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  • 1. Flat Design in a non-at World Gregory Raiz, CEO @graiz

2. The Plan What is at design?Design is fashionDesigning for humansExamples of at designAordances vs. Skeumorphism5 ways to design with depth 3. What is at design? 4. Font Color Image Depth 5. Fonts are thin. 6. Colors are bright 7. Shadow and gradients optional 8. New tools for depth 9. White is the new Black 10. Flat Design is Fashion. 11. iOS7isFashion. 12. Its harder to hide bad design with ashy art 13. Bad Design? Legibility Readability Usability 14. Bad Design? ! ! ! ! Readability Legibility Usability Click to get started 15. The UX is familiar 16. % of people not freaking out 17. Handheld devices history 18. BlackBerry 6710 Nokia 1100 Palm Pilot Flat design fashion 19. Classic Flat Design 20. Mobile Flat Design 21. Examples 22. Great design has affordances 23. Affordances Provide Natural Cues to Interactions 24. Skeuomorphism 25. Skeuomorphism 26. This doesnt work 27. Affordances clarify intended interactions Yes 28. Be careful with borderless buttons OK 29. Interactions SwipeTap Pinch Scroll 30. Lessons in non at thinking 5 31. Your hands are not at 1 32. Design for dexterity 33. Your posture is not at 2 34. How do you use your device? Vertical vs HorizontalSitting, Standing, Lying downHolding something in the other hand 35. One Hand Free No Hands Free 36. Your senses are not one dimensional 3 37. CameraAccelerometerMicrophoneProximity SensorMagnetometer Some of the sensors 38. Your location is not at 4 39. Our lives are not one dimensional 5 40. Work vs. PlayFamily vs. JobEntertainment vs. ProductivityYoung vs. OldLife dimensions 41. Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. - Albert Einstein 42. Answer the question, WHY? 43. @graiz Gregory Raiz, CEO