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ARE INDIANS REALLY AGAINST CORRUPTION ?Presentation By Apurv M. LondheCollege : S.P College, PuneClass : F.Y.B.A Div : CRoll No. : 121450

Corruption :

Corruption is the priority problem faced by India . It Is must to stop corruption in India for a Good development and Growth in Economy.Here are Some Survey which gave out information about the high rate of Corruption in India :

According to the survey of Transparency International ( a NGO which monitors and publicizes corporate & Political Corruption in International Development ) 62 % of the Indians had found paying bribes to get job or work done in public offices successfully.

Even According to CVC(Central Vigilance Commission) 30 % of Indians are Corrupt. 50% of the Middle Class people give bribe . Their are only 20 % Honest found.

153 of 543 Parliament members are/were facing criminal charges ( Dec 2008 March 2012 ) Some of the Biggest Scam are : 2G Spectrum , CWG , Adarsh Housing Scam(Maharashtra) , Coal mining Scam (Karnataka).

KPMG (a company advisory , governance ) study reports that Indian Real Estate, Telecommunication and Social Development Projects run by government are the three top most corrupt plagued.

33 % of the Financial Service sector & 17 % of the I.T Sector is affected by corruption.

According to KPMG 71 % of the Contractors states that paying bribe is inevitable to run business

Also, there is an increasing rate of corruption in judiciary . Corruption is judiciary is for disposal of cases, to clear the complexes by means of new law and get bail etc.

Nowadays , the most paid bribery is in transport industry and government delivered services .

According to World Bank , aid programs are beset by corruption , bad administration and under payment .

Example - The report shows that only 40 % of the total grains provided by the government reaches upto the poor people the 60 % of it is sold in market with low price .


1.Daily Sources of Corruption include Indias Trucking industry which is forced to pay bribe to numerous regulatory and police stops on interstate highways.

2.Truck Payers pay annually Rs.22,000 crores in bribes.Of which the police and officers concerned share 43% and 45 % each ( Acc. To survey of Transparency International)

3.Truck Payers pay bribe for illegal transportation of soil , coal etc. Some of the Cop are caught while accepting bribe and were rusticated from the duty.

Corruption in RTO office :

Also like the truck payer most of the people pay bribe in RTO offices for their work.

The Corruption in Driving License is more . The average license getter paid Rs.1080 approximately 2.5. times the official fees Rs.450 in order to obtain license Most of this process is carried through the link between agents and the cops .

Also, According to the Survey Individuals almost 60% of license holders did not take the licensing exam & 54 % of those holder failed in independent driving testSome of the failures of licensing system is caused by corrupt bureaucracy who collaborate with the agents.

This Picture shows how the truck payers give the bribe to the officers/cops.

The Picture is from Maharashtra the Cop accepting bribe as the payer was not having license .

How can be Corruption Stopped ? :

First step to Stop corruption is to change ourself . Every Citizen must decide not to pay bribe and even officers/government servants/employees to not to accept it.Strict action is to be taken against the corrupt government employees or other found corrupt . Even the person paying bribe and the person accepting the bribe must be punished under the law. Paper Less Transaction will also help to reduce corruption.Fast Track Court to be established to punish the corrupt.These were some of the steps to be taken to stop corruption .

So , Are We Indians Really Corrupted ? :The truck payers who pay the bribe to officers are Indians the officers accepting the bribe are Indians .

The Common man paying bribe in a government office to get a government job is a Indian .

The MLAs and MP to whom we vote even they have corruption charges . These Voters are Indians .

The Civil Engineers / Contractors paying bribe to the government officers are Indians.

There are also some INDIANS who have there account in Swiss . ( of course the money is black )

The people who pay bribe for getting their ration card in below poverty line ( even though they are not ) are INDIANS

The people who give the bank manager bribe to pass their loan are INDIANS.

All these are the recent incident which are in society .. . . .

So, I Conclude that Indians are not Really Against Corruption.

THE END Special Thanks to Indian Student Parliament for giving me this opportunity


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