gendered bricolage: pinterest, tumblr, and the 19th century commonplace book

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  1. 1. , , and the 19th Century Commonplace Book. Evan Hayles Gledhill, PhD Candidate, University of Reading Gendered Bricolage:
  2. 2. [the bricoluer] interrogates all the heterogeneous objects of which his treasury is composed to discover what each of them could 'signify' and so contribute to the definition of a set which has yet to materialize Claude Levi-Strauss, The Savage Mind
  3. 3. Posts from the blogs you follow, in chronological order To add to your own blog, chose a preformatted content category
  4. 4. Actors grouped by appearance in a particular series. Not in order of appearance, fan popularity, or length of residence on show. Arrangement is aesthetic. No names
  5. 5. No identification of actors No source for quote No specific order No single link between source texts
  6. 6. Gifset when viewed online, each image is a small clip of the action onstage. This set is themed by costume changes. The play is A Streetcar Named Desire, and the actress Gillian Anderson. The set is labelled clearly.
  7. 7. ORomeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Inscription in pencil, on engraving carefully cut from larger page and pasted into album
  8. 8. This link takes you to the text of the play from which the quotation is drawn, to the scene itself, providing context.
  9. 9. Actors name the most prominent the character he is portraying is second The publisher of the image is the information below that
  10. 10. Thank you. Picture attribution: Special Collections, Manchester Metropolitan University Library