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  • How to choose a reliable truck accident lawyer?

  • onlineHiring the best truck accident lawyer can be a difficult task. You can search on internet and go through a lawyers website to know more about them. But, make sure that the attorney you choose is registered with the bar association.

  • Certification While looking for a truck accident lawyer, always make sure to choose a certified lawyer, as they will have a better chance at winning your case. Furthermore, the attorney you choose should have a good reputation among public, which shows that they specialize in personal injury law.

  • Consider the overall experience The personal injury lawyer should have at least a few years of experience in handling the truck accident cases. You can check their past records or you can even meet their previous clients to know more about their work and services.

  • Know about the payment terms Before choosing an attorney, it is important for you to clear the payment terms with them at the very onset. Discuss and finalize about everything i.e. the payment terms, duration and the mode of payment.

  • Frekhtman & Associates - Aggressively representing truck accident victimsFrekhtman & Associates is a popular law firm in New York that deals with different personal injury matters. The qualified and experienced lawyers working with this law firm help victims in getting the right and fair compensation in lawsuits. The law firm deals with cases related to medical malpractice, auto accident, personal injury and more.

  • Frekhtman & Associates30 Broad St.New York, NY10004(866) 288-9529