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FUNDA Ţ IA ROM ÂNO GERMANĂ DE PREGĂTIRE ŞI PERFEŢIONARE PROFESIONALĂ ÎN DOMENIUL CONSTRUCŢIILOR TIMIŞOARA. FRG TIMISOARA. FOUNDED : 20. April 19 92, following the protocol signed at Romanian-German intergovernmental level - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • FRG TIMISOARAFOUNDED: 20. April 1992, following the protocol signed at Romanian-German intergovernmental level 25. May 1993, inauguration of Vocational Training Center in domain of construction

    GOALS: To promote and develop vocations in the field of constructions in Romania and to support the reintegration of Romanian emigrants returned to the country. TARGET GROUPS: Unemployed people SME Repatriated peopleYoung middle-and high school graduates

  • LocationTimioara Calea Aradului 56West part of RomaniaRegion: Banat Place 8 in RO with 659.512 InhabitantsDensity: 76 lnhab/kmSurface: 8.697 km Place 1Cod: TM Phone prefix :(+40) x56 Capital: Timioara

  • Information about TimioaraTimioara

    First documentary atestation :1154Inhabitants : 315.977 (2002)Aria :130.5 kmDensity of population: 2.345 lnhab./km

    Premiers inTimioara

    1718 The oldest Beer browery in Romania; 1728 The first navigable chanel in Romania Bega; 1760 The first City of the Monarchie with street lighting by lamps; 1771 The first News Peaper edition in Romania and the first german News Peaper in Europe "Temeswarer Nachrichten"; 1855 The first Habsburg Monarchie City with gas iluminated streets; 1884 The first European City with electric iluminated streets 731, lamps; 1895 The first street covered by asfalt in Romnia; 1899 The first electric Tram in Romania; 1953 The only one European City with tree State theatres in romanian,german and hungarian language;

  • Organization : Foundation-NGO 28 permanent employees, 10 external colaborators ( 16 teachers with specializations in Austria and Germany)

    Dual vocational training system (30%Theory; 70%Practical) German modelVocational training courses, 3-5 monthsVocational improvement courses,2-5 weeks

  • CAPACITY: 1 computer room for courses whit 24 places 2 classrooms for theoretical courses whit 24 places 3 Laboratories (Heating, sanitary and for material testing with 30 places. 2 Ateliers for practical work in heating and plumbing with 48 places. 1 Atelier for welding (electrical, oxyacetylene, and in protections gases with 12 places 1 Atelier for construction with 48 places 1 Atelier for practical work with gyps cartoon with 24 places. Documentation center with more then 3000 books in Rumanian and German language. 120 accommodation places in two star rooms. canteen with 200 places Conference and seminar room for 60 persons with all equipments and a wireless internet connection.

  • TRAINING OFFER: 35 course modules approved by the Labor Ministry (acknowledged diplomas) Technical-sanitary and gas installations fitter Heating installations fitter Brick layer House painter Carpenter Roof constructors Ferroconcrete-ironsmith Inlayer tiller PC users Commercial and administration office worker Trainers German language

  • MAIN ACHIEVEMENTS (31.10.2012)1294 organized courses19472 participants and graduates(4434 unemployed)more than 90% of the unemployed graduates were vocationally integrated5 new firms founded by the graduates4 SME financially supportedCollaboration with the Timi County Labor Office Collaboration with training providers and institutesCollaboration with 125 companies in Romania

  • Collaboration with 19 known companies abroad Member of EVBB (European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training from 1995) Member of EBSA (European Building and Services Association from 2001) Member in the European Youth4Media Network e.V. from 2008 41 projects implemented , in 9 as promoter Collaboration whit 85 institutions from 31 Countrys


  • LLL Projects founded by the EUPhare PAEM - 1997 - Program de masuri active pentru combaterea somajului - project coordinator Leonardo da Vinci I - RO/98/2/05853/PI/II.1.1.b/FPC - Development of the Alternative Training System Involving SME - - project promoterLeonardo da Vinci II - 2004- RO / 04/B/F/PP 175045 - ECOES-A "EUROPEAN COMMUNITY ORIENTED ENERGY SAVING - ADVISER" - project promoter http://www.ecoes-a.roPHARE 2005/017-553. partner CROSI :Competitiveness-Resources-Opportunities-Strategy-LearningLeonardo da Vinci II - PP 146 2000-2006 BASICON - Basic Skills for Construction Helpers - Projekt Partner http://www.basicon.orgLLP-LDV-TOI-07-IT-307 - Better Building - partner Enertheach - partner Enerteach: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Buildings

  • LLL Projects founded by the EUSOCRATES G2 - AWARECOMP - Awareness Raising on the Liguisitic and Cultural Competencies acquired informally and non-formally by adults (women and men) in the builidng sector and its neighbouring fields - project partner http://www.awarecomp.euLdV/PAR/2008/RO/071 - Vo.T.E.N - VOCATIONAL TRAINING EUROPEAN NETWORKSOCRATES G1 - Golden Goal Basic Competence & communication training between integrated sport activities"- project partner http://www.golden-goal.atSOCRATES - SOCO-VET - Training of Social Competences in VET"- project partner Projects- Professionalization of pedagogic personnel in adult education for parents' critically reflected dealing with media GRU 2012-1-DE2-GRUD6-11431 1Leonardo da Vinci Partnership 2012 PROVE (PROject - VET - Europe): Improving Quality Assurance of EU-Project Management in VET Sector

  • Projects funded by ESFPOSDRU/67/5.1/S/22929 - CGOFM-MICT Applicant - Increasing employment through work-integrated measures in a transnational cooperation http://www.cgofm-mict.euPOSDRU/80/2.3/S/55896 Applicant - European level to increase the skills of employees employability and competitiveness of employees and firms in the construction industry through continuous Innovative training methods. http://e-qualificare.frgtim.roPOSDRU/ 97/6.3/S/60759 Partner - National School of Women Managers, POSDRU/ 110/5.2/G/88353 Applicant - Rural entrepreneurial development through active employment measures in construction-and trade "

  • Practical training

  • Practical training



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