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Market Potential of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) in Kanpur and surrondings

Presented ByAjay Bahadur Roll No.1306


Industry Mentors

College Mentor

Name:- Naresh Singh Designation:- Branch Manager

Prof. Abhishek Srivastav


Name:- Navneet Mishra Designation:- Sales Manager

Market Overview

The India furniture industry is a Rs36,000cr industry, and is highly unorganised (85% of the market is unorganised). India is ranked among the top 14 furniture markets in the world (CSIL Milano), and the wooden home furnitur segment has the biggest market share in the industry.

Greenply and its competitors in MDF manufacturing in India

Company ProfileGreenply Industries Limited (GIL) is an Rs. 1007cr, professionally managed Interior Infrastructure Company, primarily engaged in the manufacture of plywood and other value-added products such as laminates and medium density fiberboard (MDF). The company has six, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located at Nagaland, West Bengal, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan, and also caters to overseas markets from their two, wholly-owned subsidiaries, Greenlam Asia Pacific and Greenlam America.

For Plywood and Allied Products

For Laminates and Allied Products

Learning1st week: During my 1st week I came to know about the product and its features. Know about the measurement and how to calculate the price. n 2 d week: I have visited the furniture market with the company mentor. Learn how to convince the customers.

3rd to 5th week: I visited the different shops and told the retailers about the product and its benefits.

6th to 7th week: I collected the response of the retailers about the product through questionnaire. 8th week: I was asked to work on my report.

Objective Of Project To study and analyze the market potential of MDF in the plywood markets of Kanpur To aware the retailers about MDF. To find out whether the quality and price of MDF correlate each other or not.

Research Methodology

Research Design:- Descriptive Data Type:- Primary data Data Collection Method:- Survey and Questionnaire Sampling Technique:- Convenience Sampling Sample Size:- 50


MDF Users

Turnover of Respondents

Sales Turnover of MDF made products

Products used by manufacturer as Raw Material

Sizes used by Respondents

Thicknesses used by Respondents

Respondents satisfied from Quality

Respondents satisfied from prices

Q.Do the price and quality correlated to each other?

Ho = There is no correlation between quality and price.

Ha = There is a correlation between quality and price.

CorrelationsQ6 Spearman's rho Q6 Correlation Coefficient Sig. (2-tailed) N Q7 Correlation Coefficient Sig. (2-tailed) N 1.000 . 50 -.216 .132 50 Q7 -.216 .132 50 1.000 . 50

InterpretationSince the significant value is less than 0.5 and the correlation cofficient is negative so the null hypothesis is accepted. Hence we can say that there is no correlation between quality and price.

Recommendations The company should improve quality of the product as they should make the edge of the sheets strong so that the retailers could fully replace Local Plywood by MDF. The company should launch its exterior product so that they can maximize their market share. The company should promote MDF more because the retailers are not aware of the quality and features of MDF.

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