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Amazing articles, amazing facts. Check out what we can do in this new Green Issue of March 2016.


<ul><li><p> LEGACIES: THE ADVENTURES OF ANN DUPEE FOODIE: PUDDLE JUMPERS IN PHOTOS: HUGE HEART &amp; INSPIRING WOMEN</p><p>GUN CONTROL INTHE CROSSHAIRS</p><p>THE UNIVERSE GOESTO BAT... IN PITTSBURGH</p><p>TWO SIDES</p><p>THE UNIVERSE GOESTHE UNIVERSE GOESSTORIES OF THE UNIVERSE</p><p> MORE</p><p>LAKES SCENE </p><p>FREEFREEMARCH 2016</p><p>FocusLakeCounty.comFocusLakeCounty.comA CATALYST FOR CONVERSATION</p><p>THE LEAD</p><p>A CRASH COURSE ON CLOSING THE FUNDING GAPA CRASH COURSE ON A CRASH COURSE ON FOCUS ON EDUCATION</p></li><li><p>FOCUS On the Arts: Richie Q28From entrepreneur to author to saxophone player...</p><p>FOCUS On Better Living: Eat to the Beat of a Different Drum30</p><p>Marcs Remarks: Yeah. Lets Celebrate the B 4</p><p>Lake Legacies: The Adventures of Ann Dupee12</p><p> 3</p><p>March 2016 | Volume 9 Issue 3 | FocusLakeCounty.comFOCUS ON CONTENTS </p><p>FOCUS In Photos: Heart Health, Inspiring Women, 6 Hands24 FOCUS On Home: The Cost of Green Building35</p><p>Got a story idea? Looking to advertise in FOCUS? Contact us for more information:</p><p>Red Apples Media 734 N. 3rd St., Suite 119Leesburg, FL 34748</p><p>Of ce 352.801.7106 Email</p><p>Standards of accuracy: The goal of the writers at FOCUS Magazine is to provide compelling stories that are accurate from the start. Being human however, we sometimes make mistakes. Please forgive us. </p><p>If you notice anything that is incorrect, please do not hesitate to contact the editorial department and inform us. Call 352.801.7106 or e-mail The staff will x the error in a timely manner. </p><p>FOCUS Magazine publishes 8,000 copies monthly and is available free at local Lake County businesses, of ces, restaurants and other venues. Look online at for location distribution listings.</p><p>FOCUS Magazine assumes no responsibility for photos and ownership of those provided or submitted by third parties. Any violation of ownership, copyright or intellectual property is solely the responsibility of the submitter.</p><p>Advertisers warrant and represent the descriptions of their products advertised are true in all respects. FOCUS Magazine assumes no responsibility for claims made by advertisers. All letters and their contents sent to FOCUS Magazine become the sole property of Red Apples Media and may be reproduced therein. All views expressed in all articles are those of the authors and not necessarily those of Red Apples Media. Use or duplication of material used in this publication is prohibited without approved written consent from Red Apples Media.</p><p>Publisher Marc</p><p>Managing Editor Anthony</p><p>Editor/Proofreader Stephanie </p><p>Writers Lori Farfaglia; Bruce Brown; Stephanie Sherman; Tom Kubala; Jim Gibson</p><p>Photography Bonnie Whicher Photography; Devin Collins</p><p>Contributors Don Magruder; Bob Blanchette; Jaime Alonso</p><p>FOCUS On Philanthropy: Inspiring Extraordinary Women5</p><p>FOCUS Flashback: Clermont Citrus TowerSuzy Boggus: Live in Lake County33</p><p>38</p><p>FOCUS On Mind: Green is More Than Just a Color13</p><p>FOCUS Foodie: Puddle JumpersEnjoy lakeside dining while watching seaplanes take off and land.</p><p>14</p><p>FOCUS On Events: Calendar22</p><p>FOCUS On Lake County: The Putt Stops Here36Local courses are honored by Golf Advisor rankings.</p><p>Whats a QR code and why would I use it? </p><p>You can download an app, such as Barcode Scanner, on most mobile phones from the App Stores on </p><p>Android or Apple. Scanning the codes throughout this issue will take you </p><p>deeper into the story with video content.</p><p>Scan the code to watch </p><p>MarchsFOCUS TV.</p><p>FOCUS On the Issues: Gun Control in the Crosshairs6Carey Baker and Marvin Jacobson</p><p>Like us on Facebook</p><p>March 2016</p><p>FocusMagazineLakeCounty</p><p>Lakes Green Scene8What Lake County is doing to go green.</p><p>FEATURES</p><p>MONTHLY</p><p>FOCUS On Education: Lakes Schools Funding ImbalanceLake County Schools are getting short-changed. We explain why and the impact. </p><p>18</p><p>10</p><p>8 10</p><p>19</p><p>Green building is tied to another green.</p><p>28</p><p>Here Comes The SunA solar farm could be coming to Lake County.</p><p>Hidden Gems: Emera lda Marsh34Birds, a hidden lake, and lots of hiking trails.</p><p>Stories of the Universe: Introduction19Stories of the Universe: The Universe Goes to Bat</p></li><li><p>Lake-Sumter State College Foundation Receives $5,600 from Red Apples Media</p><p>4 print digital television radio4 print digital television radio</p><p>PUBLISHER: MARCS REMARKSCONGRATULATIONS are in order! In case you missed it, the Lake County School System improved from a C-rated to a B-rated district for the 2014-2015 school year! Within that increase, eight individual schools earned As for that year and 19 earned Bs. Thats compared to the previous year, in which only six </p><p>schools earned As while 10 earned Bs. And on top of that, as weve previously reported, Lake is also at a signi cant funding disadvantage, ranked 66th of Floridas 67 counties for per-student funding. </p><p>Some, including two school board members who were quoted in the Daily Commercial, expressed reservations about the improvement, sighting a lower threshold to achieve these grades. To that I say, are you kidding me?</p><p>In fairness, Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart also cautioned against comparing the 2014-15 grades to previous years. But to take anything away from the students, teachers, par-ents and faculty, who are constantly tasked with teaching to the test, is offensive and counter-productive; an improvement is an improvement. Neither the teachers nor the students changed the benchmarks, and in fact, had to adapt their curriculum and learning yet again, as the state test was changed, yet again.</p><p>When a baseball team moves their homerun walls in a few feet (within MLB regulations) to improve the chances for all who play in that sta-dium a better chance of hitting homeruns, fans dont care they enjoy the homeruns and they count just the same.</p><p>I was recently at a luncheon for the Lake 100 and asked Robert Chandler IV, Lake County Economic Development &amp; Tourism Director, how important a districts school rating is in recruiting new busi-ness and he indicated it was among the top three factors. I dont know about you, but if Im looking at relocating to the area, the forward momentum to a B from a C looks pretty appealing to me. Do we still have enormous opportunities to improve? Of course we do! But one way to improve is to build upon momentum. The psychological impact of the district-wide B on the teachers and students should not be taken lightly. Rather, it should be celebrated by all who have even a small part in that improvement and success.</p><p>The Leesburg City Commission recently ad-dressed the idea of throwing a parade for Danny Trevathan, former Leesburg High School football player and member of the 2016 Super Bowl champs, the Denver Broncos. I even noticed a full-page insert in the Daily Commercial congratu-lating him. Not to take anything away from Dan-ny and his professional success, but perhaps wed be better served spending whatever time and re-sources we would invest in a Danny Day into a celebration of the schools that improved. Should every school be honored? Nope. We covered that a few months ago in our Participation Awards column. For those who improved, harness that emotion and success and continue to build upon it. For those who did not improve or slipped, look to those with success and strive to be among them when the next grades come out. </p><p>In the meantime, few things deserve more attention and support within our community than education. Especially when grades improve! </p><p>Marc Robertz-SchwartzPublisher, FOCUS Lake County</p><p>March 2016</p><p>Be sure to watch the show on </p><p>M/W/F 8am, 2:30pmTue/Thu 12pm, 6pmSat 9:30am, 7:30pm</p><p>Comcast 13 Bright House 498Florida Cable 4</p><p>Viaport FloridaViaFest 2016 &amp; The New Viaport </p><p>HaljoesGet Off The Bus Concerts</p><p>The Lake-Sumter State College Foundation has received $5,665 from Lees-burg marketing and video production company Red Apples Media. The donation was the result of revenue sharing agreement Red Apples Media has with Lake Sum-ter State College as part of its contract to manage Lake Sumter Television (LSTV). </p><p>Since assuming manage-ment of LSTV in 2013, Red Apples Media has designat-ed a percentage of revenue generated from third-party production agreements and other media opportunities to the LSSC Foundation, said Marc Robertz-Schwartz, President of Red Apples Media. Last year, our com-pany donated $1,185 to the Foundation as a result of 2014 revenue generation. We are thrilled to have </p><p>increased the annual dona-tion signi cantly this year.</p><p>This innovative revenue sharing partnership with Red Apples Media is a win for Lake-Sumter State College students who rely on scholarships to further their education and earning potential, said Rosanne Brandeburg, Executive Director of the Lake-Sumter State College Foundation. </p><p>Lake-Sumter State College Foundation Executive DirectorRosanne Brandeburg accepted a $5665 donation from Red Apples Media president, Marc Robertz-Schwartz.</p></li><li><p> 5</p><p>Organization: Inspiring Extraordinary Women</p><p>Year Established: 2015</p><p>What is your not-for-pro t status: 501(c)3</p><p>Address: 13794 CR 109, D-3, Lady Lake FL 32159</p><p>Web Address:</p><p>Email for information:</p><p>Contact Name: Theresa Rao</p><p>Description of Organization: Inspiring extraordinary women is our focus; to provide women with the tools they need to sustain themselves, such as programs, luncheons, expo workshops and health and wellness seminars.</p><p>Who do you serve and how: As a woman your natural instinct is to be a giver, but not everyone can do what women do and do it well. Our goal is to support women by providing programs to help keep women from being worn out, angry or running on empty. We bring bene cial and fun programs to help women focus stay fo-cused and be invigorated. Think of us as a B12 shot! </p><p>What are you most in need of and why: Volunteers for our 2017 luncheon. Sponsorships. Visit our website to purchase items, the proceeds go to support our organization.</p><p>Inspiring words: Inspiring Extraordinary Women is a nonpro t organization that will always have a charitable organization featured with our programs. Its only natural for women to look after children so weve adopted the Clean Kids Backpack Program and are helping them collect items and nd more drop-off locations.</p><p>March 2016</p><p>Philanthropy</p></li><li><p>On the Issues</p><p>6 print digital television radio March 2016</p><p>Understanding the 2nd AmendmentTo solve a problem, we must rst examine the root cause. Our gun problems are caused by our wrongful interpretation of the Second Amendment. The amendment was originally written so men called to serve in the militia or Slave Patrols would be able to buy a musket. Noth-ing more!!!</p><p>The rst draft by James Madison read: The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed, a well-armed and regulated militia being the best security of a free country, but no person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person. </p><p>The South objected to country and it was changed to state so it would apply to their Slave Patrols. Congress added: com-posed of the body of the peo-ple, after regulated militia, but it was removed later because it could include Native Americans and slaves.</p><p>The religiously scrupulous sentence was removed because the South felt too many would use it to avoid serving on their Slave Patrols. The sentence shows that the clear intent of the amendment applied only to those serving in the militias. </p><p>The South defeated a motion to add after to keep and bear arms, the words for the com-mon defense, because Slave Patrols were not for the com-mon defense. </p><p>The last change adding being necessary gave emphasis to the importance of the two militias. The nal version read: A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. </p><p>In one of the worst Supreme Court decisions ever, in Heller v DC, the Court in 2008 voted 5-4 that the Second Amendment applied to the indi-vidual right to bear arms. </p><p>It basically legalized the slaughter of innocent people with military-grade weapons. </p><p>Americans are stunningly different than the rest of the world in regards to individual rearm ownership. It is now estimated that Americans own over 360 million rearms of all types. </p><p>We all understand the human need to feel safe and the desire to protect our families, particularly our children. But the question continues to be, how best to address the vio-lent crime that threatens us? Studies have shown us that in the past 30 years the number of rearms has dramatically increased yet violent crime has dropped in most of Amer-ica to a 60-year low according to FBI statistics, likely due to the passage of increased pen-alties for violent crime.</p><p>We must start this discussion with the understanding that crime, at its core, is caused by the corruption of the heart. The important values that both life and property should </p><p>be protected are not innate, they must be taught and learned. Along with learning these values is the knowledge that consequences will occur if these values are broken.</p><p>The argument over gun con-trol almost always ignores the simple observation that the presence of a rearm doesnt change a persons behavior. An honest and moral person with a rearm remains hon-est, and a dishonest person remains corrupt. </p><p>If guns are the problem and not individual behavior, lets ask ourselves the tough ques-tions in regards to most gun control measures - would any measure proposed actually reduce the existing 360 million rearms? Waiting periods, re-strictions on so-called assault ri e bans, background checks, and similar proposals will have virtually no effect on the access to guns or the number of rearms in America. </p><p>The answer to violent crime has always been and always will be, to be a community comprised of moral people, that provides swift punish-ment to those who commit terrible and violent acts against another.</p><p>Guns Dont Kill People...</p><p>Gun Control In the CrosshairsFew issues stir as much passion and debate as gun control. Are we a socitey gone mad with weapons or are we just responsible Americans exercising our 2nd Amendment right? Two passionate advocates face-off this month with two sides of an issue which probably has even more perspectives. What do you think? Weigh in via email at </p><p>Written By Carey Baker</p><p>Written By Marvin Jacobson</p></li><li><p> Performers, dates &amp; times subject to change.Performers, dates &amp; times subject to change.</p><p>Where MUSIC </p><p>LEGENDSAND</p><p>HOMEGROWN TALENT</p><p>share the stage!</p><p>Performers, dates and times are subject to change</p><p>Tickets On Sale Now! SUNDAY 3/6</p><p>3/11 TOMMYMARA </p><p>&amp; The Crests</p><p>FRIDAY 3/11 MEN of</p><p>COUNTRY MUSIC</p><p>TRIBUTEFRIDAY 3/18CHARLIE McCOY</p><p>Harmonica Legend</p><p>FRIDAY 3/20RICKY </p><p>SKAGGSBluegrass Le...</p></li></ul>