEANING CLEAN THE SURFACE SANDING Evaluate the surface of the piece that youd like to paint. For furniture that has badly chipped paint or rough edges, get some fine grit sandpaper and start sanding until all surfaces are nice and smooth Thoroughly clean the cabinets with a sponge and denatured alcohol to remove any traces of dirt and grease, getting into any nooks and crannies. Denatured alcohol emits fumes, so be sure the room is well ventilated. Let the surface air-dry. 5. Apply a coat of prime and let the cabinet dry. The drying time usually varies between 1 and 4 hours. PAINTING The better the brush, the better the finish. Don't rush this part -- you'll need two or three thin coats in order to achieve a fine finish. Thin coats create fewer brushstrokes and give better drying time and adhesion. Allow the paint to dry for four hours between coats. PRIME THE SURFACE 6. REMOVE EXCESS PIGMENT Use a second, clean brush to remove excess pigment -- you can remove as little or as much as you want. (This is called a negative technique.) Wipe off the brush with paper towels as you work. That's all there is to it! SOURCES: