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Sistema de detección de gases




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  • INVERSIONES Y PROYECTOS INDUSTRIALES Bogot: 300 6000228 - Medelln: 300 7500033 -

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  • Sierra Monitor Corporation

    With over 25 years of experience and more than 15,000 installations worldwide, Sierra Monitor is a leading designer and manufacturer of product solutions that enhance the safety, efficiency and communications capabilities in both process control and building automation industries. The primary product groups are:

    t Hazardous Gas Detection Systems used in a wide variety of industries, including chemical/petrochemical, waste- water treatment, transportation and oil and gas industries. t FieldServer Protocol Translator/Gateways and ProtoCessor protocol coprocessors manufactured and sold by the FieldServer Technologies division of Sierra Monitor provide the interoperability desired in the process control and building automation industries. t Telecom Site Management Products used by most telecommunications companies nationwide to monitor, manage and control HVAC, safety and security in remote environmental enclosures.

    Sierra Monitor is an industry leader in its fields with a long lists of Firsts including:

    t First to utilize a microprocessor based controller for area safety monitoringt First to use digital two-way communication between the controller and the sensor for improved diagnostics, easy one-person calibration and multiplexing configurationt First to use Modbus serial communication to enable the hazardous gas detection system to link to the plant-wide Distributed Control Systemst First to provide a browser based graphical interface to a hazardous gas detection systemt First to provide the building automation industry with a universal protocol gateway supported by an extensive library of drivers for open systems and legacy devices; t First to provide the telecommunications industry with a comprehensive facilities environment controllert First to provide a protocol coprocessor for OEM use to enable the manufacturers product to meet the communications needs of its customer

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    INVERSIONES Y PROYECTOS INDUSTRIALES - Bogot: 300 6000228 - Medelln: 300 7500033 -

  • LED Indicators Power, Run, System Error, Configuration Error,

    Node Offline Ethernet connection Link OK, Tx/Rx

    communication activity RS-232/RS-485 Tx/Rx communication activity

    Power Requirements 24 VAC ( +10%) and 12-30 VDC

    Environment Operating temperature: 0-60oC (32-140oF) Relative humidity: 10-90% RH non-condensing

    Other Configuration/Diagnostic utilities Custom Configuration Services Base system has approximately 1000 point

    capability (upgradeable to 10,000 points)

    Physical Dimensions (WxDxH) 6.3 x 5.4 x 2.0 in. (16.0 x 13.7 x 5.0 cm) 2.5 lbs (1.5 Kg)

    Mounting Options Desktop, Wall, Panel Optional: DIN rail

    Approvals CE Marked FCC part 15 pending RoHS Compatible UL/ULC 916 pending



    FieldServer Profibus DP MasterFS-B3520-05

    This protocol translator/gateway provides a wealthof features to enable data transfer between ProfibusDP networks and different devices and networksutilizing serial, Ethernet or LonWorks protocols. Theextensive library of FieldServer drivers provides easyProfibus DP interoperability with devices andnetworks used in building automation, HVAC, fireand process control industries.

    Profibus DP Serial EthernetThe FS-B3520 is one of the FS-X35 Series FieldServers designed to meet the needs of system integratorsin designing a complete interoperable system. The FS-B35 Series brings together the powerfulFieldServer driver library with state-of-the-art gateway design. This FieldServer includes four serialconnections (two RS-232, two RS-485), two Ethernet ports, one Profibus DP port and a LonWorks port. This design enables integrators to link multiple serial devices to a Profibus network. With twoEthernet ports, the integrator can connect a PC to download configuration changes without disturbingthe system connections and without the additional cost of an external hub.

    SpecificationsField Connections

    Ethernet Ports 2 100 BaseT RJ45 connector (auto sensing)

    with ESD protection Serial Ports 5

    2 x RJ45 RS-232 galvanically isolated withESD protection

    2 x RS-485 serial connectors galvanicallyisolated with ESD protection

    1 x RJ45 RS-232 system port Profibus DP 1

    Profibus DP Master Standard Profibus connector Auto baudrate Can connect to 125 Profibus DP Slaves,

    each slave can handle 244 bytes input and244 bytes output

    LonWorks 1 FTT-10 twisted pair 1000 Network variable capability LonWorks service pin

    Auxillary ports 2 2 x USB ports Expansion: Fieldbus connectors available

    for selected protocols

    INVERSIONES Y PROYECTOS INDUSTRIALES - Bogot: 300 6000228 - Medelln: 300 7500033 -

  • SentryController

    The Sentry controller is the heart of the Sentry Gas RiskManagement system. It is a microprocessor based sys-tem that performs functions including management of thesensor modules, management of alarm relays and inter-face with the user via the front panel display, printer out-put, Modbus digital communication, alarm indicators andrelay outputs.

    Sentry system two-way communication between the sen-sors and the controller results in the capability to performone-person calibration and diagnostic checks from thecontroller. The user-friendly front panel includes a largedisplay of the gas concentration and sensor number. Vari-ous scan modes are available to meet the users specificmonitoring needs. A separate 2-line alphanumeric dis-play provides more detailed information including sensordata, error messages and menu prompting for calibrationand set-up.

    A series of alarm LEDs instantly inform the user of alarmstatus on any of the eight sensors interfaced to the con-troller. These LEDs are solid for low alarm and flashing forhigh alarm. A trouble LED warns that one of 120 diagnos-tic checks has detected a problem. More information aboutthe trouble will be displayed on the alphanumeric display.A calibrate/change LED indicates that calibration or con-

    figuration change is being performed on at least one sen-sor. The remaining sensors will remain on-line providingcontinuous protection.

    The Sentry keypad, together with the user-friendly menuon the alphanumeric display, guides the user through set-up, calibration and maintenance of the Sentry system.

    INVERSIONES Y PROYECTOS INDUSTRIALES - Bogot: 300 6000228 - Medelln: 300 7500033 -


    Gas Risk Management is the key design philosophy be-hind SENTRY. The user can employ those features thatare most important for a specific application, and, as theapplication needs grow or change, the system can bereconfigured at the keyboard to satisfy expanded require-ments.

    Menu PromptingMenu prompting guides the user through system configu-ration and operation.Prompting, via the alphanu-meric display, keeps the fullrange of capabilities at theoperators fingertips. Whenit is necessary to modify thesystem, prompting will enable the change to be handledquickly and correctly.

    Sensor Scan DisplayCurrent sensor gas exposure readings can be viewed con-tinuously in any one of four scan modes. CONTINUOUSscan displays each sensor in turn.

    SAFE scan mode displaysCONDITION SAFE and,upon an alarm condition,

    System SecurityUser identification codes prevent unauthorized users fromchanging the configura-tion and identify thoseusers who have madechanges. Up to eightuser codes may be as-

    DiagnosticsAn internal self-diagnostic routine makes over 120 checksof operating parameters to ensure the system is perform-ing properly. System performance measurements and keyreference voltages can be accessed and presented at the

    A TEST function on the front panel allows testing of thealarms, system and display . Warning messages on thealphanumeric displayalert users that a conditionrequires attention withoutcausing a system failureor interruption.

    During calibration Sentry performs a dynamic range checkon every sensor to insure its resolution is sufficient to givean accurate reading. Sentry avoids false alarms by lockingout sensor alarms during calibration and not allowing ex-cessive amplification of the signal.

    Sentry Controller




    switches automatically to display those sensors in alarm. HIGH-EST sensor scan will automatically display the sensor record-ing the highest gas reading - alternately for each gas type. Theuser can also SELECT SENSOR displays for a sensor of particu-lar interest.

    Reduced Installation CostsMultiplexing of digital signals from the sensors to the controlleron a common cable reduces installation cost. Up to eight sen-sors can be multiplexed on a single cable. Since each sensorhas a unique address, the controller can communicate with thesensors in turn. Also, with optional external power supplies tothe sensors, two-wire communication with the controller reducesthe installation costs and increases the distance allowed be-tween the control


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