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Global Leaders for a Better Tomorrow. A Unique Outward Bound International Program To Foster Cross-Border Understanding, Compassion and Collaboration Among Emerging Leaders. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Global Leadersfor a Better TomorrowA Unique Outward Bound International ProgramTo Foster Cross-Border Understanding, Compassion and Collaboration Among Emerging Leaders.

  • .. while the world is being globalized, shrunk and tied together ever more closely in technological terms, this has not been accompanied by a better understanding between cultures, countries and civilizations. There is a mismatch.

    Thomas FriedmanNew York Times

  • The question often posed by developing countries is, why can't a homogenous global culture incorporate all cultures and not only push for the western way of social, cultural and economic lives.

    Is it not necessary for fostering greater understanding to acknowledge and embrace the diversities of the world we live in?

    Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia

  • Effective Leaders with global perspectives are increasingly needed in all sectors as the world becomes increasingly closer.

  • In 2005, over 200,000 individuals and over 150 corporations, governments, NGOs and international organizations experienced Outward Bound in one of over 200 schools in 32 countries.Outward Bound International has been a leader in fostering global understanding and collaboration for the past 65 years.

  • What if todays world leaders had first met on an Outward Bound expedition?

  • What if the next generation of leaders first met on an Outward Bound expedition?

  • Global Leaders for a Better Tomorrow Program ConceptSelected emerging leaders representing the worlds socio-economic, political, ethnic, religious and cultural diversity

    Overcoming wilderness challenges together on

    A powerful experiential expeditionary program with A unique leadership curriculum

  • Resulting in a network of leaders who possess

    an appreciation of international human diversity,

    increased ability to collaborate and resolve issues and a sense of responsibility to provide service to all world citizens.

  • Participant Selection CriteriaParticipants will be the next generation of leaders who are now emerging and will likely have to cross borders in their future leadership work.

    Age range will generally be 30s through 40s

    Participants will have significant accomplishments already in their chosen field e.g. business, government, education, social service, etc.

    The group will represent a global constituency geography, race, religion, gender, politics.

    Participants will often come from pairs of countries that have issues or in pairs from a country within which significant issues exist.

  • Phase 1: 2006 Pilot ProgramsThree pilot programs are planned for 2006.Each program will include a remarkable group of 20 emerging leaders from around the world will come together to:

    Learn practical tools from thought leaders on leading beyond bordersEngage with local leadership in meaningful exchange Demonstrate the possibilities of a very diverse international team by overcoming wilderness challenges.

    The first pilot program with be an expedition summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Subsequent programs will originate from Hong Kong and Singapore. Each program will by covered by the international media (broadcast / print), live internet and a documentary film is being made on Kilimanjaro.

  • Kilimanjaro Pilot Program CurriculumInitial Phase (3 Days) - Seminar Global Leadership Principles with Mark Gerzon, founder Global Leaders Network

    Adventure Phase (6 Days) Team Ascent of Kilimanjaro, applying Leadership Principles

    Service Phase (3 Days) Involvement with local Tanzanian leaders in a leadership project aiding the community

  • Phase 2: Program Rollout

    Multiple global and regional programs per year, contingent on diversified global funding through grants and corporate cause-related sponsorships.

    Broader target groups; regional leadership development, NGOs, multi-national corporations, associations and universities.

    Alumni will form an expanding, engaged group of enlightened global leaders - as members of The Outward Bound Leadership Network to continue collaborating and working together on a variety of issues and programs.

  • Global Leaders Network (GLN) Global Leaders Network is a worldwide partner of Outward Bound in this program.

    Promotes cross-cultural, cross-ideological leadership.

    Consists of 22 high level, multi-national practitioners of collaboration, organizational development, dialogue, and conflict resolution.

    Broad successful experience with government, academia, civic & corporate sectors on 5 continents.

    GLN founder, Mark Gerzon will participate in the first pilot program and other GLN leaders will be part of each program.

  • How to Support Global Leaders for a Better Tomorrow

  • Outward Bound is a non-profit 501-3c organization.

    This program depends entirely on funding from supporting organizations in order to achieve its goals.

    We are seeking a small number of organizations to share the vision and fund the program.

    There are four principal ways to help fund the program:

    Program Underwriting by philanthropic organizations Corporate Cause- Related Sponsorship Individual Scholarships Tailored Programs for Organizations or Corporations

  • 1. Program Underwriting by Philanthropic OrganizationsInitial program development and a portion of the first pilot program has been donated by the A. K. Watson Foundation.

    Partial or full underwriting opportunities are available for the Kilimanjaro, China, USA and Singapore pilot programs as well as the program rollout around the world.

    Full identification of underwriting organizations will be provided in all PR and communications worldwide.

  • 2. Corporate Cause-Related SponsorshipThis program is a classic cause-related marketing opportunity for enlightened corporations who wish to identify with important global issues in a meaningful manner.We seek a small number of corporations to participate in sponsoring the pilot and rollout phases of the program.Full identification in all PR and communications would be provided in all channels worldwide.Sponsoring corporations would be allowed use of Outward Bound brand and program to market their sponsorship.

  • 3. Individual ScholarshipsAny organization or corporation may wish to sponsor individuals to participate in the program.

    These individuals must satisfy the program requirements and can come from the program applicant pool or the sponsoring organization.

  • 4. Tailored Programs for Organizations or CorporationsAn organization or corporation may wish to sponsor their own Global Leaders Program with their own people.

    In this case, Outward Bound would tailor the program to meet specific needs, within the framework of the programs goals and curriculum.

  • Global Leaders for a Better TomorrowJoin Us for a New Kind of Adventure!

  • For more information visit:

    Emerging leader profilesApplication ProcessDetails of Kilimanjaro Program

  • ContactRory DonaldsonOBI Global Leaders Program Director 136 Mitchell Hill RoadLyme, CT 06371 USA

    Telephone: +1 860 304 3178E-mail: