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  • Mobile, Music and PC Accessories

  • Brand Information 1974, 2011 SANRIO CO., LTD.

    All trademarks acknowledged. Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DSiare registered trademarks of Nintendo Co., LTD., of Kyoto Japan.

    This product is not licensed, sponsored, endorsed or manufactured by Nintendo Co., LTD., of Kyoto Japan.

    Hello Kitty was established in 1974.

    35 years of success has lead to Kitty becoming a fashion icon.

    Hello Kitty is increasingly being backed by celebrity endorsments, particularly teen icons such as the Sugababes, Katy Perry and the Saturdays.

    With more than $6 Billion dolllars a year in sales, Kitty is a global phenomenon.

    The Hello Kitty logo appears on over 22,000 products world wide.

    Target consumer:Primary: Female 8-20 yearsSecondary: Female 3-7 years

    Brand values:Speaks from the heart, having no need of any particular language.

    Universal appeal.

    Currently listing products in fashion, stationary, cards/gift, mobile, electronic, department stores and grocery retailers across the world.

    Lazer XS

    Lazerbuilt was established in 1981, originally focussing on telecoms products. The company has evolved to become a leading supplier of mobile, PC, Audio and gaming accessories. With a particular focus on licensed products. Lazerbuilt has a wide ranging portfolio of brands including Disney, Hello Kitty, Bench and Moshi Monsters. Close links have been developed with Far East manufacturers and distributors across Europe.

    With a history of innovation and quality, Lazerbuilt continues to grow in a fast paced competitive market place. In 2006 we introduced our first audio accessories and in 2009 we launched a very successful PC accessories range under our Lazer XS brand.

    With great relationships across the globe, Lazerbuilt has gone from strength to strength over the last decades and we are looking forward to a bright future.

    Lazerbuilt manufactures and distributes products worldwide under three successful brands; Mybelle telecoms, Lazer XS; licensed accessories and Glam-Rox; fashion accessories.

  • Hello Kitty Black/Silver SockSKHK-C2-SLV1-BC5015909407701

    Hello Kitty Pink SockSKHK-C3-PKG1-BC5015909409125

    Hello Kitty Red SockSKHK-C2-RED1-BC5015909407688

    Hello Kitty HK Sock BowsSKHK-C3-BOW1-BC5015909409101

    Hello Kitty Sock Black GemsSKHK-C3-BGE1-BC5015909409118

    Double Thickness Socks

  • Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Cover - BoldIPHK-C2-BOL1-I4-DB5015909408142

    Hello Kitty iPhone 4 Cover - PhoneIPHK-C2-PHO1-I4-DB5015909408159

    Hello Kitty HK Microfibre Black SockSKHK-M1-BLK1-BC5015909408838

    Hello Kitty Microfibre BW Stripe SockSKHK-M1-BWS1-BC5015909408845

    Hello Kitty iPod Touch CoverITHK-4G-BWS1-DB5015909408937

    With a cleaning lining toclean large screen devices

    iPhone, iPod Touch Covers & Cleaning SocksiPhone and iTouch is registered trademarks of Apple Inc. registered in the US and other countries.

  • Hello Kitty Pink NeopreneLaptop Sleeve 15LSHK-PC-PNK1-15-BC5015909406438

    Hello Kitty laptop bag - Black 15LBHK-C1-BLK1-15-ST5015909408302

    Hello Kitty laptop bag - Pink 11LBHK-C1-PNK1-11-ST5015909407640

    Hello Kitty Pink NeopreneLaptop Sleeve 11LSHK-PC-PNK1-11-BC5015909406421

    Hello Kitty Red NeopreneLaptop Sleeve 11LSHK-PC-RED1-11-BC5015909406445

    Hello Kitty Red NeopreneLaptop Sleeve 15LSHK-PC-RED1-15-BC5015909406452

    Hello Kitty Mouse Pack 2GPHK-PC-MOU2-BP5015909409217





    15 11

    PC Accessories

  • Hello Kitty Pocket BlackCHK-PK-BLK1-DB5015909408852

    Kitty EVA Camera Case BW StripeCMHK-C2-BWS1-BC5015909408678

    Hello Kitty Camera Case RedCMHK-UN-HK3-BK5015909406407

    Hello Kitty Camera Case PinkCMHK-UN-HK4-PK5015909406414

    Hello Kitty Camera Case HeartsCMHK-C2-HRT1-BC5015909408869

    Hello Kitty Case PinkCHK-C1-PNK1-BC5015909405974

    Digital Cases

  • Hello Kitty Audio Pack BlackGPHK-A1-KIT2-DB5015909408012

    Hello Kitty Earphones BlackEHK-EP-BLK1-DB5015909406377

    Hello Kitty Head Shaped EarphonesEHK-EP-HED1-BP5015909409064

    205 Kitty Telephone205KITTY5015909120532

    Audio and Telecoms

  • Nintendo DS stylus KitGAHK-C1-PEN1-DS-BP5015909408524

    Nintendo DS Accs KitGAHK-C1-PAC1-DS-BP5015909408074

    Nintendo DS Bag & AccsGAHK-C1-BAG1-DS-BP5015909408067

    Nintendo DS Accs KitGAHK-C2-PAC2-DS-BP5015909409224

    9in1 7in1

    Nintendo DS Accessories

    Compatible with Nintendo DS Nintendo DSi Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo 3DS

    Compatible with Nintendo DS Nintendo DSi Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo 3DS

    Compatible with Nintendo DS Nintendo DSi Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo 3DS

    Compatible with Nintendo DS Nintendo DSi Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo DS XL Nintendo 3DS

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