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  • 1.Supply and Demand Allignment

2. LC Rijeka, CroatiaWe are all one team! 3. EPs are in the system for a loooong time Last year we had info-meetings where we presented both oGCDP and oGIP with little actual knowledge about TN locations and minimum requirements from EPs This led to poor expectations from EP side which, in turn, led to them being in the system for a year which, in turn, left them disappointed and dissatisfied with the service 4. Subproduct based EP raising This year, we split the OGX team in oGCDP and oGIP We researched the TNs in the system and focused on a Business product. We created minimum EP requirements (6 months of relevant work experience) We are setting the right expectations to potential EPs from the first contact (precisely where can they go, where they can not go and why because this was the biggest issue) 5. Subproduct based EP raising We are trying to find gather pools of right EPs and market ourselves towards them (student organizations, extra curricular activities, events etc.) 6. What was the result of that? Less pointless interviews More satisfied customers with right expectations Our stakeholders take us more seriously Better educated members Better and easier EP management


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