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Second-half Guangzhou Sun-Yat Sen University - - - -

Second-half GuangzhouSun-Yat Sen Universitybruce-lee ancestrial museumstreet shoppingnight lifefooddinnerHill Villa Hot Spring Area-concluding placeBy: Daniel, Henry, Lauren, and RusseLlSun-yat sUn university

University of Washington Huskies partaking on a campus tour with Sun-Yat Sun University students to learn more about the history of Sun-Yat Sun.

Laura Quan interacting with a Sun-Yat Sun University student while on campus tour.

University of Washington students having some fun while learning more about the historical pieces the university has preserved.

University of Washington students and Sun-Yat Sun students posing and honoring the statue on his personal history and symbolism of Chinese culture.

University of Washington students bonding with Sun-Yat Sun students during the campus tour. Bruce-lee ancestral museum

University of Washington students ecstatically preparing themselves for the Bruce Lee museum.

Professor Third Andresen and few of the University of Washington students are learning about the history of Bruce Lees life.

Sera Wang and one of our new friend from Xiamen University discussing the history of Bruce Lee.

Henry Liu learning about the personal life of Bruce Lee.

Lauren Wong, Russell Ling and Huong Trenh are riding on the boat to explore the majestic view of the garden from the Bruce Lees museum.

Raymon Hui, Eduardo Chaves, Courtney Seto and Laura Quan are riding on the boat to enjoy the scenery. The tranquility was beyond belief.

University of Washington student are standing in front of the tallest Bruce Lee statue in the world.

Henry Liu, Jony Phan and Kendall Yamamoto exploring other parts of the Bruce Lees museum.Street Shopping

Rayman Hui and Julie Lu purchasing local chinese food.

The daily life of local Guangzhous people on the street.

One part of the many Chinese markets, is selling fresh and delicious durians.Night life

Tran Truong, Julie Lu and Laura Quan are eating dinner with their new best friend from Sun-Yat Sun University.

The beautiful city lights of the Guangzhou city area, a city that never seizes to become alive.

Laura Quan, Julie Lu, and Tran Truong exploring the city life of Guangzhou with their new friend.Food

One of the many authentic, delicious Chinese dishes that can only be found in China.

Chinese fish cake.

Spare ribs and pineapple Chinese cuisine.

Sweet and sour fish dish

Beef DumplingsDinner

University of Washington students are enjoying a dinner in lieu of celebrating Siyuan Lius birthday.

Professor Connie So presenting a gift to Siyuan Liu.

One of Guangzhous tower that would consistently change colors.Hill Villa Hot Spring Area

University of Washington students and the professors are enjoying the famous hot spring in China.

One of the several hot spring which contained rare minerals inside to keep the body of an individual healthy.

Another one of the hot springs with different minerals helping the body with digestion issues, bone growth, and more.

The swimming pool of China near the students 5-star hotel.