How to Maintain a Healthy Pregnancy

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This article focuses on the first trimester of pregnancy according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and is the first in the series on pregnancy health. The second and third trimesters are discussed in separate posts.Pregnancy is a key time for both the baby and the mother. By nourishing the mother with the right foods, healthy environment and a stress free mind will benefit the baby health. This article highlights important issues for all mothers. Stress management, diet and lifestyle advice is provided in this article. Please visit to see what acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can do for you.Jane Chan



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    How to Maintain a Healthy Pregnancy.

    The First Trimester (0-12wks) By Dr Jane PW Chan (B. Health Sc. TCM) UTS

    How does Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture support and help your health through the early stages of pregnancy?

    Everybodys health constitution is different. Hence, symptoms which is listed below which are experienced by most pregnant women, should be treated according to each persons constitution.

    By using acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine, diet and advice we can help each individual address their issues according to their bodys needs.

    Lack of energy



    Poor appetite

    Changing taste

    Frequent urination

    Dizziness (blood pressure lowers)



    Stress / Anxiety

    By using Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis method including pulse & tongue diagnosis and questioning to find out the cause of your symptoms, a treatment protocol is then formed according to each person health constitution to address their signs and symptoms.

    We will give you personalised & complete suggestions for your individual case including lifestyle, diet, exercise etc. Pregnancy should be a time of happiness for the family and expectant mother. We are here to help make this journey even more enjoyable and positive for all involved.

    How to help yourself to reduce the symptoms, avoid miscarriage and maintain balance quickly?

    a) Ensure adequate rest As your body is experiencing hormonal changes so does the blood & Qi circulation in the body. Therefore adequate rest is needed to maintain good health and balance. b) Avoid stress and be happy In Chinese Medicine, emotions have a direct influence on the organs.

    Anger affects the Liver.

    Sad/grief affects the Lung.

    Worry/over thinking affects the spleen.

    Fear affects the kidney.

    Joy and all the above affects the Heart. Stress can affect the circulation flow to the uterus and other parts of the body causing complication.

    Suggestion: Listen to relaxing music. Avoid noisy situations.

    c) Reduce strenuous exercise and choose suitable exercises for pregnancy Strenuous exercise that places pressure on the lower back or lower half of the body requiring excessive energy is detrimental during early pregnancy. Also avoid heavy lifting as this will create undue pressure on the body and uterus causing complications to the pregnancy. d) Diet To obtain good health, diet plays an important role. In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are strict diets that we should avoid during the first trimester of pregnancy. Suggestion: For nausea and vomiting, drink ginger and red date tea; avoid drinking or eating cold foods straight from the fridge and freezer. Avoid drinks such as watermelon juice, coconut


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    water and green tea. According to Chinese medicine all foods have their own nature, watermelon, coconut water, green tea and beer are categorise as cold/cooling in their nature, and over consumptions can cause complications to a women pregnancy.

    e) Avoid intercourse Traditionally, Chinese Medicine suggests that during the early stages of pregnancy, the implantation of the embryo is very delicate and so is the uterus. Hence It is sensitive to pressure and stimulation. Intense stimulation and pressure can lead to miscarriage. Suggestion: Avoid intercourse during the first trimester if possible.

    f) Bowel movements Having regular bowel movement is very important in the early stages of pregnancy as the uterus and intestines are both located in the lower abdominal area. Straining to pass bowel movements will cause undue pressure on the uterus; this can cause complication and miscarriage.

    Dr Jane PW Chan (B. Health Sc. TCM) UTS

    Synergy Health

    97 Beattie Street,

    Balmain NSW 2041

    T: 9555 9099


    About Jane

    Jane Chan a fully accredited and

    registered Traditional Chinese Medicine

    practitioner. She graduated from UTS with

    a Bachelor of Health Science (TCM)


    Jane has been living around the Balmain

    area for over 20 years.

    Her interest towards holistic health

    commenced when she started to

    question if there is a more

    natural alternative to main stream

    medication for common issues such as

    cold & flu, headache and period pain.

    What she came across was more than

    just dietary and exercise advice. What

    she learnt was the lessons of life

    cultivation according to Traditional

    Chinese Medicine (TCM).

    This unique system has taught her how to

    look after her own health and also assist

    others when their quality of life has

    been affected by chronic illnesses.

    Furthermore, Jane was a contributing

    author of an acupuncture text book which

    has been published by the University of

    Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2014. For

    those who like to catch up on latest TCM

    information, please search for Healthy

    Goji Clinic on Facebook.