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  • 1. 3-6 FA Swift & Bold FRSA Flash, 10 February 2012 Happy Valentines DayFEBRUARY 2012 2/12LINCOLNS BIRTHDAY 2/14 Valentines Day Dinner1700-2100 The Commons 2/15 Alpha FRG Meeting 1800 BN Classroom 2/15 Volunteer of the Month Ceremony 1030-1130 The Commons 2/16 Mrs. Merritts Welcome Luncheon 1045-1300 The Commons 2/16 Coffee1800BN Classroom 2/16 Division Mountain Salute, DCSM 1600-1700 Magrath Gym 2/17 Military Free Ski and Tubing Day 1200-1700 Dry Hill 2/18-21DIVISION DONSA/Presidents Day Weekend 2/20-24 Local Schools Winter Break 2/21 Mardi Gras Buffet 1100-1330 The Commons 2/23 African American/Black History 1100-1300 The Commons Month 2/23 Mountain Remembrance1630-1700 Main Post Chapel Ceremony SPCA 18th Annual 2/24 Chili Cook-off1700-1900 The Commissary 2/24 Retirement Ceremony 1600-1700 Multi-Purpose Auditorium Bark and Wine 2/24 Right Arm Night 1700 The Commons 2/26 Syracuse vs. Army Lacrosse 2/29 AER Campaign Kick-Off14001400 Carrier Dome Bldg. 990Valentines Auction 2/29 Family Support Huddle 1000-1130 Hays Hall Eagles Nest February 11 from 6-10 pm. A fund-MARCH 2012raising auction to benefit the SPCA 3/2Military Free Lift Tickets1000-2030 Snow Ridge 3/23-6 Hail and Farewell TBD TBDof Jefferson County held at the 3/3Saturday Opening, Off the 1000-1300 OTBP Gift Store Flower Memorial Library, 229Beatin PathWashington Street, Watertown, 3/5-16 Fort Drum Indoor TriathlonVarious TimesMonti FitnessNY. An evening of hors doeuvres, 3/5-9 3-6 Field Exercise 3/7CLIF1000-1100 The Commonswine and desserts with a silent 3/9Military Free Lift Tickets1000-2030 Snow Ridgeauction followed by a live auction. 3/11 DAYLIGHT SAVINGS (SPRING FORWARD) Tickets are $25 per person/$23 3/14 Fort Drum Education 1030-1130 The Commonswith Military ID and $45 per cou-Liaison Committee 3/15 Volunteer of the Month1030-1130 The Commonsple/$40 per couple with a MilitaryCeremonyID. Karen Wilson 608-3007 3/15 FRG Steering Meeting1130BN Classroom 3/16 Military Free Lift Tickets1000-2030 Snow Ridge 3/16-18 North Country Goes Dulles State Office BuildingGreen Irish FestivalContents of this newsletter are compiled from multiple Military Family news sources. Material presented does not represent theviews or endorsement of 3-6 Field Artillery or the United States Army. This material is for personal use of the readers. All readers areencouraged to do further research for all applicable restrictions and guidelines.

2. FRSA Flash, 10 February 2012Show your Centaur pride!!!Did you know that 3-6 FA has a Facebook Page????Check us out at 3. FRSA Flash, 10 February 2012 4. FRSA Flash, 10 February 2012African American/Black History Month Observance 5. FRSA Flash, 10 February 2012 Army Community Service (ACS) St r ess Man ag em en t :7 Fe b r u ar y , 1 3 3 0 -1530. Co u p le s Co m m u n i -cat io n : 10 Feb r u ar y,1330-1530 . Ke y Ca ll e r Tr a i n -i n g : 1 4 Fe b r u ar y ,1400-1500 o r 1700-1800, ACS. An g er Man ag em en t :21 Fe b r u ar y , 1330-1530. CARE Te a m Tr a in -i n g : 2 1 Fe b r u ar y ,0900-1230, ACS. Scr eam Fr ee Par en t -in g : 22-23 Feb r u ar y,0900-1500. OPSEC Tr ain in g : 27Feb r u ar y, 1300-1430. 6. Fort Drum FitnessFRSA Flash, 10 February 2012Magrath Gym update: POOL WILL BE CLOSED 19 DECEMBER 2011 8 MAY 2012 FOR REPAIRS.Health Management Program is an assessment to get individuals into a fitness, lifestyle and nutritional program. Cost is$10.Receive a personal exercise and nutrition report. Fitness Instruction includes equipment skill qualification, freeweights, cardio respiratory equipment, body composition, exercise prescription and programming. Call for an appoint-ment.Aerobics Fitness Classes are free and are Monday-Friday, morning and evening classes. Classes offered are Power Zumba, Zumba,Zumba Toning, Cardio Fit, Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Spin, Spin Sculpt, Belly Dancing, and Core. Call 772-4936 for class schedule. Battalionand Brigade Level Organizational and Family Days can be reserved on weekends only at the Monti Physical Fitness Center. Two Per-sonal Trainers are now available. Initial consultation to include goal setting and basic information costs $10. After initial consultationeach one hour session will cost $25. Specials and promotions will be offered. Trainer will focus on strength training, cardio, weightloss, pregnancy, and post pregnancy. Participants must be ID card holders and 18 years of age and older. Trainer is available Monday-Friday, 5:30-9 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, 9 am-5 pm. Log your Walk to Afghanistan miles monthly at Monti Fitness Center. Pa-vilion Rentals are $25 plus $25 cleaning deposit per pavilion rental.Water Aerobics Classes are held Monday-Friday, 0930-1030 and Tuesday and Thursday evening at 1830-1930. consist of low-impactclasses designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, increase muscular strength, and enhance flexibility. Exercises will target thosehard to tone areas. Classes offered are Aqua Fit, Aqua Tone, Aqua Zumba and H20 Blast. Classes are Free. Free swim lessons areoffered to Solders only by appointment. Wave pool is run on weekends 1000-1100, 1200-1300, and 1400-1500. 7. FRSA Flash, 10 February 2012 8. FRSA Flash, 10 February 2012 Kids Corner 9. FRSA Flash, 10 February 2012Military Parents Night Out **FREE** Armed Services YMCA isSpace is limited! hosting Military ParentsMilitary ID required to regis- Night Out ter Registration opens the 1st of The Y will be hosting FREEeach month for Parents Childcare for all active duty Night Out. In Person Regis- military families at the fol- trations will be taken at all 3 lowing locations and times. YMCA Front Desks. Regis- tration will close for Parents Fairground YMCA- Febru- Night the Wednesday before ary 3 & 17, March 9 & 23, the event takes place. April 13 ***Military Parents Night Out at the Fairgrounds will run from 6-9:00pm You may sign up for Two Parent NightsCarthage YMCA- January each month. 21, February 18, March 17, April 21 ***Military Parents Night Out If you have questions, at the Carthage Y will runplease call YMCA Project from 5-8pmStrong Communities at 315- 755-2016. Ages 6 weeks to 11 years of age Activities will include Gymnas- tics, Arts and Crafts, Basket- ball, Soccer, Music, Gym Games and FUN!!! (light snack will be provided) 10. FRSA Flash, 10 February 2012 11. FRSA Flash, 10 February 2012Family Matters Blog: Are You Ready for a Pet?By Navy Lt. Theresa DonnellyForce spouse and veterinarian technician. "NoSpecial to American Forces Press Serviceone wants to spend thousands of dollars on apet that will only live a few years. This is whyWASHINGTON, Feb. 9, 2012 - Pet over-potential buyers should do their research andpopulation is a sad reality in the United States. select the best breeder of their future pet."Up to 7 million animals enter U.S. sheltersevery year, according to the American Society A great place to start looking for a forever pet isfor the Prevention of Cruelty to Animalsyour local animal shelter. Some of these ani- . they were just given up due to an irresponsibleowner or one who may have had a family emer-Of this number, about 60 percent of dogs andgency.70 percent of cats are euthanized, and less than2 percent of cats and 15 to 20 percent of dogsHowever, if you do decide to seek a responsi-are returned to their owners, according to theble breeder, ask detailed questions, such asNational Council on Pet Population Study andwhat breed-specific health testing has been per-Policy formed and what drove the decision to breed.You also should visit the home of the breederMilitary families on the move should thinkto see firsthand how the puppies are raised.carefully before taking in an animal to avoid The Humane Society of the United States has acontributing to this problem. checklist, you should take into account your life-finding_responsible_dog_breeder.html of ques-style and potential commitment to a pet. Aretions to ask when looking for the right an active family, with weekend hikes anddaily runs, or do you prefer lazy weekends on As you consider your options, make sure yourethe couch? Are you home enough to ensureaware of the types of animals that can accom-your furry friend will get the exercise, training pany you on an airplane. Many airlines are pro-and attention they need?hibiting brachycephalic breeds, also known assnub-nosed dogs, due to their compromisedAn impending overseas move is another con-respiratory issues that have caused deaths insideration. You may not be able to take yourflight. Just as important as deciding if you canpet with you. Many duty stations will only allowtake on a pet and seeking the right location isshipments of cats and dogs, so a pet rabbit may making sure that animal can go where you go.not be the wisest choice. And if you plan tolive in housing, its important to study military While pets can be a wonderful addition to ahousing breed bans and pet limit requirements military family, the decision to have one shouldso you dont end up having to give up an ani- be carefully thought out.mal because your community doesnt allow it.Pets depend on us to be their voice and lookAs important as evaluating your family circum-out for their best interests. By following somestances is choosing an ethical location to obtain of the tips above, we can be sure we are doingyour pet. Sadly, many pet stores in the Unitedright by these family members.States arent regulated and deny you the oppor-tunity of personally inspecting the home of a (Note: Guest blogger Navy Lt. Theresa Don-responsible breeder.nelly, of U.S. Pacific Command, is the owner ofHawaii Military Pets, which provides pet re-"The biggest health consequence because ofsources for military families. Shes offered topoor breeding is shortened life span and pre- share her pet-related knowledge in a series ofmature death," said Aman