How to Control Your Anger: Anger Management Techniques for Beginners

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How to Control Your Anger:Anger Management Techniques For Beginners

INTRODUCTIONAnger may make you feel as though you are powerful, in controlThe truth is that if strong emotions cause us to do or say things we later regret, our emotions are in control, not our rational mindIf youve been struggling in your relationships at home or work because anger just seems to get the better of you, its time to learn how to manage your anger so you can live your best life

1: DO YOU HAVE A TEMPER?The first step to any positive change in your life is to admit that you have a problem in the first placeMaybe youve had conflict at home or work recently which seems to have come out of nowhere and blown out of all proportionOr maybe youve lost friendships and family members avoid you because you have a short fuse.

2: WHAT IS ANGER MANAGEMENT?Anger management is NOT about trying to suppress anger and pretend it doesnt exist. Its about understanding anger, spotting it on the horizon, and trying to head it off at the pass before it invades your life at that moment and damages you or someone important to youIf you find yourself saying or doing things you dont mean, its time to learn how to manage your anger productively

3: COMMON TRIGGERS FOR ANGER Once you admit you have an anger issue, its time to spot your triggersWhat sets you off?Is it peoplePlacesThings?What happens when you come across a particular trigger?

4: SPOTTING THE ANGER BEFORE IT REALLY STARTSOnce you know what your triggers are, you can use a range of strategies to deal with the angerYou can avoid the triggerRe-frame the trigger so it doesnt make you angryUnderstand that you have choices as to whether you are going to follow your anger and act out on it or not

5: EFFECTIVE ANGER MANAGEMENT SKILLSOnce you understand that you are not powerless in the grip of your anger and that you have choices, it will be much easier to manage your anger effectivelyEveryone is different, and every situation is different in terms of the degree of anger and why it arises, but learning a range of skills should help you feel the anger, but not act out because of it

6: EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR TAMING YOUR TEMPER STRATEGIESThese include:Understanding your angerBetter self careSpotting your stressorsExamining underlying issuesMaking smarter choicesBanishing mind chatter, and more

7: OTHER EFFECTIVE WAYS TO MANAGE YOUR ANGERThere are many strategies and tactics that can help you manage your anger betterExerciseStress reliefRe-framingLearning to forgiveLearning to let goGet help if you need it, and more

8: HEALTHIER WAYS OF EXPRESSING ANGERSometimes it is appropriate to express anger Its just a case of learning how to express it in an appropriate wayIm angry is one way to say itI feel the emotion of anger is better because it distances you from the feelingYou make me angry-no one MAKES you anything. Own the feeling and take responsibility for it

9: MOVING ON FROM ANGER Once you have spotted the anger, you have a number of choices for moving on from itThey include:Analyzing the situationFacing reality instead of rejecting itThinking positivelyRealizing there are 2 sides to every storyNot jumping to conclusions

CONCLUSIONIn the grip of anger, we will make the best speech of our lives that we will ever regretIf youve been saying or doing things as a result of anger that you are unable to control even with a range of self-help strategies like counting to ten, its time to learn more about anger management and how it can help you live your best lifeTo your best self!

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