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  • 1. 10 Ways toSAVEMONEYSabine Kurz

2. Compare PricesWhile online retailers likeAmazon and Ebay often seem likethe easiest and cheapest option, ithelps to compare prices. TryIdealo, where you can search forabout 128 million offers frommore than 22,600 shops. Idealoshows you the total priceincluding postage, which oftenmakes all the difference in findingthe cheapest deal. They also havea mobile app to compare priceson the go. Other price comparisonsites include Google Shoppingand PriceRunner. 3. Finding the best dealI would be absolutely lost withoutdeal sites such asHotUKDeals.com (HUKD), Savethe Student or Holiday Pirates.HUKD has more than a millionmembers, and all deals are postedand rated (by voting hot or cold)by them. The deal temperature isusually a good indicator of thequality and uniqueness of theoffer, and members always like tohelp by answering questions orfinding deals for you. Theirfreebie section especially is wortha regular look. 4. Cashback SitesIts a very simple concept really: You buythrough a cashback site (TopCashbackand Quidco are the two biggest and mostpopular ones around) from one of over4000 major retailers, they getcommission for your purchase and pass itback to you. While at first this seems likea lot of effort for a few pennies, thinkagain when youre looking to change yourbroadband or power supplier currentlyTopCashback is offering more than 175if you take Skys Complete Bundle. Itsalso very handy for train and flighttickets, but I use it for everything. Manyretailers offer cashback between 2 and 10percent, and by making almost all myonline purchases through cashback sites, Ihave earned about 150 in the past fewyears. 5. Let others do thework for youOne of the most helpful siteswhen it comes to finding thecheapest deal is Flubit. They usedto try and beat any price youfound on the internet, but nowonly focus on beating Amazonsoffers. You simply give them thelink to the product you want, thenthey try and create you a betteroffer for the same item. Usuallythey keep their promise, and saveyou at least a few percent. Theirlatest coup is to steal otherpeoples offers, but thats still inBeta mode. Flubit is by invitationonly, but usually they send you anactivation link within a few days(if not, contact me and Ill sendyou an invitation). 6. Shopping AppsIf youre someone who takestheir smartphone everywhere,shopping apps are for you. Forgrocery shopping, tryCheckoutSmart, ClickSnap andShopitize, all of which offercashback when you buy certainproducts at all majorsupermarkets sometimes youeven get stuff for free. Myfavourite app though is O2PriorityMoments (you donthave to be an O2 customer,inserting a free pay as you go SIMcard while installing the app isenough), which offers lots offreebies (fancy a free coffee atCaff Neros every Tuesday?) anddiscounts that are updated daily. 7. Loyalty CardsAs even charity shops havebegun to offer loyalty cards totheir customers, theres noexcuse not to use them. Notevery scheme may be aslucrative as Tescos Clubcard,but in the end, every littlehelps. And if you dont want tocarry a dozen loyalty cards inyour wallet, there are apps forthat, e.g. Stocard. 8. Student DiscountsIf you are lucky enough to be astudent, theres no excuse reallynot to take advantage of thewealth of student offers bothonline and offline. If you haventone already, its worth thinkingabout getting the NUS ExtraCard, which offers all sorts ofgreat discounts, including 5% onbooks at Amazon. Its also worthasking in restaurants, cafes andsmaller shops whether they offera student discount whats theworst that could happen?!For non-students under 25,getting the Young Scot Cardgives similar money offopportunities, as does the 16-25Railcard. 9. Discount CodesWhen shopping online, youllnotice that almost every sitehas a coupon or voucher boxwaiting to be filled at thecheckout. So take a minute ortwo and search for codes, youllbe surprised at how many areout there. If Google producestoo many results, try findingdiscount codes on HUKD,VoucherCloud andVouchercodes.co.uk. 10. FreebiesThe best products are those thatyou dont have to pay for.Admittedly, its hard to find reallygood freebies, but sometimesthere are rare gems hiddenamong the free samples. Again,HUKD is a great way to findfreebies.If you are prepared to put in alittle more effort, product testingmight be for you. Check out theOrchard at Tescos for free food,BzzAgent for all sorts of goods(Ive been sent free pizzas and acoffee machine in the past) andClicksResarch for free beautyproducts. 11. Buy Second HandIm sure this is nothing new toyou, so heres just a simplereminder: Buying second handcan save you a lot of moneywithout necessarily saving onquality. Gumtree and groupson Facebook (e.g. Stuff forfree/sale in Stirlingshire) andother social media sites are agreat way of buying and sellingsecond hand products, butdont forget more specialisedweb pages such asUsedBookSearch.co.uk andoffline charity shops.