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By Group 2Anamika Dev Roy(H03/14)- Anamika Roy ,Deep Shikha(H10/14) -Deep Shikha , Joyita Mondal(H17/14)-Joyita Mondal , Megha Deb(H23/14) -Megha Deb ,Krishna Madhavi(H29/14)- Pothula Madhavi ,Anusha(H35/14)- Rangannagari Anusha ProJECT PROPOSAL ON ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE DESIGN PROJECT

IntroductionCheshire Home is a UK based charity for helping disabled people through voluntary local communities. The philosophy of the organization is to encourage and move disabled individuals towards independent living and live life their way.The organisation works for overall development and rights of persons with disabilities in over 55 countries all over the worldInIndia, it is headquartered at Bangalore. Our project will primarily aim at studying the Cheshire Home at Ranchi.ObjectiveMost of our team members have worked in a corporate environment and studying a non-profit organization was a new territory to chart on, which would open us to gamut of different kinds of organisational structures and behaviour. The basic assumption we have in our mind is that Cheshire being an NGO would focus more of their activities on generating funds to contribute towards their goals and objective rather working upon improving the different facets of their organisation structure. From the secondary data available on net, the organisation works on bottom upframework. To ascertain that we would collate data about the organisation by probing deeper into the intricacies of their structure. And if some issues persists we would try to harness our expertise and knowledge to improve their structure and work setting.MethodologyPrimary data collection through:1. Telephonic Interviews2. Face-to-Face interviews