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HOW TO ATTRACT CUSTOMERS WITH TWITTER & VINE 1 WWW.HUBSPOT.COM Share This Ebook! ATTRACT CUSTOMERS WITH TWITTER AND VINE LEARN HOW TO Optimize Your Twitter & Vine Presence to Generate Leads & Sales A publication of g g B

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    Learn How to

    optimize Your twitter & Vine Presence to Generate Leads & Sales

    a publication of


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    Introductory content is for marketers who are new to the subject.

    this content typically includes step-by-step instructions on how

    to get started with this aspect of inbound marketing and learn its

    fundamentals. read our introductory-level ebook, “How to Use

    twitter for Business.”


    IS THIS BOOK RIGHT FOR ME?not quite sure if this ebook is right for you? See the below description to determine if

    your level matches the content you are about to read.

    Intermediate content is for marketers who are familiar with the

    subject but have only basic experience in executing strategies and

    tactics on the topic. this content typically covers the fundamentals

    and moves on to reveal more complex functions and examples.

    after reading it, you will feel comfortable leading projects with this

    aspect of inbound marketing.


    advanced content is for marketers who are, or want to be, experts

    on the subject. In it, we walk you through advanced features of

    this aspect of inbound marketing and help you develop complete

    mastery of the subject. after reading it, you will feel ready not only

    to execute strategies and tactics, but also to teach others how to

    be successful.


    This ebook!

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    HubSpot brings your whole marketing world together in one, powerful, integrated system.

    HUBSPot’S aLL-In-one MarketInG Software

    Get Found: Help prospects find you online Convert: nurture your leads and drive conversions Analyze: Measure and improve your marketing. More: See marketplace for apps and integrations

    request a Demo Video overview

    SoCIaL ContaCtS




    anaLYtICSSMart fIeLDS


    ContaCtS DataBaSe



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    By anum Hussain

    anum Hussain is an inbound content

    strategist at HubSpot, leading the internal

    offers team that helps generate 70,000 new

    leads each month. In this role, she reviews

    all the content HubSpot publishes, such as

    ebooks, templates, and whitepapers. She

    is an active writer for the HubSpot Internet

    Marketing Blog, has previously written for

    the Boston Globe and LinkedIn, and also

    maintains her own blog on content strategy at

    FOllOW ME ON [email protected]

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    whether you’ve read my book “twitter for Dummies” or not, we know

    you’re no dummy when it comes to making twitter work for your business.

    we’re glad you dropped by HubSpot to learn more. twitter’s come a long

    way, baby, and so have you!

    ready to dig in past the basics and start showing the rest of your company

    what twitter can really do? awesome. You came to the right spot.

    Ever wonder how to optimize your Twitter profile for search? Got it. Unsure

    what to do about measuring it all? we’ll explain that too. we’ll even show

    you how to close the loop between marketing and sales with analytics so

    you know what new leads and customers are coming from your twitter


    Hope you’ll enjoy putting these suggestions

    to work, and join us at Inbound 2013 to keep

    learning more about inbound marketing with

    platforms like twitter.

    Laura “@Pistachio” fitton Inbound Marketing evangelist, HubSpot Lead author, twitter for Dummies


    Foreword by Laura Fitton

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    42% of companies have acquired a customer via Twitter. ”the marketing world is transforming into an inbound one. with over 140

    million active twitter accounts, and 340 million tweets a day, the social

    network is becoming omnipresent in the business world. In fact, 42% of

    companies have acquired a customer via Twitter.

    this intermediate ebook will delve into how your business can best take

    advantage of twitter -- turning 140-character tweets into quality leads.

    You will learn to use twitter to promote and develop your brand, interact

    with customers and prospects, follow what people are saying about your

    company and develop direct relationships with bloggers, journalists, and

    industry leaders.

    and with twitter’s launch of Vine, there’s even more to learn and explore.

    the question for marketers now isn’t if twitter or its new Vine app can

    produce measurable roI, but how to take best advantage of the changing

    social media landscape, and how to implement a closed-loop marketing

    process to analyze and track your relationships from prospects to


    “Source: HubSpot

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    A Note of Inspiration About New Tools

    keeping pace with evolving technologies is a challenge for even the most

    attuned marketers. the past several years have spelled tectonic shifts in

    twitter. In 2012 alone, twitter and LinkedIn broke their partnership. and

    now, as mentioned, there’s Vine.

    while there is no way to anticipate every social evolution, smart marketers

    must stay on top of these developments. and it pays to be on the cutting

    edge – just ask John Landy, mostly the forgotten second man to break the

    four-minute mile.

    At HubSpot, we have managed to drive significant traffic by being the first

    to review a new development, or discuss new industry trends, which is why

    we are including a section in this ebook update.

    this ebook will walk through how you can maximize twitter tools, and use

    them to drive more leads and customers to your business.

    Twitter is not a technology, it’s a conversation. And it’s happening with or without you. ”

    “-Charlene Li

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    CHApTER 1


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    SWAG > [swag] verb, adj. aPPearanCe, StYLe

    every good business has swag--the way you present your style. Particularly

    in the image-driven world of social media, it’s important that your business

    swag is unique and visually compelling.

    twitter announced official brand pages in the fourth quarter of 2011, and

    have continued to improve their functionality through 2012. Set up your

    Twitter brand pages to take full advantage of the business benefits:


    on the heels of 2011’s call-to-action banners on twitter brand pages, in

    2012, twitter followed facebook’s example and added cover photos for

    user and company profile pages.

    Cover photos allow businesses to add a larger image, in addition to

    promoting the your brand’s username, location, and a short description or

    bio. this header is the perfect opportunity to show some more personality-

    -and include a call-to-action (Cta), a link that directs visitors to a desired

    action you want them to take.

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    Gauge what is important to your specific Twitter audience and create a

    custom Cta. If your company is running a new social campaign, you can

    use this header to teach users more about it.

    In HubSpot’s case, we could direct users to our ebook on How to Use

    twitter for Business because that is something our twitter followers would

    benefit from. Here you can see the HubSpot cover photo:

    to add your cover photo, simply click on the gear at the top right of your

    twitter page, and select settings from the drop-down menu. from there,

    go to the profile tab on the left, and upload your photo under the header


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    Brand pages also allow you to

    feature a tweet at the top of your

    twitter feed. this paid feature is

    a great way to highlight particular

    campaigns, promotions, or offers

    you’d like to give more visibility over

    a longer period of time. You can

    support these tweets with engaging

    images and videos to better

    illustrate your offer and give your

    lead generation efforts even more



    Creating a custom background is another

    quick improvement. while once upon-a-time,

    users expect to see your company name, logo,

    and UrLs on your background, people are

    now much more susceptible to more simplistic designs. to get your own

    custom background up, read the step-by-step instructions on the next

    pages and follow along during this video tutorial.

    Make your




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    Set the right Measurements

    Your background can be made using any design

    software so long as you follow the following


    Width: 2048 pixels

    Height: 1900 pixels

    Resolution: 72 pixels/inch

    note that twitter backgrounds will not scroll down as

    users scroll down a profile page. The text/images on the

    background will be glued to one spot.

    Define Your Design Space

    Since your activity timeline (or feed) appears in the

    center of your twitter screen, you need to position

    your background so it isn’t covered up by your feed. to

    do this, check that your text and images are viewable

    on any screen size. You don’t want your feed to cut

    off on a 13” screen because your background was

    formatted for a 15” screen. Marking your design to

    300-pixels horizontally, should allow your background

    to show on most screens.

    STEp 1

    STEp 2

    reMeMBer: 300 PIXeLS!

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    Select a Background

    as a background, you can make your entire canvas one

    color or insert an image to fill the entire background. If

    you decide on an image, be sure you own the rights to

    the image you choose, and consider how it will look when

    part of it is covered up by the twitter feed. a solid color is

    always a safe option. It’s also easier on the eyes.

    add Your text

    at this point, you’re free to add any the text to the

    300-pixel wide, left-hand column we created. Your

    layout should reflect your company’s identity, but

    keep it simple. twitter is the world of 140-character

    updates after all. Users are used to brevity, and they

    will respond best to clean designs.

    keep it short.

    STEp 3

    STEp 4

    To define the design space, click on the vertical ruler and drag until the

    line touches 300 on the horizontal ruler. this marker will not appear in

    your final product, it is simply an indicator for you to keep all your work

    inside that selected area. (If your design software that doesn’t have a

    marker, simply draw a line, and delete it after).

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    Correctly Save Your file

    Save the file to a safe place to ensure you can find the original file

    again when you need to update it. With this backup, save the file

    again as one of the three file types Twitter accepts: JPG, PNG, or

    GIf. Be sure that the image size does not exceed 800k, because

    that is the maximum file size Twitter accepts.

    for those designing in Photoshop, you will automatically be

    directed to a new prompt after clicking “save,” which will give you

    the option of adjusting the image quality. Simply adjust the image

    quality down one number, and you will notice an extreme drop in

    file size, without hurting the quality to a great extent.

    Upload to twitter

    Upload the background you selected in Step three. Go to your new

    personal or company Twitter profile, and select “settings,” which

    is located in a drop-down menu under your twitter username on

    the upper right-hand side of the screen. once you’ve navigated to

    “settings,” click the “design” tab and select “change background

    image.” Upload your new background, save changes, and your

    beautiful, custom, background will appear right before your eyes.

    STEp 5

    STEp 6

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    CHApTER 2


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    now that your twitter brand page is prepared for the twitterverse, it’s

    time to ensure users can find you in search engine results. A robust

    social media presence enhances your Seo results. Your twitter handle

    and updates can support your entire marketing program by helping your

    business rank in search for industry keywords.

    While you want your website to be the first hit—why not have your

    twitter posts display a few links below? when it comes to search engine

    optimization, it’s okay to be greedy: You don’t want just the number one

    spot; you want as many as you can get.

    I see Twitter impacting a lot of relationship building, which often leads to partnerships, links, referrals, and business development of all kinds.

    “”-rand fishkin

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    twItter Seo



    SPaM free


    keYworDS In BIo

    keYworDS SUBSet

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine19

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    keep Handles Spam-free

    Your twitter handle can be changed at any time,

    pending availability. to edit your handle, simply go

    to the settings drop-down and find the field that

    allows you to change your username.

    Many spammers have twitter handles that include

    a set of numbers (e.g., @name546789). when

    Google’s algorithm scans links on twitter, it often

    disregards such usernames since there is no way

    to differentiate between who is real and who isn’t.

    therefore, choose a unique and professional username.

    Include keywords in Bios

    to improve Seo, be sure to include at least one keyword

    in your bio that reflects your business Don’t riddle this

    ‘about’ section with industry keywords, as that will

    look forced. a few keywords deployed in an accurate

    way will help improve search visibility. keep in mind,

    search engines often display your 160-character

    twitter bio in the links’ description on the results pages,

    so make your company description attention-grabbing.

    STEp 2

    STEp 1


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    Build Your reach

    this may sound like a no-brainer, but

    gaining a following with high quality

    followers is important for Seo purposes.

    In an interview with Google and Bing, the

    two primary search crawlers said that their

    algorithms check the authority of every

    user tweeting content. “we do compute

    and use author quality,” said a Google

    representative. “we don’t know who

    anyone is in real life.”

    Create a Subset of keywords

    while your business should have a set of keywords

    it tries to rank for, all those keywords may not

    translate over to twitter--especially if they’re

    lengthy. analyze your keywords through various

    tools (HubSpot customers use our keyword tool),

    and pick a smaller subset of keywords specifically

    for twitter. tweet these phrases throughout the

    day tweets to help boost your rankings.

    STEp 3

    STEp 4

    Get more authority.





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    keep tweets in rt Safe Zone

    In order to ensure your

    Seo-ready keywords are

    not deleted when a user

    shares your tweet via “rt @

    username,” make sure your

    tweets run short -- you want

    a solid 10-20 characters of

    legroom. additionally, data

    shows that 120-130 character

    tweets have the highest

    clickthrough-rates (Ctr).

    fuel Your Inbound Links

    Make your content remarkable enough that other influencers retweet

    it. Search engines will register the value of Twitter authority figures and

    correlate that with the value of the link posted. this means that crawlers

    are analyzing the number of followers of those who retweet your content,

    and ranking your retweeted link based on that value -- the twitter

    equivalent of an inbound link. Posting updates that appeal to influencers

    will inevitably boost your optimization efforts.

    STEp 5

    STEp 6

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    CHApTER 3


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    Monitoring your Twitter account can take time. Efficiently optimize both

    the amount of time you spend monitoring twitter and, consequently, your

    results. Here’s a few ways to do so without sounding like a

    robot or replying to every tweet.


    there is little value in habitually replying to every tweet with an upbeat

    “thank you.” However, you should make a habit of replying to two types of

    tweets on an ongoing basis: questions and negative comments.

    when you know the answer

    to a question, answer it. If

    you don’t know the answer,

    ask someone at your

    company who does. a social

    media manager is not hired

    to know every intricacy

    of your corporate policy,

    but to manage how you

    communicate them. Use

    your resources well and give twitterers the proper responses they deserve.

    ? -

    64% of twitter are more likely to make purchases from businesses that answer

    their questions on twitter.

    More Likelyas LikelyLess Likely

    Source: InboxQ (Survey)

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    wouldn’t it be great if the tip recommended

    before this one could be done privately? that’s

    precisely why it’s so important to follow back

    users who follow you. If they have a question,

    most will try to DM you, but twitter will only

    allow them to send direct messages if you are

    following them.


    twitter differentiates between a “reply” and a “mention” based

    on the twitter handle location in the composed tweet. If you place

    a handle at the beginning of your update (e.g, “@anummedia I

    read your...”), twitter considers the tweet a reply, as you are

    responding directly to the user. If the handle is placed somewhere other

    than the beginning of a tweet, it is recorded as a mention.

    when responding to a twitter user, decide who you want to see your

    tweet. replying directly to a user means that tweet appears only on your

    profile page and in feeds those who follow you both. You may notice users

    dodging this by including a period in front of their tweet ([email protected]).

    Message me privately.


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    Scheduling tweets is a step to help minimize the amount of time you

    spend scripting tweets each day. By knowing you have a steady amount of

    content that will automatically publish, you are giving yourself more time

    to follow where that content is going, how it’s being discussed, and what

    leads its generating for you. now all you have to do is check in occasionally

    to see what people are saying and respond accordingly. this technique is

    much easier than worrying, or worse, forgetting, that you have to tweet.

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    3 Set your blogs to auto-promote and see click-through data.

    Create and send all your twitter posts from one central portal.

    Send immediately or schedule your posts in advance.

    Get suggested times based in the Science of timing research or set

    your own suggested times for publishing.




    You know your content needs to be shared and spread across twitter -- you’re just daunted by the task of constantly tweeting your content throughout the day. HubSpot eliminates that problem, allowing you to schedule and automate your social media publishing.

    SaVe YoUr tIMe & SCHeDULe tweetS




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    even equipped with the best practices shared above, many businesses get

    lost in the twitterverse and end up using the social tool in a less customer-

    friendly manner. this behavior is often due to some common myth in the

    internet marketing space. Let’s tackle three of these misconceptions and

    discuss what’s wrong with each of them.

    LonGer MeMBerSHIP SHorter MeMBerSHIP

    Your twitter presence is not measured by how long you have been a

    member; it’s measured by the value you provide - which translates to

    followers and engagement. People follow users to find information they

    wouldn’t stumble across on their own. to grow followers, make sure

    you post truly valuable content, not simply spam about your product or


    MYTH 1

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine28

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    tweetInG eVerY SeConD 15-25 tweetS Per DaY

    while it’s true that tweets have a short shelf life, it doesn’t necessarily

    mean you should be a tweeting machine. with tweets sent every second,

    your most recent updates move down a users’ feed almost instantly, and

    constant tweets can irk your followers.

    our data shows that 15-25 tweets per day is the sweet spot for increasing

    following. while this sounds overwhelming, understand that it’s merely

    the average; you can fluctuate above and below. What’s important to take

    away is that posting too much too often could decrease your opportunities

    to grow your following.

    foLLowInG InDUStrY LeaDerS foLLowInG CUStoMerS

    are you following industry leaders to learn from

    the insights they share? following competitors to

    keep an eye on their messaging? Great! But what

    about your customers and evangelists?

    Many businesses ignore these folks--which

    makes no sense. If brand loyalists are willing to

    publicly talk about and show that they follow your

    company, doesn’t it intuitively make sense to send them some love back?

    MYTH 2

    MYTH 3

    follow birds?

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    CHApTER 4


  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine30

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    the biggest mistake marketers make with twitter is not realizing it can

    make you money. from a business standpoint, why do anything that

    doesn’t demonstrate concrete roI? twitter is still a place of positive brand

    communication and conversation, but it’s also a place to generate leads.

    when it comes down to it, your business needs to test what works best for

    lead generation. You can’t do everything, and what works for one business

    may not work for yours. Here’s a list of ideas we’ve experienced success

    with. Use a few as a starting point and build your own strategy by following

    what works for your business.

    tweet offers

    Sharing your offers is the simplest form of lead generation. Control how often you

    share your offers to ensure your account doesn’t turn into a spam-bot. Your specific

    frequency is contingent upon your business. for example, a recruiter can naturally

    share job openings frequently because users are vested in new opportunities.

    However, they may not be as willing to download the same whitepaper about

    improving heating systems, for example. Have difficulties coming up with content

    ideas? Here is an ebook that will help you out.

    IDEA 1

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine31

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    ConneCt YoUr BLoG to YoUr twItter

    If you have a blog, be sure to tweet links to all your posts (which should have

    calls-to-action featured in them). this is an indirect but effective way to attract

    new leads. If possible, connect your blog with twitter so that a post gets tweeted

    the minute it’s published automatically. for HubSpot customers, the HubSpot

    software can automatically set this up for you.

    IDEA 2

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine32

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    respond with Landing Pages

    when a user sends you a question, use the opportunity to give them

    proper feedback. when possible, and only when helpful to the user, add a

    landing page link to your response.

    for example, one user tweeted his Marketing Grader grade, adding

    commentary about how he wanted to improve his overall score by

    improving his website presence. @HubSpot responded with a link to our

    ebook, “25 Website ‘Must Haves’ for Driving Traffic, Leads & Sales.” the

    user appreciated our beneficial--not spammy--response. He filled out the

    form and received the information he needed to improve his score!

    Include Hashtags

    Create a hashtag by simply adding a pound sign in front of a word.

    But simply adding a hashtag to a tweet isn’t going to give you

    any results; you need to integrate them to a marketing campaign.

    follow trends. If you see a trending hashtag relevant to your tweet or

    content, include it in your updates. Similarly, if a user is tweeting with a

    particular hashtag, include it in your retweet. this allows your tweets to

    reach anyone who is looking for that particular hashtag.

    when hosting an event, create a hashtag so users can chime in and

    aggregate a list of tweets from potential leads.

    IDEA 3

    IDEA 4


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    Build Your reach

    what’s the use of following any of the above suggestions if you’re not

    reaching anyone? this is where you need to revisit the basics of twitter

    and remember to spend time building your following. the more people

    you’re sending information to, the higher your chance of generating leads.

    to learn more ways to attract more social media fans and followers, read

    this in-depth post. HubSpot’s software can also give you a quick snapshot

    of your social media reach:

    IDEA 5

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    try twitter Chats

    twitter chats are the next level of hashtags. from a business standpoint, a

    twitter chat is an online discussion between a brand and the twitter world.

    while there is no set format, most moderators will host weekly twitter

    chats, asking about six to eight questions over the period of an hour.

    for example, when HubSpot hosts #InboundChat, the @HubSpot twitter

    account plays the role of moderator, while a specific HubSpotter will jump

    in separately on their personal twitter handle, playing the role of expert.

    this person is mentioned by @HubSpot at the beginning of the chat so

    attendees can identify the expert and ask follow-up questions.

    IDEA 6

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine35

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    at the beginning of the chat, @HubSpot asks the audience to introduce

    themselves and soon after jumps in with Question 1.

    tactically, when asking a question during your chat, be sure to include

    “Q1:” (Question 1) at the beginning of your tweet. This identifies which

    number question you’re asking. also insert your chat hashtag at the end.

    when answering a question, include “a1:” (answer 1) at the beginning of

    your tweet and include your chat hashtag at the end. there is no need to

    include the moderator’s twitter handle in every answer, but do include

    specific handles when/if you’re

    replying to someone’s follow-up

    question for further discussion.

    Note: If you do not include the chat

    hashtag in your tweet, your answer

    will not show up in the chat feed.

    During the chat, a @HubSpot monitor

    retweets (rt) other users comments

    and answers follow-up questions.



  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine36

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    to push our lead generation efforts, we pair each chat with an offer. for

    example, we paired a “twitter for Business” chat paired with this ebook! to

    keep the theme strong, you may want to tweet a link to the ebook to help

    users follow along, but you can also create a special landing page such

    as our page, which is tailored for a

    particular chat using appropriate calls-to-action (Ctas) and helpful copy.

    keep in mind this platform of discussion may not work for every business,

    and the only way to find out is to try it! Figure out how you want to format

    your chat and give it a few test runs. Don’t simply host one event and quit.

    Make sure you’re promoting the chat ahead of time so users know it’s

    happening. You can also join one of the nearly 100 regularly scheduled

    twitter chats on a huge variety of industry topics. Depending on your

    business, joining rather than creating a chat may prove more beneficial.

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    CHApTER 5


  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine38

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    what is Vine?

    In January 2013, twitter announced the launch of its new, integrated

    mobile video app called Vine. the GIf-like app, which was acquired by

    twitter in october 2012, enables mobile users to capture and share

    short videos of six seconds or fewer, which complements the brevity of

    140-character tweets quite nicely.

    this six second time frame is perfect for a digital audience given the fact

    that the average online attention span is about 8 seconds. In this fast-

    moving social media space, it pays to get creative.

    Vine offers an interesting fusion of video content and static visual content,

    enabling mobile users to capture and share small moments. these videos

    play on a loop, just like an animated GIf does. Vine videos also include

    audio options.

    Knowledge Check: What is a GIF file?Short for Graphics Interchange Format, GIF files are a way

    to save graphics files for use on websites that move as an

    animation. Because the mini animations consists of

    frames, they are similar to a movie, minus audio.

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine39

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    although twitter purchased and launched Vine videos, they can be linked

    to both twitter and facebook accounts. this move shows that twitter

    cares more about the use and benefits of the tool (and the reach it can

    get through facebook), than they do about having the tool limited to just

    twitter. this move will help them see greater success and be a lovable

    social platform. twitter also expects to expand to more social networks in

    the near future.

    at the moment, the Vine app currently is only available for use on the

    iPhone and iPod touch, but we would expect twitter to expand this tool for

    use on other platforms as its popularity grows.

    Posts on Vine are about abbreviation -- the shortened form of something larger. They’re little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life. ”

    “ Source: Vine Blog

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine40

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    Use Vine to expand Your Video Library

    the Vine app is an easy-to-use tool

    to help marketers incorporate more

    video into your overall social media

    strategy. they are also a great tool

    to show your company personality

    and reach a new audience.

    Many marketers get overwhelmed,

    or too focused on video-production

    quality. Yet the quick upload, easy-

    to-use interface, and minimal

    emphasis on production quality

    means that Vine is designed

    to encourage a little more


    Vine’s 6-second time limit also capitalizes on users’ short attention spans,

    considering that about 20% of viewers will abandon your videos after just

    10 seconds, according to Visible Measures.

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine41

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    6 Quick Ideas to Inspire Your Vine Videos

    Sneak peeks to promote an upcoming event or webinar, such as

    speaker clips)

    Quick, bite-sized product demos, perhaps focused on a particular

    tool or feature

    Clips showing off awesome new gear, swag, products, or the like,

    in action

    “Behind the scenes” looks at your office to show your company’s

    culture and the people behind your brand

    Short features or case studies of customers enjoying your

    product, services, or content

    Clips highlighting Pr initiatives, like employees doing charity work

    or award acceptance speeches







  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine42

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    Make sure your

    company’s twitter

    account is connected

    with the app itself.

    STEp 1

    How to Create Your Vine account

    follow these steps to create your Vine account, and starting sharing little

    videos today!

    Go into the “Settings”

    section and sign into

    your company’s twitter


    STEp 2

    Sign in to your

    Vine account.

    STEp 3

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine43

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    Go to the Vine homepage, click

    on the video icon and start

    recording. It’s that simple!

    STEp 4


    once your account is connected, you can publish your videos to both

    your twitter and Vine feeds, which will appear for all your twitter and Vine

    followers. remember, to grow your reach of these videos even further,

    include relevant hashtags whenever possible.

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine44

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    an Innovative example of Using Vine to Inspire Your own Creative Strategy

    a lot can happen in six seconds. You can text your mom, read an email

    (or delete 20), or snap a picture. But can you create a lasting impression

    within six seconds?

    Since twitter unleashed Vine unto the world, brands have been quick

    to use the 6-second video app as a free marketing platform. while you

    can browse through 15 examples of brands getting creative with Vine

    for marketing here, we wanted to share one truly remarkable way we

    incorporated real-time elements into our Vine marketing efforts with an

    “ask Me anything” twitter chat. we hope it helps inspire your own ideas.

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine45

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    our “ask Me anything” twitter

    chat, hosted via the hashtag

    #InboundChat, was a unique

    twitter chat. Instead of

    responding to user questions

    with 140-character tweets, our

    CMo Mike Volpe responded in

    6-second Vine videos. while

    the concept behind this chat is

    similar to the twitter chats we

    discussed in the previous chatter,

    the ‘ask and reply’ process is a

    bit different.

    once questions start rolling in,

    the moderator (in this case,

    @HubSpot) announces which question the expert (in this case, @mvolpe)

    is currently answering so attendees can expect a video shortly after. once

    you produced a video through the Vine app, you see an option to share

    the video with your audience on twitter. twitter chats typically run about

    an hour long, which gives you enough time to produce about 15-20 Vine

    video responses.

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine46

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    tips for running a Vine twitter Chat

    Include multiple team members in your execution process. It

    generally takes one person to film, one to act as the expert, and

    one to moderate and monitor on twitter.

    Using a tripod for your videos will produce the best results. that

    way, your audience can focus on the expert’s answers without

    any distractions.

    remember that your expert’s answers must be 6 seconds long,

    or fewer. ask your expert a few practice questions before starting

    the chat so he/she can get the feel for how long 6 seconds is.

    keep a backlog of good questions you want to ask your expert to

    make the process quick and easy.

    when uploading your video through Vine, don’t forget to include

    the chat hashtag and the expert’s twitter handle, and then select

    “Share on twitter” to publish the video to both Vine and twitter.






  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine47

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    Incorporating Vine into your twitter strategy is a great way to expand your

    interactions with leads, customers and evangelists online. the more

    people you’re reaching through your twitter and Vine accounts, the more

    potential prospects to convert into customers. It also gives your company

    culture a chance to shine -- interactive chats and other videos give your

    audience an opportunity to chat with folks “on the inside”.

    Use Vine to develop a deeper, more personal connection with your

    audience and transform silent followers into serious brand evangelists.

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    CHApTER 6


  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine49

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    this ebook is essentially useless

    unless you’re measuring your efforts

    along the way. we’ve covered how to

    attract prospects and leads, but now

    how do we know we attracted actual

    customers? through analyzing twitter

    marketing data, you can pull insights

    and evaluate if you’re spending your

    time wisely to benefit your business.

    twitter, however, doesn’t have a

    seamless way to check your

    analytics. Vine doesn’t have any

    analytics. Closed-loop marketing is

    what you need to look at to track the

    power of twitter compared to your other

    marketing channels. this means tracking the path of a user clicking a link

    in a tweet, to visiting a page on your website, to filling out a landing page

    to become a lead, and, ultimately, to converting into a customer. and isn’t

    that ultimately why you’re using Twitter or Vine for business in the first

    place? to bring in new customers?


  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine50

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    Let’s first look at actual business generated through leads. The basic first

    step is look at traffic drawn from Twitter. While many people look at traffic

    drawn from all their social media channels, you need to be able to analyze

    twitter on its own.

    twitter serves two purposes, and you need to be measuring both.

    Business Generated through Leads

    twitter followers/Database Growth



  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine51

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    Measuring twitter Business Growth

    In the screenshots on the previous page, you’ll notice three key metrics.


    Visits to your website from Twitter is reflective of the amount of traffic

    twitter can help drive. However, visits cannot be the sole metric you track.

    Traffic figures simply help you understand the next two metrics.


    Contacts is the number of new leads, the number of new people, who have

    shown interest in your company. whether these people became contacts

    through submitting a form for an ebook, entering their information for a

    coupon, or submitting an application for a job, they have shown some

    vested interest in your business. Contacts emphasize the “new” concept,

    meaning they are not repeat leads. these are your potential customers. By

    becoming a contacts, they are now a fresh opportunity for your sales team

    to convert into a customer.

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine52

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    While visits are important for understanding the traffic Twitter is sending

    to your website, and contacts are important for understanding all the

    new opportunities created for your sales team, in order to measure your

    marketing effectiveness, you need to see the rate at which your visitors

    are converting into contacts. this will not only allow you to analyze your

    Twitter success month-over-month, but will also allow you to find problems

    in your Twitter strategy. If your traffic volume is high, but you’re visits-to-

    contacts rate is low, you have a conversion problem. But if your visits-to-

    contacts rate is high and your raw number of contacts is low, you have a

    traffic problem.

    over time, these three metrics will build up and add more and more

    contacts into your database. from there, your sales reps can work on

    converting them into customers.

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine53

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    3 Collect data that shows which social channels deserve your time.

    find out how many leads and customers are attributable to social


    Monitor your visits, new leads, and visits-to-contacts rate over any

    period of time.

    View number of clicks on individual posts or see social media

    analytics in aggregate.




    Does twitter really work for business? How much time should you be spending on it? Until recently, the impact of twitter has been notoriously hard to measure. with HubSpot, you can finally start reporting on the roI of twitter marketing efforts.

    MeaSUre twItter’S BUSIneSS VaLUe




  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine54

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    Measuring twitter Database Growth

    Your followers on twitter are like your subscribers to your email marketing

    -- they are your database of people to reach out and communicate with.

    these are the people that you have to work on converting from twitter

    follower to lead, to then customer. Unless you growth your twitter following,

    you won’t be able to convert followers into ultimate customers.

    there are three metrics you can track your twitter database growth.


    By pulling the number of twitter followers and net new followers, you can

    get a sense of your twitter reach growth monthly. for example, if you were

    to compute the following growth in March, you would pull the numbers

    from february and March:

    (MarCH twItter foLLowerS -- feBrUarY twItter foLLowerS) / feBrUarY twItter foLLowerS = GrowtH %

    tracking this percentage monthly will allow you to see whether your

    tweeting strategies and campaigns are helping to boost your reach, or

    have become a waste of time.

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine55

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    While looking at your month-to-month growth is beneficial to tracking your

    overall improvement on twitter, it’s important to also look at how you are

    growing on a daily basis.

    twitterCounter is a free tool that easily allows you to easily examine your

    follower growth over time. this data can be used to see how many new

    followers a certain campaign garnered on the day it launched. If your

    following remains constant over time, this could indicate that you’re not

    using twitter as well as you could. Your goal should always be to increase

    followers so that your reach grows. as stated before, more reach results in

    more leads and customers.

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine56

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    Many of you know about It not only allows you to shorten links to

    be twitter friendly, but it also provides you with the ability to analyze the

    number of clicks on that specific link. While it’s tedious to look at each

    link separately like this, it provides valuable insight into how many people

    actually clicked on your link.

    In fact, Dan Zarrella analyzed

    at 2.7 million link-containing

    tweets and found something

    interesting: He discovered that

    there is no correlation between

    retweets and clicks. rather,

    16.12% of the link-containing

    tweets analyzed generated more

    retweets than clicks, meaning

    many people will retweet a tweet

    with a link without even clicking

    on that link.

    this data simply highlights how important it is to also see how many

    people are actually clicking on your links, as it will reflect true interest in

    your content versus just retweeting for the sake of retweeting.

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine57

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    How Do You Measure Vine?Unfortunately, there are not many ways to

    measure your success on Vine. But creative,

    data-driven marketers still find ways to track

    how they are performing. while we hope to

    see developments to Vine measurement, here

    are some metrics to start watching.


    as you’ve learned, you can upload a Vine video

    and post it to twitter. while, like Instagram, you

    can’t include a link to your upload, this provides

    you with the opportunity to add hashtags to the

    tweet copy. the main link that populates with the

    tweet is a link to the Vine video.

    Hashtacks are trackable. there are many free tools available to marketers,

    such as tweetreach, that digs through all the tweets on Twitter and finds

    every mention of any search term you request for. So, simply search for

    your custom-made hashtag for your Vine videos, and the tool will tell

    you how many tweets that hashtag received, how many impressions it

    garnered, and how many people it reached. this can provide you with

    actual insight into the success of your Vine videos.

    # B

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine58

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    although Vine is owned by twitter, the mobile app is treated as its own

    tool, naturally having it’s own following. Similar to twitter followers, Vine

    followers are a part of your social database. the more people following you

    on Vine, the people you have the opportunity to delight through short video

    moments. and the more people you are sharing Vine videos with, the more

    people who you have to speak to. overtime, your goal should be to convert

    those people into twitter followers. You can then use those newly acquired

    twitter followers to try and convert into leads! It’s the circle of social life.

    the equation for this metric is naturally the same as before, but here it is


    (DeCeMBer twItter foLLowerS -- JanUarY twItter foLLowerS) / JanUarY twItter foLLowerS = GrowtH %

    Just like any other new social tool, measuring is difficult at first, and you

    won’t always see immediate results. test the waters with Vine and allow it

    ample opportunity to help your business. If a few months down the line the

    benefit is no longer there, feel free to stop. Or maybe keep using it for the

    sake of the engagement, and just creating moments that people love.

  • how to attract customers with twitter & Vine59

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    Be smart about the way you prioritize your marketing initiatives.


    By now we hope you’ve picked up on the fact that twitter is more than a

    network for engaging in the conversation and creating a positive brand

    image. the days of updating on-the-go tweets and leaving it at that are

    over. Hopefully you’ve also realized the business benefit to trying Vine

    for marketing. You must test and analyze all your efforts to understand

    whether it’s even in your business’ best interest to be vesting time on

    either twitter or Vine.

    Don’t invest too much effort on twitter unless you can measure the

    results of your activities. If your closed-loop marketing process leads to

    extremely low leads and roI, then it’s okay to back off and only maintain

    your account rather than use it heavily.

    at the end of the day, simply be smart about the way you prioritize your

    marketing initiatives and keep an eye on the specific benefits these social

    networks can offer your business. Good luck!

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    MEASURE THE ROI OF TWITTERfind out whether your investment in twitter is paying off. Sign up for HubSpot’s 30-day trial to start tracking some insightful marketing analytics.

    optimize the branding of your twitter profile6 Steps to optimize twitter for searchtwitter etiquette for business6 IDEAS TO JUMP START YOUR LEAD GENERATION STRATEGYhow to measure the roi of twitterCONCLUSION & ADDITIONAL RESOURCES