twitter it sales strategy: using the social media platform to attract customers (slides)

Download Twitter IT Sales Strategy: Using the Social Media Platform to Attract Customers (Slides)

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DESCRIPTION SUMMARY SLIDES: Want to use Twitter to attract customers? Learn how to strategically boost your IT sales strategy. Copyright (C) SP Home Run Inc.


  • 1. SPHomeRun.comTwitter IT Sales Strategy: Using the Social Media Platform to Attract Customers(News Release)Courtesy of theSP Homerun Inc. Company News Roomhttp://news.sphomerun.comSource: iStockphoto

2. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comSharingRelevant Contentand EngagingFollowers 3. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comCan Translate intoIncreased Sales 4. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comBy FollowingThese FiveSimple Tips 5. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comAn IT BusinessOwner CanAttract Followers 6. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comAnd Then TurnThose Followersinto Long-termClients 7. Sponsored by StrategicFollowing 8. Sponsored by Organize ThoseFollowers UsingLists 9. Sponsored by Engage, Engage,Engage 10. Sponsored by Research BothProspects andCompetitors 11. Sponsored by Utilize Hashtags 12. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comThere are HugeBenefits toIncorporatingTwitter into anIT Sales Strategy, 13. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comThe SocialMedia OutletCan Help You BeMore Preparedfor Sales Calls 14. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comAlong With HavingGreater Knowledgeof What Everyonein the Industryis Doing 15. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comSharingRelevant Contentand EngagingFollowers 16. Sponsored by Can Result in Increased Sales. - Joshua Feinberg, Business Development Director of SP Home Run Inc. 17. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comAbout SP Home Run Inc. 18. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comHelps SmallBusiness IT ServiceProviders Get MoreHigh-paying,Steady B2B Clients 19. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comBy Providing aSuite of ProvenTools & Resources 20. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comThat are AvailableExclusively toSP Home Run Inc.Members 21. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comTools & ResourcesFocus on: 22. Sponsored by IT Marketing &Targeted LeadGeneration 23. Sponsored by SellingIT Services &Lead Nurturing 24. Sponsored by IT ServiceContracts 25. Sponsored by ManagedComputerConsulting 26. Sponsored by IT Channel &Small BusinessTechnology 27. Sponsored by and Starting aComputerBusiness 28. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comMore Info AboutSP Home Run Inc.can be found at 29. Sponsored by ITSalesSecrets.comSPHomeRun.comFor InterviewOpportunities andMedia Requests,Please Contact: 30. Sponsored by Joshua Feinberg Business Development Director SP Home Run Inc. Visit: 31. SPHomeRun.comRecommended Reading:Seven IT Sales SecretsDownload thisFree Special Report Now atITSalesSecrets.comCopyright SP Home Run Inc. All worldwide rights reserved.SP Home Run is a registered trademark of SP Home Run Inc.Source: iStockphoto


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