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Funding Opportunities for LEARN. Aubrey R. Turner, M.S. Office of Sponsored Programs UNCG. 2011 IOM Report. 2013 NIH Director. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Funding Opportunities for LEARN

Funding Opportunities for LEARNAubrey R. Turner, M.S.Office of Sponsored ProgramsUNCG12011 IOM Report

22013 NIHDirector

32013 NIHFunding

42013 NIHFunding and Epidemiological MethodsEpidemiological studies to characterize LGBTI populations across the lifespan, by age, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, education, occupation, social networks, family structures, and urban/rural or geographic locations.Socio-Demographic Characteristics and Human DevelopmentStudies of health-relevant demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of LGBTI populations.Research on the determinants and health consequences of the timing of individuals' recognition of and disclosure to others of their sexual or gender identity.Health Concerns and ConditionsStudies of suicidality and stress-related illnesses in LGBTI populations, including prevalence, risk and protective factors, and preventive interventions.Studies of current and emerging patterns of drug and alcohol use and substance use-related risk behaviors and outcomes, including HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases in LGBTI communities Biological and Clinical FactorsStudies of the acoustic factors that contribute to perception of femininity and masculinity and of other non-voice factors (such as articulation, prosody and body language) that interact to create the perception of femininity or masculinity and the effects on the health of individuals. Studies of competency and training needs among clinicians, employers, and other service providers who work with LGBTI people.Intervention and Services ResearchStudies to evaluate the stability, fluidity, and other temporal attributes of social norms and networks and how such attributes affect perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors among LGBTI individuals and the resulting effects on health.Studies that use venues frequented by LGBTI networks as sites for developing, implementing, and evaluating new interventions to promote health and behavioral risk reduction, and to provide linkages to health services and care.52013 NIHRFI

62014 DoD

7SPIN Funding Search

8SPIN Funding Search

9Guilford GreenFDN

What type of projects does GGF fund?GGF seeks to fund creative efforts to benefit and inspire the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community by: building leadership capacity and securing rights; affirming and celebrating identity; ensuring safety, wellbeing, and dignified treatment; eliminating discrimination and bias; and meeting unmet needs.10AdamFDN

The Adam Foundation promotes the identity, strength, and well-being of the local gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community and supports organizations serving persons living with HIV and AIDS.11Questions?Aubrey R. Turner, M.S.Office of Sponsored ProgramsUNCG12