how to access the worldwide rotaract directory. the worldwide rotaract directory can help you build...

Download HOW TO ACCESS THE WORLDWIDE ROTARACT DIRECTORY. The Worldwide Rotaract Directory can help you build friendships, find partners for international projects,

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HOW TO ACCESS THE WORLDWIDE ROTARACT DIRECTORY Slide 2 The Worldwide Rotaract Directory can help you build friendships, find partners for international projects, and learn from other Rotaractors and Rotarians. Slide 3 Which roles can access the directory? Slide 4 District Rotaract Chairs Rotaract Club Presidents Rotarian Advisers District Rotaract Representatives Rotaract Multidistrict Contacts Slide 5 To get there, start at Slide 6 Click on My Rotary Slide 7 Click Sign in/Register Slide 8 Then sign in to your account Slide 9 If you dont have an account, you can create one Slide 10 TROUBLESHOOTING: When you create an account, you must use the same email address that was reported to Rotary International for your role. Slide 11 After you sign in, youll see your My Rotary homepage Slide 12 Click your name to go to your profile page Slide 13 From your profile page, click Rotary Workgroups Slide 14 If you have multiple reported roles, you may be prompted to confirm the role you want to use. Select the role that will provide you with access to the Rotaract Workgroup (Rotaract President, Adviser, Chair, Representative, or Multidistrict Contact) Slide 15 Next, click on District Rotaract Leader Exchange Slide 16 TROUBLESHOOTING: If your email address was not previously reported to Rotary International, the Rotaract Workgroup will not appear. You must report your email address before proceeding. Slide 17 TROUBLESHOOTING: If you are a district Rotaract representative or district Rotaract chair and your email address has not been reported, ask your district governor to report you in your position by emailing If you are a Rotaract multidistrict contact and your email address has not been reported, email with the name of your multidistrict organization and your role. Slide 18 If you are a current Rotaract club presidents or Rotaract adviser, you can report yourself by going to Slide 19 Scroll down to Tools, then click Update your club and membership data Slide 20 Complete this form to report the Rotaract president or Rotaract adviser for the current Rotary year Slide 21 After the form is submitted, the data will be entered into RIs database within 72 hours. At that point you should be able to sign in with the proper access. Slide 22 If your email address has been reported but you still dont see the Rotaract Workgroup, try signing out of and signing back in again. Slide 23 You can sign out by clicking your name at the top of the My Rotary site Slide 24 Click Sign Out, then sign back in. Slide 25 Once you receive access to the Rotaract Workgroup, click English at the top of the page Slide 26 Now click on the folder for the Worldwide Rotaract Directory Slide 27 You made it! Here youll find current reports on Rotaract clubs and Rotaract leaders Slide 28 We hope you use the directory to collaborate with others within the global network of Rotaract. Slide 29 Just remember: for data security reasons, we ask that you do not forward, distribute, or post any reports outside of the secure Rotaract Workgroup site. Slide 30 Questions? Email us at