folk and popular culture race, gender & ethnicity chapter 4 & 5

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  • Folk and Popular CultureRace, Gender & Ethnicity

    Chapter 4 & 5

  • What are local and pop cultures?Folk culture- a small group, isolated, rural, traditional (tribal)Popular culture- large group that is urban, diverse, quick changingLocal culture- group that interacts with pop culture, but is unified within their community and are unique from pop culture (Amish)

  • Pop culture changes fast, moves hierarchically, and can adapt folk traits to pop culture (Kabbalah and Madonna)

    Local culture has interaction with pop culture and can slightly change to adapt to pop culture (especially laws)Material culture- things you can touch (food)Nonmaterial culture- things you cannot touch (religion)

  • Local cultures sustainedTwo goals of local cultures: keep outsiders out and own culture inCultural appropriation-when cultures adopt other culture traits and use it for their own benefitLocal cultures do not want outsiders to make $ off their cultureEasier to stay isolated in rural areas

  • Local cultures have to adapt to pop. Culture waysWhaling laws that Native Americans must follow

  • Ethnic neighborhoods share similar ancestry, culture, and identity (can be by choice or force)As more immigrants come in they take over already established neighborhoods

  • Commodification- process of selling something that was not previously sellableAmish country tours, Irish pubsquestions on the Authenticity (factual portrayal)

  • How is popular culture diffused?Distance decay not an HUGE issue with pop culture because of technologyTime space compression- shows how ideas move based on transportation connectionsPop culture typically diffuses hierarchically

  • Manufacturing a hearth- MTV leader of pop culture and decides what is cool and tells you

  • Reterritorialization- when a local culture idea becomes part of pop culture (rap music from local to MTV pop)

  • Replacing hearthsTop three sports were baseball, football, basketballnew sports skateboarding, snow boarding, X games

  • Three main regions of pop culture that spread worldwide:Japan- cartoons and electronicsUS- music, sports, fast foodWestern Europe- fashion, art

  • Local and Pop culture in landscapesCultural landscape- visible imprint cultures put on the landUS has placelessness loss of uniqueness in the cultural landscape

  • Converging cultural landscapesGlocalization- when local images become global imagesBorrow ideas from other cultures for your own cultural landscapeArchitecture (skyscrapers)Businesses (starbucks)Cultural landscapes (Epcot/ Vegas)

  • Housing Types (3)New England- Mass to IowaMiddle Atlantic- Penn to Miss and IllinoisSouthern Tidewater- Maryland to GeorgiaLATER Ranch house- West

  • What is Identity and How are they constructed?Race- one true human race; many use the term to mean skin colorBelief that colonialism began racism with socioeconomic superiority

  • Skin color theories on melanin in the skin and vitamin DSimilar skin tone does not mean genetic similarity (Africans not linked to Aborigines)

  • Residential segregation- can be by choice or force or groups living separately

    Ethnicity- where people share a common culture and are bound together in a place with a sense of identity

  • Gender- women are viewed differently in different parts of the worldPatriarchal- male dominated society Sub-Sahara Africa- women do house, work, field work, but cannot own landIndia- women are bound to the male and must have a dowry (money) to be marriedDowry death and acid burnings common in Northern India