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An informative slideshow of how to turn basic wire, into a beautiful spiral earring finding in just a few minutes!


  • Spiral Finding Tutorial By Sandra Draper
  • To create this finding, you will need flush cutters for trimming wire, round-nose pliers, flat pliers and the wire, in this case 6-7 inches of 20-gauge silver-plated wire.
  • Using the very tip of your round-nose pliers, make a tight loop to get started
  • Take the loop from your round-nosed pliers and insert it between the flat-nosed pliers and begin gently pressing the wire down against the loop. Reposition the wire in the jaws of the pliers and continue pressing the wire into concentric circles. After you've made 2 to 3 circles, you might find it faster and easier to complete the circles by pulling the wire between your thumb and forefinger.
  • When you have the number of circles you want, used your flat-nosed pliers to bend a gentle triangle shape. Finish bending the excess wire to the bottom of the circles (opposite the triangle). Trim excess wire leaving just enough to make an eye loop opposite the triangle.
  • Your finished spiral will have a triangle loop at one part of the circle and an eye loop at the bottom.
  • Using your spiral, you can make earrings using a standard fish-hook earring wire and attaching a bead to the bottom using a headpin.
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