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  • 8/6/2019 Hanlon Windows Brochure


    Hanlon Windows

    Windows and doors o distinction

  • 8/6/2019 Hanlon Windows Brochure



    Hanlon Windows is one othe largest privately ownedwindow manuacturers in


    From Little things big things grow

    The Hanlon Windows story, proud to be 100% Australian owned

    and operated.

    Hanlon Windows (Australia) Pty Ltd was rst established in 1979 by Brian and

    Judy Hanlon with a vision to set up a small amily business in the Shoalhaven

    Region. Brian and Judy initiated this small amily business rom their two car

    garage in Shoalhaven Heads as a re-seller o windows & doors. With Brian

    being a carpenter by trade and having greater industry knowledge, this small

    amily business soon became a growing success.

    Hanlon Windows has now moved into a second generation amily businesswith Brian and Judys son Chance Hanlon taking on the role o General Manager.

    The success o Hanlon Windows has been built on the back o a great team,

    who are passionate about their work and enjoy the challenges o this ever

    changing industry. Our varied team comprises o sales, nance, production,

    estimating, human resources, customer services, business development,

    inormation technology, transport and service department.

    Hanlon Windows today, has ve showrooms in operation and supply windows

    and doors to most parts o South Eastern NSW. This encompasses all o the

    Sydney Metropolitan, Wollongong, South Coast, Southern Hi ghlands and ACT.

    The ve showrooms are located at Bomaderry, Wollongong, Drummoyne, Miranda

    and Canberra. Our head oce and manuacturing is also located at Bomaderry,

    which serves us well to distribute and service our windows & doors to all o the

    areas. Our motto is I we cant service an area then we dont commit to it.

    Hanlon Windows manuacture a diverse range o aluminium and timber windows

    and doors, are 100% Australian owned and operated and currently employapproximately 100 sta. Hanlon Windows prides itsel on being a good corporate

    citizen. The company plays an active role in the community by supporting many local

    charities and participating in numerous worthwhile causes and also encourages its

    employees to become involved.

  • 8/6/2019 Hanlon Windows Brochure




    Hanlon Windows are

    committed to continuous

    improvement and constant

    renement. We have a goal to

    establish new standards in the

    perormance, appearance and

    quality o our windows and doors.

    Choosing the right windows and doors

    or your home is one o the most important

    decisions you can make. They can make your

    home more inviting rom the outsi de, appear more

    spacious rom the inside and add to the value o your

    home. More importantly they can provide improved

    saety and security or you and your amily.

    Hanlon Windows have been a leading manuacturer o

    aluminium and timber windows and doors or over 30 years

    and realise the importance o quality and customer service.

    We maintain a strong research and development program to

    ensure we oer the latest windows and doors on the market and

    all o our products are quality tested to the highest standards.

    Whether youre a buil der, owner builder, renovator or architect, rest

    assured youve made the right decision with Hanlons.

  • 8/6/2019 Hanlon Windows Brochure




    The architectural landscape or Australian homes has changed dramatically over the years wi th todays home designs calling

    or large open plan living areas, uninterrupted views and seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor living areas. All this

    can be made possible with Hanlon Windows.

    Our contemporary designs deliver extraordinary architectural fexibility suitable or all types o projects including high-end

    residential and commercial developments. With low maintenance and dimensional stability you are assured o years o trouble

    ree operation. Our windows and doors also come in a range o imaginative colours to match your home.

    The traditional style o home is not orgotten at Hanlon Windows, our ederation bar and colonial bar windows and rench doors

    lend themselves to this style o architecture and come in either timber or aluminium. Our Western Red Cedar timber windows and

    doors are perect to stain or paint to match your wildest imagination.

    Our contemporary designsdeliver extraordinaryarchitectural exibility

  • 8/6/2019 Hanlon Windows Brochure



    Our AluminiumWindows and Doors

    At Hanlon Windows we pride ourselves on our range o superior

    perormance aluminium windows and doors comprising o the

    latest innovative designs and are available in a wide range o

    colours to suit modern architectural requirements.

    Your home is a refection o yoursel and at Hanlons we oer

    the fexibility to custom design your own windows and doors to

    suit your individual specications and style without compromising

    on quality.

    Our range includes sliding, awning, casement, double hung,

    bi-old, louvre and bay windows complimented by sliding, stacking,

    bi-old, rench & entry doors. Our windows and doors can be

    manuactured in either a residential or commercial architectural rame

    to suit dierent building projects and requirements and we now

    also oer Thermal Heart technology, which comprises a thermally

    broken aluminium rame or increased energy eciency.

  • 8/6/2019 Hanlon Windows Brochure


    The beauty o Timber

    Hanlon Windows oers a wide range o quality timber windows and doors

    constructed rom one o the nest joinery timbers in the world Western Red

    Cedar. Cedar is noted or its beautiul variation o colours and thereore no

    attempt has been made to colour match timber components. Our windows

    and doors lend themselves to staining to bring out the rich variations in colour

    or painting to suit the colour design o your home.

    As with our aluminium range, Hanlons gives you the fexibility to design your own

    windows and doors to meet your own individual specications and style

    without compromising on quality.

    More than everwe are seekingproducts, whichare more energyefcient andenvironmentallyriendly

    Photographer Ross Pulsford

    Photographer Ross Pulsford

    Energy Efciency Sustainability

    The glass you select or your windows and doors can signicantly

    eect the energy eciency and thermal perormance o your home.

    Hanlon Windows oers a complete range o perormance glass

    products or all types o residential and commercial applications.

    The Window Energy Rating Scheme enables windows to be rated

    and labelled or their annual energy impact on a whole house, inany climate o Australia. Hanlon Windows has obtained energy

    ratings or all windows and doors oered and a copy o this can

    be ound on our website or via the Australian Window Association.

    Our experienced sales team can work through all the options

    available to help you choose the right product or your home.

    Energy eciency or greater comort, reduced costs, increased

    value o your home and a brighter environment.

    Beautiul windows and doors are possibly the most complex and

    interesting elements in the design o our homes. They provide light,

    resh air and connect our interior living spaces with our outdoor

    areas. Windows and doors can also represent a major source o

    unwanted heat gain in summer and signicant heat loss in winter.

    More than ever we are seeking products which are more energy

    ecient and environmentally riendly without compromising style

    and quality. Hanlons oer a number o options to make your

    home more energy ecient. Choosing the right product can

    save you on your energy bills and help your home comply with

    BASIX requirements to reduce greenhouse emissions.

    Thermally broken windows and doors are the most recent addition

    to the Hanlon range and oer the ultimate in energy eciency. This

    new product range rates 32% more energy ecient than standard

    double glazed windows and doors and has the added benet o

    allowing a choice o colour internally and externally.

  • 8/6/2019 Hanlon Windows Brochure


    Customer Service

    Customer service is paramount at Hanlon Windows. Choosing a window or door can sometimes be a very daunting

    experience as there are many dierent types o windows and doors available in todays market.

    Our experienced sales team will oer you the right advice and expertise, so you end up with a product that suits

    your specic need. We will also keep you inormed to the progress o your windows and doors and ensure that

    you receive your product within the time rame you require. Our experienced sales and customer service

    teams are dedicated to work with you to ensure all your w indow and door requirements are

    met and any concerns you have will be addressed to your satisaction.

    Our Commitment to you

    Hanlon Windows (Aust) Pty Ltd is an accredited company with the Australian Window Association, manuacturing

    windows to the Australian standard AS2047. Hanlon Windows (Aust) Pty Ltd is also a quality assured company.

    All o our windows and doors have been tested and exceed the most stringent o Australian Standards. They are all

    manuactured and designed or high perormance and low maintenance and because we guarantee all workmanship

    or seven years you can be assured o a qual