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Funding Opportunities. COGAIN Office COGAIN Camp 30.05. - 03.06.2005, Copenhagen, Denmark. Agenda. 16:15 Introduction to funding opportunities (COGAIN Office) 16:45 Group work In parallel: Finance Clinic (Hannele Auffermann) 17:30 General discussion / Groups present their ideas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Funding Opportunities

    COGAIN Office

    COGAIN Camp 30.05. - 03.06.2005, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Agenda16:15 Introduction to funding opportunities (COGAIN Office)16:45 Group workIn parallel: Finance Clinic (Hannele Auffermann) 17:30 General discussion / Groups present their ideas18:00 The end

  • MotivationNot much money for research in a Network of ExcellenceDeliverables require hard workTrue integration arises from personal contacts, people working together

  • Funding Opportunities ExamplesEC FundedIST Call 5 Marie CurieErasmus MundusThe European Science Foundation (ESF)EUROCORES (EUROpean Science Foundation COllaborative RESearch)European Research Council (ERC) Nordic Council of MinistersNordiskt utvecklingscenter fr handikapphjlpmedel (NUH)NordForskBilateralNational calls

  • EU SlangIST: Information Society TechnologiesFP: Framework ProgrammeFET: Future and Emerging TechnologiesSTREP: Specific Targeted Research ProjectTypically 5-8 partners, 2-3 year goals, SMEs involvedIP: Integrated ProjectTypically 3-5 year goals but no maximum time limit, SMEs involvedCA: Coordination ActionSSA: Specific Support ActionMS: Member States of the EUAS: Associated StatesACC: Associated Candidate CountriesSME: Small and Medium sized Enterprises

  • IST Call 5, FP62-stage STREPs in FET *

    Instruments: STREP, CA, SSACA & SSA submitted directly, deadline short STREPs 20.9.2005 (FET *)STREPs in two stages1st stage STREPsDeadlines: 20.9.2005 (FET *)Short proposal with a technical description, max. 5 pages2nd stage STREPsSTREPs that passed the 1st stage are invited to submit full proposalsSpecific cut-off date, at least 2 monthsFinal cut-off date: 14 February 2006* Note: Here was a mistake, only FET has 2stage STREPs (not eInclusion nor Multimodal interfaces)!

  • 2.5.7 Multimodal interfaces ObjectivesTo develop natural and easy to use interfaces that communicate intelligently via several modalities or with multilingual capabilities.FocusNatural interaction between humans and the physical or virtual environment (IP, STREP)Multilingual communication systems (IP, STREP)Deadline: 21 September 2005Funding: 54 M (60/40 split between IPs/STREPs)

  • 2.5.11 eInclusionObjectivesMainstreaming accessibility in consumer goods and servicesNext generation assistive systems that empower people with (in particular cognitive) disabilities and aging citizensFocusExperience and Application Research (IP)Development of innovative solutions for persons with cognitive disabilities (STREP)Federating the fragmented assistive technology industry (AC)structuring the co-operation among centres for accessibility (AC)Development and constitution of tech. platforms to ageing population (SSA)Deadline: 21 September 2005Funding: 29 M (50/50 split between IPs/STREPs, ACs, SSAs)

  • Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)FET Open Scheme Highly innovative new ideas open to widest possible spectrum of research opportunitiesProject proposals not addressed by any other IST callDeadline: 20.9.2005 (short STREP, full STREP: 14.2.2006)Instruments: STREP, CA, SSAFunding: Total 60 M (evenly spread among 4 cut-off dates)

  • Marie CurieConferences and Training CoursesSupports (funding) organizing conferences and training coursesorganisational costs, participation of researchersNext call to open 18 January 2006, with deadline on 17 May 2007Funding for Individual researchersMobility grants for European fellowships, International fellowshipsNext deadlines 18 Jan 2006 and 15 Feb 2006Promoting ExcellenceExcellence grants for research teams, Excellence awards for individualsDeadline 15 Feb 2006European Reintegration GrantsFor researchers returning home Several upcoming deadlines: 19 Oct 2005, 19 Jan 2006, 19 April 2006, 19 July 2006

  • Erasmus Mundus Co-operation and mobility programme for educationActionsErasmus Mundus Masters Courses Integrated courses, with at least 3 different EU universities & countriesErasmus Mundus scholarshipsFor third-country graduate students and scholarsPartnerships (with third-country higher education institutions) Enhancing attractivenessSupports activities that improve profile, visibility & accessibility Funding non-European participants might have some impactThis years specific calls closed, new calls published annually

  • Researchers Mobility Portal

  • Misc. EC callsCo-operative research projects [FP6-2004-SME-COOP]For SMEs to support research within SMEs (with research institutions)Min. 3 SMEs14 September 2005

    EC proposal deadlines by category:

  • European Science Foundation (ESF)EUROCORES themesOpportunity to affect the future project proposal themes! Themes are ideas for new EUROCORES ProgrammesInnovative, sound research themes (not projects) Theme should be attractive to 70-200 European researchersFields: Physical & engineering sciences, Medical, Social, Funding for the actual research projects comes from national funding organisations (research councils), who are members of ESFAnnual theme proposalsNext deadlines 15 June 2005, 15 June 2006Selected themes are developed into programmesECRP Call for project proposals: May 2006Funding starts: March-May 2007 (typically for 3-4 years, tot. 5-12 M programme budget)

  • European Research Council (ERC)Supports European basic researchNew body, still under development no open calls yetERC Identification Committee has been formed to identify possible members of ERC Scientific Governing CouncilIn the future, ERC willprovide funding to research projects of individual teams, selected on the basis of scientific excellence, through international peer review

  • Nordiskt utvecklingscenter fr handikapphjlpmedel(NUH)The Nordic Development Centre for Rehabilitation TechnologyThemes for 2005-2007User involvement in product development and service provisionCommunicationChildren and disabilitiesThe elderly, disability and the home Funds max. 50% of the total budgetAwards tot. 200 000 to Nordic projects and seminars every year 1-3 year projectsNo deadline for proposalsDecisions are made in the following steering board meeting(s)

  • NordForskNordic Research Board, established 1 January 2005NorFA is now part of NordForskFunds Nordic co-operation within research and research education1. Institutional grants (planning, mobility, networks, courses, )2. Personal grants (mobility, e.g. visiting professors)Proposal should include at least 3 Nordic countriesMany activities open also to countries in the Nordic region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and North-Western Russia)

  • Bilateral collaborationCollaboration between two countriesE.g. in Japan National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP)Collaboration with: UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Sponsors international workshops, seminars, & researchers giving presentation in international conferences etc.

  • National callsEveryone can apply for funding from national research councilsE.g. in FinlandThe Academy of FinlandTekes National Technology Agency of Finland

  • Group workBrainstorming for new project ideasPreferably supporting COGAIN goals Try to be as concrete as possible (with examples)Collect ideasSelect a secretary who writes down ideasGroups present the ideas to everybody

  • GroupsGroups working for ideas possible for, for instance:Giving a voice to our user (creating a synthesized version of the users own voice and integrating it with eye typing) (Multimodal interaction)Gaze control for people with cognitive disabilities (eInclusion)Eyes and games (FET?)Eye tracker development (3D tracker, FET?)Innovations for gaze control (FET)Nordic collaboration (NUH & NordForsk)WP8: joint education (Marie Curie & Erasmus Mundus)Ideas for major research themes (EUROSCORES themes)General brainstorming ideas for future callsIdeas for potential joint student projects (ideas for mobility grants)Past proposal re-preparationOther specific ideas?In parallel: Finance Clinic consultation in COGAIN budget issues

  • To Be ContinuedSlides & funding related links available on COGAIN PortalPlease SEND info about COGAIN related funding opportunities to be distributed on COGAIN web & mailing lists!Discussion forum for funding ideas and opportunities

    ECRP = European Collaborative Research Projects

    Print some material for call specific groups. Ask for voluteers to chair the groups preferably someone who has some knowledge on the specific call


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