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  • 7/31/2019 How Fit Are You


    How Fit Are You? 3 Simple Tests to Find Out

    Ask 10 experts for their definition of fitness, and youll hear 10 different answers. Thats because

    how you define the word depends on the type of performance you expect. Some athletes need to

    develop a particular type of fitness over all otherspowerlifters at one extreme, marathoners atanotherbut most of us are at our best when we achieve balanced fitness. In other words, were

    good at everything a healthy, active man needs to be able to do.

    On these points the experts agree: You need core stability. You need lower-body strength and

    power to run, jump, and lift heavy objects off the ground. You need torso strength to lift your own

    body weight in repeated challenges. And you need enough endurance to run a mile without stopping

    for defibrillation.

    Thats why we asked our experts to create seven fitness tests that will help you assess the shapeyoure in. Start with the three challenges below, which measure core and upper-body strength

    areas guys generally care about most. (You can see all 7 fitness tests inAre You MH Fit?) But don't

    just do these exercises once; make them part of your regular workout and you'll quickly broaden

    your shoulders, build your biceps, and chisel your torso. And become as fit as you've ever been.

    Try the fitness challenge to find out how strong you are.

    And dont aim for average. Keep working at these exercises until you're not just fit, but Mens Health

    Fit. Let the games begin.

    Fitness Test #1: Core Stability

    Fitness begins in the middle of your body. Thats also where it ends, if your core isnt strong and

    stable. Not only do the muscles in your torso defend your spine against unwanted movementsthe

    twists and jolts that produce injuriesbut they also enable the movements you do want. Theyre the

    linchpins that allow coordinated actions of your upper- and lower-body muscles.

    So well start with the plank, a fundamental test of core stability and endurance. The average guy

    should be able to hold a basic plank for 60 seconds, says strength coach Nick Tumminello. If you

    aspire to be Men's Health Fit, you should be able to do a more challenging version for the same

    amount of time.
  • 7/31/2019 How Fit Are You


    Youll need something long, solid, light, and straight, like a broom

    handle or dowel. Assume a basic plank position, with your weight resting on your forearms and toes.

    Your body should form a straight line from neck to ankles. You want your feet hip-width apart and

    your elbows directly below your shoulders.

    Have a friend set the dowel along your back. It should make contact at three points: the back of your

    head, between your shoulder blades, and your tailbone. Hold that position. Stop if your body loses

    contact with the dowel at one of these three points.

    If you can hold your position for 60 seconds, stop and rest for two minutes. Then do the plank with

    your feet on a bench. (You wont be able to use the dowel, because it will slide off.)

    Nailed it? Rest two minutes and try this version: With your feet back on the floor, move your arms

    forward so your elbows are beneath your eyes instead of your shoulders. If you can hold this one for

    60 seconds, congratulations: Youre Men's Health Fit.

    Planks are a big part of the2012 Spartacus Workout, which readers are calling their favorite workout

    ever. The best part is its simplicityall you need are dumbbells, a stopwatch, and some serious grit.

    Are you tough enough to try it?


    Below average: You cant hold a basic plank 60 seconds

    Average: You go 60 seconds

    Above average: You can hold a plank 60 seconds with your feet elevated on a bench

    Men's Health Fit: You can hold a plank with your arms extended for 60 seconds

    How to push past a fitness plateau.

    Fitness Test #2: Pushups

    The bench press is the best size- and strength-building exercise for your chest. And yet the lowly

    ground-based pushup actually works more muscles, even if it doesnt allow you to hit certain ones

    with maximum intensity.
  • 7/31/2019 How Fit Are You


    Like the bench press, the pushup works your chest, shoulders, and

    triceps to exhaustion. Its also a core exercise, forcing muscles in your abdomen, hips, and lower

    back to work hard to keep your spine in a safe position. But the biggest benefit of the pushup may be

    the way it forces the web of muscles surrounding your shoulder blades to man up and support your

    shoulder joints, which can become dysfunctional on a steady diet of bench presses.

    This test, courtesy of Martin Rooney, one of the world's top strength and conditioning coaches, may

    be humbling for you, particularly if youre at your best with your back on a bench and a barbell inyour hands. Assume a pushup position with your hands directly below your shoulders, your feet hip-

    width apart, your weight resting on your hands and toes, and your body in a straight line from neck to


    Lower your body until your chest is about an inch above the floor, pause for 1 second (this is

    essential), and then return to the starting position. Complete as many consecutive pushups as you

    can while maintaining strict form.


    Below average: Fewer than 15 pushups

    Average: 16 to 29 pushups

    Above average: 30 to 44 pushups

    Men's Health Fit: 45+ pushups

    Fitness Test #3: Chinups

    Just as the bench press has replaced the pushup in many exercise programs, so has the lat

    pulldown replaced the chinup. And thats a shame. Both exercises hit the featured muscles in the

    upper and middle backthe lats, lower trapezius, and rear deltoidsbut the chinup goes lower and

    deeper. Because youre hanging from a bar rather than sitting on a padded seat, you force muscles

    in your middle back to work with the muscles in your hips and lower back to keep your spine in a

    safe position.

  • 7/31/2019 How Fit Are You


    Chinups are a great test of upper-body strength and endurance,

    core stability, and spinal stabilization, says Mens Health advisor Alwyn Cosgrove, C.S.C.S.,

    coauthor ofThe New Rules of Lifting for Abs. Pulldowns are certainly easier, but as with so many

    things in life, limited effort produces limited rewards.

    Grab a chinup bar using a shoulder-width, underhand grip. Hang at arms length. Pull your chest up

    to the bar, pause for 1 second, and then slowly lower your body back to the starting position and

    repeat. A repetition counts only if you start from a dead hang with your arms straight.


    Below average: Fewer than 3 chinups

    Average: 3 to 7 chinups

    Above average: 8 to 10 chinups

    Men's Health Fit: More than 10 chinups

    And dont miss Testosterone Transformation, a new book from Mens Health that reveals how to

    unlock the power of your most important hormone to build muscle, lose fat, and live longer! You'll be

    Men's Health Fit in no time flat!
  • 7/31/2019 How Fit Are You


    Negative Woman

    We see her true colors.Gallery View:Negative Woman

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    Stare at the red dot on this woman's nose for thirty seconds.Then, look over at a blank white space (a piece of paper oran empty browser tab will do). Did you see the "correct"version of the image? Here's how it works: stare longenough at an object and the eye's photoreceptors

    (particularly the color-sensitive cone cells) lose sensitivityfrom overstimulation. Divert the eyes to a blank space, andthe surrounding cone cells send out a ... more

    Stare at the red dot on this woman's nose for thirty

    seconds. Then, look over at a blank white space (a piece

    of paper or an empty browser tab will do). Did you see the

    "correct" version of the image? Here's how it works: stare

    long enough at an object and the eye's photoreceptors

    (particularly the color-sensitive cone cells) lose sensitivityfrom overstimulation. Divert the eyes to a blank space,

    and the surrounding cone cells send out a much stronger

    signal. The brain interprets this discrepancy as looking at

    the precise opposite colors, in what is known as a

    'negative afterimage.' Nifty, no?

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    Isolated Peru tribe makes uncomfortable contact

    LIMA, Peru (AP) Peruvian authorities say they are struggling to keep outsiders away from aclan of previously isolated Amazon Indians who began appearing on the banks of a jungle river

    popular with environmental tourists last year.

    The behavior of the small group of Mashco-Piro Indians has puzzled scientists, who say it maybe related to the encroachment of loggers and by low-flying aircraft from nearby natural gas and

    oil exploration in the southeastern region of the country.

    Clan members have been blamed for two bow-and-arrow attacks on people near the riverbank inMadre de Dios state where officials say the Indians were first seen last May.

    One badly wounded a forest ranger in October. The following month, another fatally pierced theheart of a local Matsiguenka Indian, Nicolas "Shaco" Flores, who had long maintained a

    relationship with the Mashco-Piro.

    The advocacy group Survival International released photos Tuesday showing clan members onthe riverbank, describing the pictures as the "most detailed sightings of uncontacted Indians ever

    recorded on camera."

    The British-based group provided the photos exactly a year after releasing aerial photos from

    Brazil of another tribe classified as uncontacted, one of about 100 such groups it says existaround the world.

    One of the Mashco-Piro photos was taken by a bird watcher in August, Survival International

    said. The other two were shot by Spanish archaeologist Diego Cortijo on Nov. 16, six daysbefore Flores was killed.

    Cortijo, a member of the Spanish Geographical Society, was visiting Flores while on an

    expedition in search of petroglyphs and said clan members appeared across the river from Flores'

    house, calling for him by name.

    Flores could communicate with the Mashco-Piro because he spoke two related dialects, saidCortijo, who added that Flores had previously provided clan members with machetes and

    cooking pots.

    The Mashco-Piro tribe is believed to number in the hundreds and lives in the Manu National

    Park that borders Diamante, a community of more than 200 people where Flores lived.

    Although it's not known what provoked the Mashco-Piro clan to leave the relative safety of their

    tribe's jungle home, Beatriz Huerta, an anthropologist who works with Peru's agency for

    indigenous affairs, speculated their habitat is becoming increasingly less isolated.

  • 7/31/2019 How Fit Are You


    The upper Madre de Dios region where the tribe lives has been affected by logging, she said.

    "They are removing wood very close."

    Meanwhile, Huerta said, naturalists in the area and Manu National Park officials told her duringa recent visit that a rise in air traffic related to natural gas and oil exploration in the region is

    adversely affecting native hunting grounds, forcing increasing migration by nomadic tribes.

    The clan that showed up at the river is believed to number about 60, including some 25 adults,

    said Carlos Soria, a professor at Lima's Catholic University who ran Peru's park protectionagency last year.

    "It seemed like they wanted to draw a bit of attention, which is a bit strange because I know that

    on other occasions they had attacked people," Cortijo said by phone from Spain. "It seemed they

    didn't want us to go near them, but I also know that the only thing that they wanted was machetesand cooking pots."

    Cortijo said the group lingered by the river a few minutes, apparently to see if a boat would passby so they could ask for some tools, something authorities say they had done in the past.

    "The place where they are seen is one of heavy transit" of river cargo and tourist passage, and sothe potential for more violent encounters remains high, Soria said.

    That is compounded by culture clash. The Mashco-Piro live by their own social code, which

    Soria said includes the practice of kidnapping other tribes' women and children.

    He said the Mashco-Piro are one of about 15 "uncontacted" tribes in Peru that together are

    estimated to number between 12...