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  • 1. Stress affects our bodies in moreways than one. When our health isaffected, so is our ability to conceive.Unfortunately, the months and years of waiting, trying and failing to getpregnant can be very stressful. If you are also spending a lot of time, money and effort going tofertility clinics and getting infertility treatment, the stress level increases.Fortunately, there are many ways foryou to start relaxing again. Here are some of the things you could do:

2. Exercise releases hormones in your body thathelp you to feel happy and relaxed. If you areobese, exercise will help you to lose someweight, which in turn will improve yourfertility. You may want to consider some traditional forms of exercise. Yoga andtaichi/qigong and especially good forrelaxation. 3. Meditation clears the mind andallows us to be at one withourselves. Starting with 15 minutes a day, sit quietly in a quiet cornerand just observe your breath, focuson a picture or a flame. Let yourthoughts gently float away andyour body slowly relax. If you cant sit for 15 minutes, do other forms of meditation that allow yourmind to relax - such as deepbreathing, painting, knitting or walking. 4. Theres nothing better thanbeing with people you love.But be careful not to bearound toxic people, people who stress you out. Joining a support group allows you totalk to people in the same boatand sometimes, knowing howstrong others are will also give you strength and inspiration. 5. Caring and being with a pet is extremelytherapeutic. It has been known to helppeople with depression, disabled children, hospitalized patients, the old and lonely.Moreover, even though it is not the same,caring for a pet will prepare you in caring for a child. 6. Massage is the fastest way torelax. Find a good masseur or better still, massage eachother. Massage is not onlyrelaxing, it can only be erotic,which is a bonus when one istrying to conceive. 7. Lots of couples come back from holiday and findthat they are pregnant. This is because you are relaxed while on vacation. You are also spendingquality time with each other. Choose a holiday that suits you. Some people find lying on a beach relaxing while others like trekking in the fresh mountain air. Still others prefer a shoppingholiday or one that includes an activity they enjoy. The choice is yours. 8. Watch funny movies, go tocomedies, read books that make you laugh. Im sure youve heard of thesaying that laughter is the best medicine. It keeps you in a goodmood, it enforces a positive attitude and it definitely relaxes you. Inorder to conceive, you must learn to relax. Put aside some of the lessimportant things that you have to do and make time for yourself andeach other.


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