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    Replacement of lost or corrupted card

    This service can be used after you apply for update information

    service, get approval, and activate your account successfully.

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    1. Go to Mumaris website and enter your username (email address) and your password, then click on "Login" button.

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    2. After you login, you will find E-services list. Place the cursor on classification and

    registration link. A list of services will appear. Place the cursor on Other services

    after classification link, then click on Issuing replacement of lost card.

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    3. The general instructions will appear. Read it well, and then click on Done button.

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    4. Your personal information, which you have entered previously, will appear. Enter your

    contact information. Click on the check box, to acknowledge the validity of contact

    information. Then click on "Next" button.

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    5. In Reasons damage/loss tab, click on New button to add the reason.

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    6. Enter the required information, then click on Save.

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    7. Click on Next button.

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    8. Attach the required documents (personal photo and ID number/Iqama), taking into account the allowed format and maximum size for each document. Then click on

    Next button.

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    9. In Review data tab, make sure you review the data, choose the delivery method and the city, read the declaration and click on the check box to approve. Then click on

    Next button.

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    10. In the End tab, you will find your request reference number and its status "Submitted to the Commission". Click on "Finish" button.

    You will receive an e-mail after your request is reviewed by SCFHS.

    After the request is approved, it will be returned to the practitioner to pay the fees.

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    11. To pay the fees, login to your Mumaris account, then click on My Requests in Query Services list. A list of your requests will appear, and you will find your card

    replacement request status has become To Beneficiary/Fees Collect. Click on

    display case.

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    12. The fees payment screen will appear. Select the preferred payment method from

    the list .Click on "Next" button to complete the process of payment.

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    12.1 In case you select to pay by credit card, click on Click here to pay button.

    Note: a window will appear to enter your credit card information and complete

    the payment procedures. By going back to your page in Mumaris, click on

    "Next" button. The request status will change to paid.

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    12.2 In case you select "Sadad, you will get Sadad reference number, that also

    represents the request number. Click on Next.

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    13. On the next page, you must click on Finish button. Then process the payment

    online through your bank account or through ATM.

    After the payment is completed, the professional registration card will be printed and

    submitted to you through the previously chosen method.

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    Thank you for using Mumaris E-services System

    For more information, please visit SCFHS website


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