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Tumblr recommendations for direction at an environmental non-profit.



2. WH AT IS IT?TUMBLR IS A BLOGGING PLATFORM. THE TNC TUMBLR IS BRANDED AND ADVERTISED AS A LIFESTYLE BRAND. LIVE THE NATURE CONSERVANCY. 3. 53%FEMALE 47% Male70%NO CHILDRENUNDER 35Know Your Demographics47% Under 2564%Statistics by - 2012 4. A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND NOTES A note is a like or re-blog, it is equivalent to a like or a share on Facebook.HOW TUMBLR WORKS: THE FUTURE OF BLOGGINGFOLLOWRE-BLOGHOME BLOGLIKEICONS TO HELP 5. PICTURE YOURSELF DOING THIS 6. VS 7. TYPICAL BLOG POST AVOID THISWe should go camping. We went camping. Story time story time story time. This is where an article would go, typically underneath the photo. There would be a really long story for people to read about the trip or the idea. Essentially if you have too much text even past a sentence, not many people will read it on Tumblr. Fast glances that call out an instant feeling is what works best. Why a lifestyle brand on Tumblr? People will share what they like. Users also want to be reminded of what they could be doing, who they want to be, how cool it would be if they were doing it and what they would look like doing it. Many successful Tumblrs are Fashion blogs. Its easier to grab the attention of the Under 25 set with 8. NO TEXT 9. OR 10. MINIMAL TEXT 11. 5250FOLLOWERS Over 2 Years, Until June 2012RE-BRAND From typical blog to a photoheavy, lifestyle mood board, July 201216kFOLLOWERSOne month after re-brand August 2012TNC TUMBLR TIME LINE98kCURRENT FOLLOWERS March 2013 12. VISIT: NATURECONSERVANCY.TUMBLR.COM 13. By Don Macanlalay