How to make hair accessories with feathers

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  • How to make hair accessories with feathers- simple diy

    jewelry projects

    We have shared many good ideas about hair accessories

    making, for example, hair accessory with ribbon, hair

    accessory with beads, cute hair pins for little girls,

    magnif icent floral hair band, elegant bridal hair piece and

    so on. This time, I am going to share one of simplest diy

    jewelry projects regarding how to make hair accessories

    with feathers.

    Materials and tools you need:


    Wood beads

    Suede cord

    Super glue



    The directions:

    This tutorial is to show you how to make hair accessories with feathers in 3 simple steps; it is one of our

    well-prepared diy jewelry projects. I bet it will inspire you much more than you expect.

    Step 1: wrap barrette with suede cord

    Snip a piece of suede cord, the length of which is in

    concert with your hair;

    Wrap one end of cord through and around barrette

    and use glue to secure it.

    Step 2: slide beads onto cord

    Slide beads onto the positions where you

    desire them to stand and use glues to

    secure each of them. Wait the glue dries

    and skip to next procession.

  • Step 3: attach feathers onto beads

    Thread feathers through bead holes with glue; at

    last, trim off excess shafts.

    Till here, the simple hair piece project is over!

    Besides how to make hair accessories with

    feathers, we will prepare more interesting diy

    jewelry projects and share them with you. Love life

    and love your crafting.

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