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The oxidized copper wire earrings seen in the photo look incredibly intricate and difficult to make. Luckily, Kasia from Kica Bijoux has given us an easy to follow tutorial that can be used by any level of expertise when it comes to handmade jewelry. All you need are some drop beads, ear wires, copper beads and your own choice of wire!


  • Tutorial: Spring Rain made by Kica Bijoux
  • list of materials This is the list of materials and tools necessary to make 2 earrings I've used oxidized copper to create this earrings, but it can be any other wire brass, copper, silver or gold-filled. 40 cm (15,75) of 22 or 23 gauge wire (of 0,6 mm in diameter) cut into 2 even pieces. 12 cm (4,72) of 28 or 29 gauge wire (of 0,3 mm in diameter) cut into 2 even pieces (to attache beads to the earrings). *2 drop beads size 9x6 mm *2 copper beads size 3 mm *2 copper beads size 2.5 mm *4 copper beads size 2 mm *1 pair of earwires !!!First of all check if your copper beads (size 3 mm and 2.5 mm) have a big enough holes for two 2223 gauge wires. Not every beads have that!!!
  • list of tools round-nose pliers wire cutters
  • 0.6 0.74 1.33 0.27
  • Step 1 Fold a length of 20g wire in half (as shown in the photo).
  • Step 2 In this step, use your round nose pliers to create small loops on both sides of the earring.
  • Step 3 Now create two a little bit bigger loops (as shown in the photos). If your wire is elastic, it should be easy to form such shape without the pliers.
  • Step 4 Put the copper bead (size 3 mm) on both wires and bend them like on the photo below.
  • Step 5 Put a smaller bead (size 2 mm) on the wire and form/bend it as it is shown in the photos.
  • Step 6 Do the same moves with second wire.
  • Step 7 After step 5 and 6 the left side of the earring should look like the first photo. In this step you have to bend both wires up. You can shape them around the copper bead (second photo).
  • Step 8 In this step squeeze the upper part of the wires and put the bead (size 2.5 mm) on both wires.
  • Step 9 Now wrap one wire around the other and cut the rest of it.
  • Step 10 Using your pliers, create the last loop and wrap the wire around the bottom of the loop and cut the rest of it. The base of the earring is ready.
  • Step 11 String the bead onto the thin wire and wrap one part around the other (as it is shown on the photos).
  • Step 12 Cut the shorter part of the wire and then create a hook. Put it onto the base of the earring. Close the loop and wrap the wire around top of the bead. Then cut the rest of the wire.
  • Repeat all previous steps to create the second earring and then attach the earrwires. Now your earrings are ready to wear!
  • The End If you have any questions concerning this tutorial, please, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for participating in this jewelry adventure. www.etsy.com/shop/KicaBijoux kicabijoux@gmail.com