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  • 1. Sofia is wearing awhite scarf, afashionable Englandsflag T-shirt, blue jeans and trainers. Sofia is wearingsunglasses and afantastic blue leathershoulder bag.

2. Mario is wearing afabulous dark bluepyjama and a mask. Mario is wearing ared slippers with ahappy smile. 3. Obed is weearingunusual clothes. Obed is wearing ablue and greypyjama. Obed is wearingglasses and ablack trainers. 4. She is a beautiful girl. Aida is wearing anenjoyable brown hat, apurple dress, purpletight and a blackboots. Aida is wearing awhite earrings, and awhite and pink watch. 5. Juan Pedro iswearing aspectacullar bluepyjama. 6. Cristina is wearing anamazing sunglasses. Cristina is wearing awhite T-Shirt. Cristina is wearing astupendous black jeansand a black trainers. Cristina is also wearing ablack leather shoulderbag and a fabulouscollar. 7. Erika is wearing ablack leatherjacket. Erika is wearing abeige dress andstupendous greyboots. 8. Monserrat iswearing afashionable blacktracksuit and pinktrainers. Monserrat iswearing a divinepink T-Shirt. 9. Im wearing aspectacular bluehomecoat and ablack and greypants. Im wearingpeculiar glasses. Im wearing aexcellent cresthair. 10. Lidia is wearingan admirable hata white T-Shirt,scepcional jeansand fascinatingwhite trainers. 11. Lydia is wearing awonderful pink andwhite jacket. Lydia is wearing ablack and whitetroussers and superbpurple trainers . 12. Davinia is wearinga splendid white ,pink and bluejacket. Davinia is wearinga blue jeans andmagic green T-Shirt. Her trainers arepink and white .They are excellent. 13. Nataly is wearinga beautifull blackleather jacket andblue jeans hertrainers are bluewhite and red. Theyare splendid. 14. Fatoumata iswearing amarvellous brownwaiscoat. Fatoumata iswearing jeans anda fantastic brownsweter and purpletrainers. 15. Jaynabu iswearing a purplewaiscoat. Jaynabu is wearingan amazing redT-Shirt and jeans. Her trainers arewhite and pink.They are gorgeus. 16. Rafael is wearinga superb andunusual blue, longhomecoat. Rafael is wearingblue and lightgreen trainers. Rafael is alsowearing aspectacular whiteT-Shirt. 17. We have enjoyed ourselves a lot. THEEND