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Help You Recover Photos from corrupted Kingston Memory CardWhats Memory Card?

Memory card, is a kind of independent storage media for mobile phone, digital camera, laptop, MP3 and other digital products , Because it is like a card , it is named memory card by human, or known as the digital memory card as well. Memory card is mini, portable and easy-to-use. At the same time, because of the good compatibility of the most of memory card, exchanging data between the different digital products become more and more easier. Recent years, with the high-speed development of digital products, the storage capacity of the memory card continuously enhance applications rapid spread.

Kingston, have a big marketing share among the memory card manufacturers. With the high-quality, its products are widely applied to the digital devices, such as digital camera, mobile phones, music player, etc. We usually use kingston Class4, Class10 SDHC card in camera for photo storage, and Kingston Class 4, Class 10 SD card in mobile phone for data storage.

Troubles about Corrupted Memory Card Data RecoveryEven if Kingston memory card have a good quality, memory card is easy to be corrupted, Sometimes, because of no power, your laptop shut down while you are copying the photos from memory card to laptop. And after laptop charging and you check the memory card again, the pictures may gone, which mean your card have corrupted because of power off suddenly, Thanks to an accident! The important files have gone with the wind. How can we recover corrupted memory card photos?

I highly recommend a recovery program named Card Data Recovery which can help you recover photos from corrupted memory card.

Steps to Corrupted Kingston Memory Card Photos Recovery

Step1. Download the Card Data Recovery from the official site: http://www.card-data-recovery.comand install it on your PC ( the software have Windows version and Mac version).Step2. Insert the Kingston memory card to computer and open the Card Data Recovery application.

Step3. Select the option Photo Recovery, (you can use other options such as Video Recovery, Music Recovery or Document Recovery to recover other data).

Step4. After the program scan your corrupted memory card, you can preview the photos have been gone before, then choose the ones you want to get back and click Recover.

Step5. Save all your recovered photos in memory card and you have accoplishned corrupted kingston memory card data recovery

Note for Corrupted Kingston Memory Card Recovery

Before you retrieve corrupted Kingston memory card photos, do not transfer files to the card any more. Once the space where original files saved in are overwritten, they can not be restored forever! I hope that Card Data Recovery can give you hand.

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