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How to manage your social media business profile


  • 1. How To Manage Your Business Social Media Profile How to create and manage a profile and business and get traffic in a 2.0 / social network web Dinis Guarda, Global Head of SEO and Social Media Strategy Saxo Bank, Writer, author and entrepreneur @dinisguarda www.dinisguarda.comApril 8, 2011

2. individualBusiness Company 3. David Armano Image 4. INTERNAL BRAND VS EXTERNAL BRAND + TRUSTMESSAGE / GUIDELINES / INFLUENCERS / 5. 6. Source: Datamonitor, Many Eyes 7. Source: 8. Source: David Armano 9. Source: David Armano 10. Source: Datamonitor, Many Eyes 11. 12. If there s one truism that you can bank on its this:the most important currency of the 21st century istrust. However trust requires openness. The moreyou share and the more you listen, the more you willbe trusted. However becoming an open business istruly challenging. ()Steve Rubel, SVP/Director of Insights for Edelman 13. Social Media Holistic Overview 14. Source: 15. Web 2.0 and social media must be at thecentre of global businesses!ACTION:Businesses, Companies, Banks, finance andinvesting industry must find their place inthe newcommunity/communities/networksThey need to create their profile 16. Source 17. SOCIAL MEDIAS CONTENT 18. KNOW YOURBRAND & EMPLOYEES, PRODUCTS,BUSINESS E-STRATEGY:AUDIENCE ANDdetermine and focus a COMPETITORS:strong and mediumassessment oflong term strategy and organisational readiness -growth/directionalE-BUSINESSORGANISATIONAL IT infrastructure, learning,options are paramountfor success.STRATEGYREADINESS information assets, roles,skills & competencies. DELIVERY AND LEARNINGPLAN AND SET CLEAR APPLICATIONSOLUTION PLANGOALS + STEPS:BRAND/DESIGNARCHITECTURE:the right analysis, impact,brand building / PR / change/risk managementcommunication built toplan is key for business,meet strategy +company culture, learningorganisational features:environments, ITeverything needs to work infrastructure: in otherwith clear information words, a comprehensiveassets & particular plan for business successpeople/business needs. 19. Source image: David Armano 20. 21. Adaptation from Graphic sourceEdelman Digital / David 22. LISTENING TO CONVERSATIONS IS 23. Set Up, Preparation Task Description Questions for the organization to AnswerHomework / ResourcesBe informed on the impacts of webWhat audience we are targeting?How have customersEducation / Management & Employees /development, social technology to business,changed their behaviors? How has business changed Conferences, Books, Analyst Firms, Thoughtpolicies / legal issues / compliance /customers, employees, and compan, market due to this power shift? How to engage in the best Leaders, Webinars, training, training!Securityand amrketing intelligence way?How do my customers and employees use socialMapping business, organisation, Social graphicsHomework / Research / proper BrandTo document the changes in the business giventechnology? How will they do that in the future? What studies, Research firms, Marketing Researchstrategy and protection / back up specific market, its processes and toolstools are most used? What are my competitors doing? departments / SWOT analysis / What are the business goals? How will we measureA combination of aligning to executiveDefine specific goals of what is to beCommunication, PR & Business Strategysuccess? How does this support the company andleadership, teams, agency partners, and manageaccomplished customers mission?a proper customised corporate social strategy How much budget is necessary? What skills areDefines specific resources /teams needed inneeded? How much time is needed? Deadlines? IT, Agency partners, project managers, communityPlanning, Planning & planningwhat timelinetech, internal vs external. Which vendors? Tools, managers Platforms. Coordination between traditional existing processes Marketeers, PR, Communications, CommunityImplementation and make sure there is Initiating the plan and making sure the and new ones. How will the new strategy be managers, developers, agency partners,execution, and test, test organisations is ready by steps and processes integrated into existing efforts? Balance old and new. technology vendors. 40% How will the business keep this long term effort goingMarketing and commercial teams, CommunityManagement/campaigns / lead generation Ongoing support of efforts, checking andforward? What resources and staff are needed formanager, customer service, agency partners, IT/ engagement learning continouslycontinual program growth? Continue with thedepartments, technology vendors 35% traditional tasks dont kill all existence good practices. 29% Analytics and measurement groups, brandHow effective was our effort? Return onTrends. Competitor landscape. Best practices, policies.Measurement / analytics: ROI versus ROAmonitoring vendors, agency partners, andInvestment and Return on Attention Performance. SWOT analysis 32% business intelligence providers 32%Improving the effort after understanding howit has been deployed. Measure set goals & go All teams have to work in a holitsic way Set up a concious think tank. Ask questions andstep by step. Try always new things andexpanding the strategy with the web social team answer. How can the company improve this effortShort, Medium, long term strategy mantain a list of the effective area sthat work. and the rest of the organisation and its going forward? How can it be integrated, mixed,Never forget the traditional mediums such as activities: digital marketing, events, and real optimised within the other existing processes, tools?email marketin and integrate it as much as world 24. Its been proven that old and new can still coexist, and can add value to each other. Julius 25. MEASURE ROI HERE $$$$$$$$$$BRAND FINANCIALINVESTMENTACTION REACTION PR IMPACTNON-FINANCIAL IMPACT PEOPLE - INTERNAL COMMUNICATION PRODUCTS LEGAL - GUIDELINESWHAT GOALSCONTENTShort, medium,long term ENGAGEMENTMEASURE CUSTOMERS REACTIONS MEASURE ROA RETURN ON ATTENTIONINTERNAL 26. CONSUMERS, PROSUMERS AND NICHE GROUPS ARE THE NEW STAKEHOLDERS OF COMMUNICATIONSAny business is a media business, it has to have a clear voice,spokespersons, message and channels to distribute it.It is core mapping a company audience, engage with it &influencing it!It is necessary a digital and Social Media competitor landscape(research ongoing in main channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)Creating, Curating and distributing content is key to be visible.Strategies, platforms, have to walk side by side with brandstorytelling & needs for businessFocus in managing internal and third party message and creating arelation with key influencers and bloggersCustomising branding and buzz monitoring engines needs to be doneon a regular 27. COMPANIES HAVE TO EMBRACE, LISTEN, COMMUNICATE & ENGAGE NOT TO FEAR OR RUN AWAYAnd have a strong identity and profile!-Private business: social media marketing and branding strategy focuson customers and its total engagement-- B2B social media strategy, focus in creating strong links betweenpartners and related businesses, example IBM-- Putting social media methodology in place deals with a clearmessage and assumption of the importance of branding-- Continuous optimisation: SEO (Search engine Optimisation) andSocial Media Optimisation Total Web Optimisation. In general acontinuos optimsation of business and processes-- Communications, branding, PR and Marketing + customer service Holistic approach 28. Thank youDinis Guarda,Global Head of SEO and Social Media Strategy,@dinisguardawww.dinisguarda.comSome of the images in the presentation were used with the referred related sources.Thanks to the authors!