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  • 1. FRSA Flash June 7, 2012 FRSA FLASH FRG Meetings / Events HHT FRG Meeting/ Family Org Day 15 June A Troop FRG Meeting TBD A Co., 2-10 FRG Meeting TBD B Co., 1-10 FRG Meeting TBD C Troop FRG Meeting/ Ice Cream Fun Day 10 June 1pm Thompson Park D Troop FRG Meeting TBD E Troop FRG Meeting TBD TF Six Shooters 25 June Lisa Sweets Welcome 6:30pm @ Rhicard Hills Community Center RSVP to Tiffany Woods 315-774-1306 if you would like to attend. 6-6 CAV This weeks issue includes Pg 2 = AnnouncementsFORT DRUM Pg 8 = Upcoming Events Pg 11 = Upcoming Training Pg 12 = Chapel Services Pg 16 = Things to Do Unit Events Pg 18 = Youth Fun and Activities Pg 20 = Single Soldier Events 14 June Squadron Steering Meeting 5:30pm Squadron Classroom Pg 22 = FRG Corner Couples Strong Bonds 8-10 June @ Hilton Garden Inn Syracuse TF Six Shooters Assumption of Command 19 June 2pm @ TF Tigershark Hangar Contents of this newsletter are compiled from multiple Military Family news sources. Materials presented does not represent the views or endorsement of Task Force Six Shooters, 6-6 CAV or the Army. This material is for personal use of the readers. All readers are encouraged to do further research for all applicable restrictions and guidelines.
  • 2. Will be on Squadron HQ every Friday from 1pm-3pmPage 2 TF SIX SHOOTERS 6-6 CAV
  • 3. Spouses Club of Fort DrumDear Spouses, My name is Kat Elwell and Im the new president for the Spouses Club ofFort Drum 2012-13. I am so excited for everything the club is going toaccomplish this year and we are always looking for ways to reach out to morespouses! If you need a speaker for your FRG meeting, please let me know; Iwould love to meet your members, chat about the club and share moreinformation. Thank you!Kat FRSA FLASH Page 3
  • 4. Page 4 TF SIX SHOOTERS 6-6 CAV
  • 5. Various Post Announcements Clark Hall Repairs to Clark Hall P10720 parking lot will begin on 6 June 2012 The work will include a sealcoat and restriping of the parking lot to include larger parking stalls. Work will start on the north side parking lot of Clark Hall, this parking lot will be blocked off the evening of 5 June 2012. Please insure all vehicles are removed from the area prior to the evening of 5 June 2012. This work will take approx 6-8 days dependant on the weather. Once the North side is complete it will be opened up and the South side parking lot will be closed. It may be necessary to use the PX and Commissary parking lot during this time. Education Center Army Education Center will close Friday, the 22 of June for annual cleaning and preparation for transferring equipment and staff to our Annex. Scheduled Training and classes will not be impacted. The SUNY North Country Consortium, Jefferson Commu- nity, Empire State, and Columbia College offices will be open. The McEwen Library will be open for computer support. Guthrie Health Clinic Family Medicine New Operational Hours Start 2 July 2012. The new hours will be 0800-1700. Main Post Chapel Main Post Chapel will start renovation operations July 1st.FRSA FLASH Page 5
  • 6. Upcoming EventsFRSA FLASH Page 6
  • 7. Tickets to RiverFest are available at the MWR window at Clark Hall or submit your name and money to your 1SG to get tickets as well. The Squadron Com- mander would like max participation at this event so you can either buy your tick- ets and have a day of fun or work all day. For 15 dollars, a day of fun is not a bad deal!Page 7 TF SIX SHOOTERS
  • 8. Upcoming EventsFRSA FLASH Page 8
  • 9. At the Movies Salmon Run Stadium 12 Post Theater Now playing Playing @ 6 Reel Time, Bldg 10725Madagascar 3 (PG) North Riva RidgePrometheus (R)Snow White and the Huntsman(PG-13) Friday - 8 JuneMen in Black III (PG-13) The Lucky One (PG-13) - 7pmCrooked Arrows (PG-13) Saturday - 9 JuneWhat to Expect When Youre Ex- The Pirates! Band of Misfits (P) - 2pmpecting (PG-13) Safe (R) - 7pmThe Dictator (R)Marvels The Avengers (PG-13) Sunday - 3 June The Lucky One (PG-13) - 2 pm *Admission for all shows is $4.50 for adults; $2.25 for children ages 6-11; under 5 is free Call 772-5571 for more informationFRSA FLASH Page 9
  • 10. Recurring Events Sports Office: Sign up for sporting events through the FT. Drum Fitness, Athletics, and Aquatics Sports Office in the Magrath Sports Complex, 772-6663. Rosters are due in advance in order to participate. Water AerobicsEvery Mon, Tue, Thu, & Fri 10:30a11:30a. Aerobics and Fitness Classes Mon- dayFriday. Jim Moshier 772-6663. Pine Plains Bowling Center: *Daily Bowling SpecialsBowl a LunchMon-Fri; Bowl Two, Get One FreeTuesday; All You Can Bowl Wednesdays; All You Can Bowl Cosmic Bowling Thursdays; Pay as you Play Cosmic Bowling Saturdays; Sunday Family Bowling Special; and All-You-Can-Bowl Sunday. Also have Birthday Packages. * Lil Skeeters BBQ Restaurant is famous for honey smoked barbeques and sauces. Get fresh made pizza & wings. Dine in/take out. Jeanne Layhee 772-6601. Adventure Training: Most trips & events are free or at a nominal fee for Soldiers & guest, call 772-4010 for details. ATV Safety Coursesavailable by request. Extreme Sports for Recreation & Training Orienteering. Hunting & Fishing, ATVs, Sportsman Shooting, Rock/Mountain Climbing, Skydiving, White- water Rafting. Murray Averill 772-4010. Arts & Crafts: Classes are regularly scheduled for crafts such as hand building clay, glass fusion, stained glass, sewing, quilting, knitting, watercolor painting, photography and framing, etc. Studiosare avail- able at a walk in basis for $1 per hour or $4 per day. Retail StoreArt and craft supplies are available in the retail store. Terry Buckley 772-5606 Parks & Recreation: Remington Park RV Campground & CabinsReservations 772-5435. Party Equipment RentalMake your next family or unit function a success. Rent large grills, popcorn, cotton candy and sno-cone makers, inflatable bouncies, tables, chairs, coolers, ice & dunking booth. Leisure Travel ServicesTravel Center Discount TicketsStop in and check out the available discount tickets for local & out of state attractions. Gene