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How to do more with less in Emergency Management:. Institute Fundamental Project Management. Robert E. Jones , MBA, PMP, CEM, MEP Exercise & Training Program Manager Office of Emergency Management & Homeland Security 1300 Quince Orchard Blvd. Gaithersburg, Maryland 240-777-2398 (w) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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How to do more with less in Emergency Management:Institute Fundamental Project ManagementProject ManagementRobert E. Jones, MBA, PMP, CEM, MEPExercise & Training Program ManagerOffice of Emergency Management & Homeland Security1300 Quince Orchard Blvd.Gaithersburg, Maryland240-777-2398 (w)301-996-4834 (c)1PM AcronymsACBCWPCPMDDEVFSLOEOBSPMBOKQCRFPSOWTQMVEWBSGERTIFBMSNDAUBXP


Show everyone the FEMA acronym book3Useful Acronyms ASTRO - Always Stating The Really Obvious BDU - Brain Dead UserBOHICA - Bend Over, Here It Comes Again

Useful Acronyms CHAOS Chief Has Arrived On SceneDIMWIT Dont Interrupt Me While Im TalkingDRT Dead Right ThereUseful AcronymsDRTTT - Dead Right There, There, and ThereDRTAGTSTW - Dead Right There And Going To Stay That WayESO - Equipment Superior to Operator

Useful AcronymFLOFTUS - First Lady OF The United StatesFOBIO - Frequently Outwitted By Inanimate ObjectsHIVI - Husband Is Village Idiot

Useful AcronymsLAMP - Lower Academically-Minded PersonMUPPIE - Middle-aged Urban ProfessionalPIGINIMBY - Phew I'm Glad It's Not In My Back-Yard

Useful AcronymsSNERT - Snot-Nosed Egotistical Rude TeenagerUBI - Unexplained Beer InjuryVIOT - Village Idiot On Tour

Presentation ObjectivesDiscuss the basics of emergency managementDemonstrate how project management enhances emergency managementReview simple, easy-to-use, project management tools

10Basic ModelsWhat did you learn when growing up that serves as a basic model for project management?

Project Management Basic Models

On Your MarkGet SetGo!How did we do?12Decision Making Cycle

Deming Wheel decision making13Project Management Cycle

14Emergency Management Cycle

15EM Business Continuity Cycle

BCM / COOPCYCLE16EM Exercise Cycle

17Emergency Management Planning P

Meetings, Meetings, and more Meetings18Heres another model

Who is an ideal project manager?What are the core competencies that you all believe are important?

20Who is an ideal project manager?A leader who possesses managerial authorityA matrix manager with absolute Bottom Line accountabilityA collaborative communicatorAn expert in implementationA Professional (or trained) Project Manager

21PM Core CompetenciesCompetencyImportant / Extremely Important PercentagesLeadership94.8Ability to communicate at multiple levels93.5Verbal skills87.2Written skills87.1Attitude85.3Ability to deal with ambiguity and change82.9Work history68.9Experience67.1Ability to escalate66.3Cultural fit57.2Technical expertise46.1Education37.7Length of prior engagements23.0Past team size18.0PMP certification15.4February 2011, Project Management Journal, PMP Certification as a Core Competency: Necessary but not Sufficient by Jo Ann Starkweather and Deborah H. Stevenson, page 37.Project Initiation ActivityHazard Mitigation Plan What do you think are the high risk hazards in Montgomery County?

Project Initiation ActivityHazard Mitigation Plan High risk hazards in Montgomery County

Hurricane / tropical Storms Windstorms / thunderstorms Tornado Blizzard / ice storms Drought Water supply disruption Haz-Mat Fire Haz-Mat Spills Terrorism Metrorail Emergency

Based on history in the county over the past 10 years, what is missing?Project InitiationProject Chartervision and objectivesscope of the projectcritical project deliverablescustomers and stakeholderskey roles and responsibilitiesorganizational structureimplementation planrisks, issues and assumptions

Dont go overboard on the charter. Sometimes a one page charter will do just fine!Identify the project vision and objectivesDefine the complete scope of the projectList all of the critical project deliverablesState the customers and project stakeholdersList the key roles and their responsibilitiesCreate an organizational structure for the projectDocument the overall implementation planList any risks, issues and assumptions25Project Planning ActivityPuzzle Exercise

Two Teams Work on the puzzle activity. Pass out task instructions.267PsProper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

Your Task: How many Ps can you make?40PsProcedural Practices and Protocols Permitting, Perspicuous Persistent Painstaking Proper Prior Planning and Purposeful Patient Preparation Potentially Promotes and Predicates Perfect Pristine Perspective, Principally Presenting Positive and Precise Performance, Perhaps Preventing, Primarily, Problematic, Pernicious Piss Poor Perfunctory Projects and Production Processes, and Perennially Plummeting Pre-tax Profits, Period. Project PlanningEmergency Operations PlanWhat is in an Emergency Operations Plan?

EOP Basic Plan Emergency Support Function Annexes Incident Specific Annexes Functional AnnexesProject PlanningProject is broken into componentsCreate Project PlanProject InformationExecutive SummaryAdditional Project RequirementsBudget OverviewProject Team Members / contact informationTechnical Project DeliverablesProject Plan Documents SummaryKick-Off Meeting held to review and finalize the Project Plan

Project is broken into componentsCreate Project PlanProject Information (Name, timeframe, related docs)Executive Summary (Business needs, SOW, Objectives)Additional Project RequirementsBudget OverviewProject Team Members / contact informationTechnical Project DeliverablesProject Plan Documents SummaryScope statement and critical success factorsWork and Organizational Breakdown Structure Cost Benefit AnalysisResource PlanProject Schedule Risk ManagementKick-Off Meeting held to review and finalize the Project Plan

30Project Execution ActivityContinuity of Operations (COOP)What do we need to consider in maintaining business continuity?

Open Action Item Who is to blame skit

31Project Execution ActivityWhat do we need to consider in maintaining business continuity? Essential Functions Interoperable communications Delegations of authority Alternate facilities Vital records Human capital Computer disruptions

Open Action Item Who is to blame skit

32Project ExecutionEach component broken into single task level issues (Open Action Items)ControlOAI list published daily/weekly to an internal and external audience OAI 01) Issue: (States a definitive action)Owner: (Only one owner assigned)Critical Resolution Date: (Date Item Due) Status: (Open, Closed, Deleted, Hold, Late)Update: (Any notes on issue status)

33Project Execution Activity

Do we really need management intervention when things go wrong on our projects?Status Report Story

34Project ExecutionMonitoringPeriodic Summary or Status report published to stakeholdersPeriodic Report: Project Information (name, PM, report period, phone) Project Status Summary (Green, Yellow, Red) Key Accomplishments last period (concise and in priority order) Upcoming tasks for this period (concise and in priority order) Issues (List major open issues)

35Project Closure ActivityAfter Action Report So how did we do?What went well?What can we improve on?

Project ClosureEnsure all deliverables are completeDevelop project closure documentationConduct a project closure meeting much like an After Action Review (AAR)Deliver customer survey (Hotwash)

Project Closure Report: Identifies the project completion criteria Lists any outstanding activities or deliverables Creates a plan for passing deliverables Plans the handover of project documentation Closes supplier contracts and agreements Releases project resources Communicates the closure of the project

37Project Tools ReviewProject CharterProject PlanOpen Action ItemsStatus ReportClosure Report

38EM + PM = Real SuccessA leader who possesses Managerial AuthorityA matrix manager with Absolute Bottom Line AccountabilityA collaborative communicatorAn expert in implementationA Professional (or trained) Project ManagerAn Emergency Manager is or should be:Leadership & Communications39Emergency Management at HomeIs your family prepared for an emergency?

What can you do?Learn About Hazards that Impact Montgomery County ResidentsPlan for EmergenciesStay Informed When an Emergency HappensMake a KitGet InvolvedBrochures:Are you emergency ready?Every business should have a planAlert Montgomery: an electronic notification systemPlan 9 penPass out Plan 9 info, brochure, pen, disc, etc.41Questions