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  • *www.lifethenfinance.comWays to Bring in Extra Cash

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  • *www.lifethenfinance.comIdea #1: Ask for a Raise

    If you have a good record and work hard, most bosses will consider giving you a raise!

  • *www.lifethenfinance.comIdea #2: Find a Bank With Better Interest RatesOnline banks like ING tend to have higher interest rates.Ensure your online bank is FDIC insured.If youre happy with your bank, look for other types of accounts at your bank, such as money market accounts, that pay more than regular checking and savings accounts.

  • *www.lifethenfinance.comIdea #3: Get a Second JobIt doesnt have to be a glamorous job, but even a part time gig can help you get back on your feet!

  • *www.lifethenfinance.comIdea #4: Offer Your ServicesBabysittingLawn-mowingPainting housesConsultingBookkeepingCleaning Plus many more ideas!

  • *www.lifethenfinance.com

  • *www.lifethenfinance.comIdea #5: Buy Items at Garage Sales and Sell ThemYou can find some real bargains at garage sales that provide great profits when you resell them at the flea market, through the newspaper, or online.

  • *www.lifethenfinance.com

  • *www.lifethenfinance.comIdea #1: SaleseBay and AmazonMake your own website. Sell your own products or earn commissions by selling others products.Sell what you bought at garage sales on eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, and many other online marketplaces.

  • *www.lifethenfinance.comIdea #2: Writing How-to books sold through Amazon.com or Clickbank.com

    Sell article writing services at: AssociatedContent.comElance.comWarriorForum.com

  • *www.lifethenfinance.comIdea #3: Virtual AssistanceThere are several small businesses who would love to have someone help them maintain and grow their business. Some common tasks include:Answering customer support emailsUpdating and maintaining websitesManaging social media accountsBookkeepingTranscribing audioCreating presentations and videos

  • *www.lifethenfinance.comIdea #4: Web Shows Make your own show on the internet and collect ad revenues! Check out: YouTube.com and Blip.tv

  • *www.lifethenfinance.comIdea #5: Blogging When you put up a blog, you can monetize it with paid advertising, sales of your own digital products, and commissions from affiliate products.

    Set-up costs:Domain name: $10 at GoDaddy.comHosting: $8/month at HostGator.comBlog software: Free at Wordpress.org

  • *www.lifethenfinance.comSelf-Reflection Questions:How much extra money do I need to satisfy my needs?What can I do to bring in more money?Can I turn my hobby into an income stream instead of a cash drain? How?How can I use the internet to my advantage?

  • *www.lifethenfinance.comAction Tips:Be bold! Ask for a raise at your job.Put an ad in your local community newspaper offering your services babysitting, handy-work, dog-walking, etc.Explore online opportunities, such as writing, virtual assistance, blogging, and web shows.

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