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Hybrid Cloud Taking the 'scary' out of The Cloud


  • 1. Hybrid CloudT aking The 'Scary' Out of The CloudHybrid Clouds,Serious ChallengesHybrid clouds challenges, from both a business and IT standpoint:Business Challenge: IT Challenge:Consumption forecastingfor a distributedenterpriseDifficult to maintainand control dataacross multi-cloudenvironments82% Consider the challengesto be either critical orvery importantCIO Concerns, RoleEvolving role of CIO/IT to meet demands and requirements of hybrid cloud environments:1/3 More thanof IT leaders36%predict cloud(technology as a service) will havethe most profound impact on theCIOSource: State of the CIO Survey (CIO Magazine)Need For a Common DataPlatform Across CloudsChallenge of data management and control is the primaryobstacle to more effective utilization of the public cloudAspects of control and management that are most difficult:48% Data Protection 41% Data Governance 35% Access ControlHowever, There Are Ways toOvercome the DataManagement ObstaclesMoving from builders to brokers:Managing workloads across cloud environments83% Highly important to offerconsistent SLAs acrosscloud environments82% Manage and control dataamong multiple private andpublic cloud resourcesImportance of Ability to Manage Data SeamlesslyAcross Multiple Cloud Environments:CriticalVery ImportantSomewhat ImportantNot Very ImportantNot at all Important35%8%43%34%1%CIOs Consider the Following to be Either Critical or Very Important:84%Availability of services and support to be successful90%Vendor's ability to address risk factors in deploying clouds71%Vendor's ability to enable IT to remain in the driver's seat72%Commitment to an openness, including APIs, open sourceoptions and a multi-vendor ecosystemBusiness PayoffStrategic IT is Better ITThe 2014 State of the CIO Survey found the Top CIO Priorities to be:GrowCorporateRevenueEnableCustomerAcquisition& RetentionRegardless of the ultimatecomputing destinationthe CIO will maintain ownership of the organizationsdata. The introduction of new multicloud architecturesmakes data governance more complex because data isdistributed, and not under direct control. Our vision is tocreate an enterprise data management solution, with theclustered Data ONTAP operating system at its core,which will span the customers data storage landscape,irrespective of data type or location.Jay Kidd, Senior Vice Presidentand Chief Technology Officer, NetAppPower it All with Data ONTAPOnly clustered Data ONTAP delivers versatilityand data control to help customers connectany cloud resource through a single storageand data management platform.HyperscaleCloud ProviderDataONTAP Hybrid CloudData ONTAP software will enable dynamic data portability across all clouds and will supportextensive customer choice for application, technology, and cloud partner options.For More Information Visitwww.netapp.co.ukSimplifyITLeadProductInnovationEffortsNetApp Data ONTAP:Unified Storage ArchitectureNetApps strategy is to use the worlds number-one brandedstorage operating system, Data ONTAP, as a universal dataplatform across cloud environments.NetApps strategy is to use theworlds number-one brandedstorage operating systemCloudServiceProviderPrivateCloud175 Already more than 175 cloudservice providers deliver cloudservices built on Data ONTAP.No.1 IDC has named NetApp Data ONTAPas the worlds number-one brandedstorage operating system Scale SAN and NAS to tens of PB without disrupting running appl ications. Scale your environment using a common set of features and manag ement tools. Consolidate and manage all your data from a single storage syst em. Protect your investment, simplify data management, and reduce your TCO.Saves $3.6 million and accelerates researchwith hybrid cloud built on NetAppThe FlexPod solution based onNetApp and Cisco technologieshelped save us $3.6 million in datacenter costs. Were able to allocatethat budget to world class researchand to providing the educationalprograms that can make adifference in the lives of ourstudents today and tomorrow Dr. Phil Richards,IT Director of the University of LoughboroughCustomer references3.6PB of data and 800 virtual servers thatprocess an average of 14,000 transactionsper second In a rapidly changing business climate, asolid IT infrastructure and the ability tooffer customers high availability and rapidturnaround times is crucial. NetAppclustered Data ONTAP has helped usmove toward a true zero-downtimeenvironment and the ability to scale outand up, ultimately to offer truly flexibleDavid Glambruno, solutions for our customers.Senior Vice President and CIO of Revlon