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  • Hospital Pharmacy CompoundingVirginia R. Leland R.Ph.Clinical Pharmacist Drug

  • ObjectivesReview training for pharmacy compoundingDiscuss products made in a hospital pharmacy settingDiscuss changing standards for pharmacy compounding

  • Pharmacy BackgroundB.S UW School of Pharmacy 1969University of Washington Medical Center 1974-presentPCCA Primary Compounding Course 1996Certificate in Comprehensive Compounding 2003Certificate in Aseptic Technique and Risk Level III 2003

  • Access to Compounding TrainingSchool of Pharmacy On the job Vendor-PCCACertificate ProgramsBoard Certification as a specialty???

  • Drug ServicesCompounds for the UW Medicine system pharmaciesPurchases pharmaceuticals for researchers within UW MedicineDrug Services info share page page.asp?cid=1805&page=01

  • History of CompoundingPharmacy Compounding in the Bible19th century many prescriptions compoundedPost 1950, pharmaceutical companies manufacture a large percentage of drug products

  • Compounding TodayIncreasing numbers of discontinued productsPatients that benefit from new drug or new drug applicationsPatient special needsIncreasing drug shortages

  • Hospital CompoundingNon-Sterile Compounding

  • Suspensions

  • Solutions

  • Cream

  • Hospital CompoundingSterile Products

  • Antibiotic Beads

  • LET Gel

  • Hospital CompoundingClinical Trials

  • New Practice StandardsDeaths have occurred from some pharmacy prepared sterile productsUnited States Pharmacopoeia 2004 Chapter 797

  • ReferencesLoyd V. Allen, The Art, Science and Technology of Pharmaceutical Compounding, Second Edition, 2002United States Pharmacopoeia 2004 www.usp.orgInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, Loyd V. Allen editor,

  • ReferencesLawrence A. Trissel, Stability of Compounded Formulations, 2nd Edition, 2000Lawrence A. Trissel, Handbook on Injectable Drugs , 12th Edition, 2003USP Pharmacists Pharmacopeia 2005

  • Reference Compounding BookThe Art, Science and Technology of Pharmaceutical CompoundingLoyd V. Allen, Second Edition 2002

  • Reference JournalInternational Journal of Pharmaceutical CompoundingLoyd V. Allen, Editor

  • Reference Compounding BookStability of Compounded FormulationsLawrence A. Trissel, Second Edition, 2000

  • Reference for Sterile ProductsHandbook on Injectable DrugsLawrence A. Trissel Twelfth Edition, 2003The Tenth Edition is pictured.

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