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An example of how technology changed the face of meetings and collaborations. How Do You Deliver?. FACULTY SCHOLARSHIP CASE-Library. LIBRARY Traditional Showcasing Hardcopies Physical Exposure. Faculty Scholarship Display. Faculty Scholarship Database- Library. Linked Scholarship. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>An example of how technology changed the face of meetings and collaborations.How Do You Deliver?FACULTY SCHOLARSHIP CASE-Library</p> <p>Traditionally our library housed Faculty Scholarship within a display case.2Faculty Scholarship DisplayLIBRARYTraditional Showcasing HardcopiesPhysical Exposure</p> <p>Faculty Scholarship Database- Library </p> <p>Our library director envisioned a Faculty Scholarship Database. This database was created to allow our law school community to have online access tofaculty scholarship via the library website.4Linked ScholarshipFaculty Scholarship DatabaseIndividualized faculty pages with links to Hein, Westlaw, and Lexis</p> <p>Faculty Scholarship DATABASE- Information TechnologyReference Librarian emails current scholarshipLocate published scholarship within Hein, Westlaw, and LexisHyperlink scholarshipSent updates to our Web Developer, Stephen Zaptaka for website publishingFaculty Scholarship OFFICE OF THE DEANMarketing Faculty ScholarshipBroader ExposureFaculty Scholarship PDFFaculty Scholarship Brochure</p> <p>Dean Tekle, dean of Faculty Development, wanted broader exposure for faculty scholarship7Faculty Scholarship</p> <p>Dean Tekle wanted several exposures via print, electronic, and online.8FACULTY SCHOLARSHIP BROCHURE </p> <p>Faculty Scholarship CollaborationDean Tekle requested research on the Social Science Research Networks (SSRN) Online SeriesStephen initiated contact with SSRNSSRN Follow-upProposal Office of the Dean approvalTMSLs Research Paper SeriesThurgood Marshall School of Laws (TMSL) Research Paper Series (RPS)Basic vs. Full PlanEditor-Dean TekleRPS Submitters- Shante/Faculty LibrarianInstitutional SSRN AccountFaculty Services TMSLs Research Paper Series-Library</p> <p>TMSLs Research paper series- Office of the Dean</p> <p>13TMSL Research Paper Series-Library</p> <p>TMSLS Research Paper Series</p> <p>Questions AND ANSWERSHow Do You Deliver?</p> <p>Contact InformationAsmara Tekle, Dean of Faculty Developmentatekle@tmslaw.tsu.eduStephen Zapatka, Web Developerszapatka@tmslaw.tsu.eduShante Clark-Davis, Electronic Resources</p>