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This Keynote describes the Factions and Characters of Divergent the book and movie.


  • 1. How to understand Divergent Friday, April 25, 14

2. The Factions In futuristic Chicago, there are 5 factions. The factions help people understand where they belong. There are certain requirements the people must meet in order to stay in there faction, if the people cant meet the requirements they become factionless. Friday, April 25, 14 3. Abnegation Believe in being seless and helping others Wear grey Work for government, or community service Friday, April 25, 14 4. AMITY Believe in being peaceful Most are farmers Must wear yellow and red at all times Friday, April 25, 14 5. CANDOR Believe in honesty, even if it will hurt feelings Wear black and white only Work as lawyers Friday, April 25, 14 6. Dauntless Believe in random acts of bravery for others Wear black clothes Work as soldiers Efciency before technology Friday, April 25, 14 7. Erudite Believe knowledge is the only logical solution of conflict Wear blue Develop all technology, work as doctors, teachers, etc Friday, April 25, 14 8. Divergent means that you can have multiple faction abilities. The Divergents are dangerous to the people, mainly because they cant be controlled. They can resist simulations, they can understand its not real. Divergent Friday, April 25, 14 9. Beatrice Tris Prior Age 16 Born Abnegation Faction Dauntless Family Caleb Prior, Natalie Prior, Andrew Prior, Edith Prior Tris Prior is an Abnegation born, Dauntless transfer. She must live her life without her family, since no relatives are Dauntless. Friday, April 25, 14 10. CALEB PRIOR Age 16 Born Abnegation Faction Erudite Family Tris Prior, Natalie Prior, Andrew Prior Caleb Prior is an Abnegation born, Erudite transfer. He also must live life with no family. Caleb is Triss older brother. They graduated in the same class. Friday, April 25, 14 11. TOBIAS FOUR EATON Age 18(in books) 24(in movies) Born Abnegation Faction Dauntless Family Marcus Eaton, Evelyn Eaton Four is an Abnegation born, Dauntless transfer. His mom supposedly died at a young age, and his father beat him until he moved out. He moved on to become a Dauntless initiate trainer, and control room worker. Friday, April 25, 14 12. NATALIE PRIOR Age Born Dauntless Faction Abnegation Family Andrew Prior, Caleb Prior, Tris Prior Natalie Prior was Dauntless, but became Dauntless at a late age. She later transferred to Abnegation. There she married Andrew Prior, and had 2 children Beatrice and Caleb Prior. Friday, April 25, 14 13. CHRISTINA Age 16 Born Candor Faction Dauntless Family Rose, Stephanie Christina is a Candor born, Dauntless transfer. She becomes best friends with Tris, Will, and Al Friday, April 25, 14 14. WILL Age 16 Born Erudite Faction Dauntless Family Cara, Dana Will is a Dauntless transfer from Erudite. Soon after he switched he met Christina and Tris. They all became friends. Friday, April 25, 14