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  1. 1. GOODWAYSTOMAKEEXTRAMONEYONLINE ILL TELL YOU A SECRET ABOUT SOME VERY GOOD WAYS TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY ONLINE. Because if youre reading this post Then youre earnestly seeking some extra money and youve made your way to my blog. Lucky for you Ive tried just about everything there is, sometimes winning and sometimes losing. Ive tried the hard jobs online that take forever to not make all that much money and in this post Ill tell you which one is the best.
  2. 2. For those of you who write there is always freelance writing, but it takes time to get established. Another aspect of writing is that people are brutal; they are not forgiving to the newbie to say the least. When youre in the cut, writing articles, eBooks and blogs for other people its very easy to reach burn out. I only suggest freelance writing if you truly love to write, not because you want to make an extra buck. Another opportunity people do is emails to cash type offers. These are offers where you basically read other peoples emails and then respond to them and get paid. Its easier said than done. In many cases there isnt a real opportunity for most people here. Many offers require that you make a certain amount before payout; the problem is most people never actually make it. I have tried both of the above jobs online. I still write, but only for very select clients and I prefer to build my own dreams vs. Someone elses. My biggest piece of advice is to try something like what I do. You can watch the video below to learn more about what I do and see if its right for you. I suggest you may as well work with something thats fun and can sustain you and your family and will be lucrative for the long run. Another bonus of this system is you get free time.
  3. 3. You may have to work your ass off in the beginning, but once you get things rolling you get more free time to do the things you love like traveling and spending time with loved ones. One of the main reasons I dont find other opportunities online as attractive as what I do now is you literally have no free time and when you stop working them the money disappears. Its much better to find a system that allows more leeway since things happen in life that require our attention and we often times need a break anyway, so we dont burn out. Working online has changed my life, I am grateful as can be for it, there isnt much more I can say then that. I would rather you just head over to the site I mentioned in the video above to find out more for yourself. In case you missed it the site is, you can check it out and see what you like about it. All I know is this I used to struggle with everything, I worried about what people thought, I was always broke, I was depressed and life pretty much sucked. Now I live with a smile, I travel the world, I live in places like Bali, Komodo, Sweden and London and life has turned out to be nothing short of amazing. (Yes, that is a real Komodo Dragon and yes that is in Indonesia early last year) Thats the main reason Ive written this post for you on good ways to make extra money.
  4. 4. I believe that we all deserve a better way of life; I believe that no one can stop a man or woman who has made a decision. Sometimes social conditioning stops us from making those decisions. So its no ones fault, its important to bring it to peoples attention however. And if youre reading this than maybe there is reason for that. Maybe youre like I used to be, always afraid, always hurting inside, worried and not knowing what tomorrow will bring. I can say thats a shitty way of life, but it can all get better. I know, and now I share my gift of belief with you. I believe in everyone, you, me, the guy walking down the street. But thats all because Ive seen the truth of what is possible in life. I live my dreams and I know you can as well So I encourage you, head over to and find out more how you can escape the 9-5 grind and travel the world. You may find yourself kicking back in Bali like me, drinking bin-tangs and enjoying the weather without a care in the world. Take care my friend and Ill see you on the other side! Hank W. Klinger Original Content and Video com/watch?v=Emll6- i6PKs http://www.psycholog ways-to-make-extra- money-online/