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  • Foursquare Basics
  • What is Foursquare? Foursquare is an free app on your phone that allows you to check-in to share where you are with you network and see who else is in your physical area as well.
  • Bio Just like your Facebook and Twitter page, you can create a quick bio and upload a profile photo. You can also link to Facebook & Twitter accounts.
  • Claim your Venue Can link to other platforms It may already be on Foursquare from a check in, but you should claim and verify that you own your store with the Foursquare app. Your Customers should know who the owner is!
  • Who to Follow Family & Friends People in your industry Competitors Thought Leaders People who Inspire you Your Blog Readers Potential Customers
  • 1. Click the button on the top right corner of your foursquare stream How to Check In 2. Search for your location in the search bar or select from the locations listed with in a 2 mile radius.
  • 3. Add a rockin photo and description of what you are up to 4. Blast it to your network by sliding the Twitter and Facebook tabs
  • Specials When you check into a foursquare location, you can earn badges and take advantage of specials. This provides incentive for customers to visit your store. You could give special rewards to the person who has checked in the most time, or the mayor.
  • Leave a Tip Check in to places that people frequent, like a Marshalls or Starbucks and give a shout-out, mentioning your store, to drive like-minded shoppers to your establishment
  • Someone sharing that they are in your location on foursquare means they are telling their whole network about your company! Foursquare is a location-based app that allows you to share what you are up to with Twitter, Facebook and foursquare quickly and easily Come BEE a Foursquare Follower @suebdogal