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Using info from Idealware and NTEN, this is a look at what nonprofits need to have a successful organization. And...from what I learned at the LASA conference in London-- what's coming in the near future.


  • 1. Foundations and FuturesTechnology and Nonprofits With Trish Perkins, Tech Consultant HandyCapable Network

2. Whos Trish? Nonprofit systems analyst and designer Affordable nonprofit technology consultant TrainerGoogle, Salesforce, Office, Video, Social Networks, WordPress web sites 3. The Nonprofit Tech PictureIn more than 400 social change groups: 59% report are frustrated or really struggling withtechnology. More funding is not the most important factor insatisfaction with technology. Having enough tech staff is the most importantfactor. 4. What do we need? Communications and fundraising tools, we said. 47% do not have online donations from theirweb sites. Over 50% have inadequate data managementslips of paper, Excel spreadsheets, personaladdress books to manage contacts/donors/content yet 70% consider it important. 5. Idealware.Org 6. LEADING CHANGE:Top Trends and How to Lead YourOrganization Through ThemHolly Ross in London 7. LET GOcloud 8. What is Cloud Computing?RESPONSIVE VENDORS LEVELS THE PLAYINGCREATESFIELDEFFICIENCIES GOOD FOR THE EARTH 9. Efficiency vs. Effectiveness 10. MOTIVATEsocial 11. MOTIVATE: Get Social 12. Motivate: Get SocialAverage number of contentpieces a Facebook user createseach month90 13. Motivate: Get Social Number of minutes spent per month on Facebook (in billions)700 14. Motivate: Get Social Average number of tweets per day (in millions140 15. COLLABORATEdata 16. COLLABORATE: Set Your Data Free 17. COLLABORATE: Set Your Data Free 18. COLLABORATE: Set Your Data Free 19. COLLABORATE: Set Your Data Free 20. COLLABORATE: Set Your Data Free 21. COLLABORATE: Set Your Data Free 22. COLLABORATE: Set Your Data Free 23. Whats Coming?Stephen Leonard,Chief Executive of IBMUK and Ireland, says: Big Data Social Media Collaboration Mobility 24. MOBILIZE: Use the phone 25. Links and WebsitesMORE RESOURCES 26. Tech Soup 27. Contact Us (336) 457-0400 Facebook & everywhere: travelertrish