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  1. 1. English through Mythology Haeinsa Temple () Haeinsa Temple and Mount Gaya: Creative Dialogue () Instructions: Please read the sample dialogue () about Haeinsa ( ) and Mount Gaya (). This will give you some ideas! After reading the sample dialogue, please make up a new dialogue ( ) about Haeinsa and Mount Gaya. Good luck! Sample dialogue: Takashi and Ji-hong decide to visit Haeinsa Temple Takashi, a student from Tokyo, is visiting his South Korean friend, Ji-hong. In this dialogue, the two friends decide to travel to Haeinsa Temple. Takashi: Ji-hong, youre a wonderful host. Thank you for your hospitality here in Gyeongju! I really appreciate it. Ji-hong: Its my pleasure. Ive really enjoyed showing you the sights of Gyeongju. Takashi: Gyeongju is a very special town. There are so many historic attractions here! I will never forget the burial mounds. I will never forget Anapji Pond. Ji-hong: Later today, we will travel to one of South Koreas greatest temples. Takashi: Really? Which temple ()? Ji-hong: Were going to visit Haeinsa Temple (). Haeinsa
  2. 2. Temple is one of the three gems of Korean Buddhism (). Its located at the foot of Mount Gaya (). Takashi: Its very kind of you to invite me on a trip! Im curious () about Haeinsa Temple. Is Haeinsa Temple similar ( ) to Tongdosa Temple? Ji-hong: Well, there are some similarities, but there are also some differences. Takashi: Why is Haeinsa Temple so famous ()? Ji-hong: Haeinsa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site ( ). When we visit Haeinsa Temple, we will see a collection of 81,000 printing blocks made of wood. These wooden blocks were used for printing the Buddhist holy texts. We call them the Tripitaka Koreana (). Takashi: That sounds amazing! Ji-hong: We will also see a maze () with lotus lanterns ( ). This special maze was designed by Great Monk Uisang ( ). Takashi: Im really excited! I think our visit to Haeinsa Temple will be fun ( ). Ji-hong: Dont forget to pack your hiking boots (). After visiting Haeinsa Temple, we can climb Mount Gaya. Takashi: Is Mount Gaya very high? Ji-hong: It isnt especially high, but its fun to climb. Takashi: Im looking forward to our trip. Lets go! Instructions: Now its your turn to make up a new and exciting dialogue about Haeinsa Temple and Mount Gaya. You have six minutes to prepare. Good luck!


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