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  • 1. Internet Holistic Shopping Mall

2. AgendaOutline the conceptWin / win / win: Whats in it for ___?Feedback: Whats good / bad / missing?Measure your interest 3. Questions for YouWhat do you like about this?What raises doubts?What if it also did _____? 4. Whats Your Interest Level1. I would never consider participating2. Im not very likely to participate3. Im likely to participate4. Im very likely to participate5. Im ready to jump in 5. The ConceptWeb site that enables prospectivecustomers of holistic health careproviders to research, find, schedule andrate service providersby geographyby disciplineby date (events) 6. Functionality of...+ 7. Functionality of...+ 8. Functionality of...+ 9. Functionality of...+ 10. Functionality of...+ 11. Functionality of...+ 12. Functionality of...+ 13. Whats in It for...Practitioners Greater incomeSEO VisibilityDirect bookingsReviews Leveraged promotion Affiliate income 14. Whats in It for...CustomersEducationSearchRatingsEase of use 15. Whats in It for Us!Marketing feesPage hosting feesUser subscription feesAdvertising revenue 16. Whats Next?Please take our quick survey to help us help you:http://svy.mk/yjOi2oInvite your fellow practitioners to listen to call take survey spread the wordRegister for updatesDevelop website


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